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Green Years 


668 High Stre-t 

Westwood, IviA ^ 


3 3018 00194 8523 

For Reference 

Not to be taken from this room 


Faculty and 

Administration 16 

Seniors 40 

Underclasses 80 

Activities 104 

Sports 136 

Senior Activities 166 

Graduation 192 





During our years at Westwood High School, you have al- 
ways supported and encouraged us. You were helpful as a 
teacher, and we trusted you as a friend. Always faithful to our 
interests, you rejoiced with us in our successes and reassured 
us in our difficulties. Your sense of humor, and ability to show 
us our problems in proper perspective never failed to inspire 
us to persevere and succeed. Your kindness, understanding, 
and loyalty have been greatly appreciated. 

It is with deepest gratitude that we dedicate our 1982 Green 
Years to you, Mrs. HoUis Perry. 




) fish 
«' J c^at tin' ^ *^ 



Central AdministratioE 

C. Louis Cedrone 
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum 

Leo J. Crowe 
Assistant Superintendent for Business 

Dr. John F. Tohin 
Superintendent of Schools 

School Committee 


First row, (left to right): Susan White, Dr. John Tohin, Joan Brawley. Second row: (ilcnn 
Harkness, Arthur Baggoroer, Leo Crowe, C Louis (Cedrone, Joseph Quinn. Louise Pad- 

High School 

Phillip F. Flaherty 
Assistant Principal 



p^^^ ^ 

Duane E. Kocina 

Charles W. Flahive 
Assistant Principal 

Throughout our four years at Westwood High School, the administration has 
listened to our concerns with an open-minded attitude and vvillint!;l> talked out each 

Under the direction of Principal Duane E. Kocina and Assistant Principals Mr. 
Phillip Flaherty and Mr. Charles Flahive, the student body was guided through a 
successful year. 

The class of 1982 would like to thank the administration for their sincerity, 
diligence and leadership. 


A talented secretarial staff aids the administration, 
making e\er> da\' run snioothh . Despite the moun- 
tains of paper work and innumerable details that keep 
Westwood High School running, these secretaries 
still made time to contribute to all non-academic and 
theatrical events. 

The Class of 1982 thanks them for their patience, 
precision and smiling faces. 


The Class of 1982 wishes to extend its thanks to 
Mrs. Elizabeth Clement, our school nurse. Her care 
and attention, whether in the form of a medical treat- 
ment or just a friendK conversation, were always ap- 

Mrs. Elizabeth Clement 

Thanks to Ms. Weiss, psychologist for both juuioi 
and senior high schools, many students are able t( 
function successfully in the school atmosphere. 

The role of Core Evaluation Team (CET) Chairper- 
son is certainly one of utmost importance to tlie 
Westwood Public Schools. Mrs. Bornstein assists stu- 
dents, parents and teachers in setting academic goals 
and seeing that these goals are reached. 


Mrs. Margery Hancox 

Mrs. Jac(}ueline Angelici 











Mrs. Maijorie Hail 

Mrs. Kathleen Mulgrevv 
(\ olnnteer secretary) 




Ms. Hona Weiss 
School Psychologist 

Mrs. Susan Bornstein 
('. E.T. ('hairpcrson 




; The Guidance Department offers career planning, 
iucational planning and counseling to the students. 

The staff organized Higher Education Night, SAT 
reparation information packets, and check-off lists 
ir college. The counselors arranged for college repre- 
;ntatives to visit W.H.S.. The department offered 
ach student ample opportunity to search out all ca- 
?er options. 

Special thanks are given to Dr. Pendall, Miss Arm- 
:rong, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Lauer and Mrs. Wheeler 
■om the Class of 1982 for all their advice and aid in 
ompleting college applications and determining fu- 
ire plans. 

Dr. William Pendell, director 


Mrs. Helena Lauer 

Mrs. Phyllis Wheeler, secretary 

Under the direction of Mr. Eugene Swezey, aided b>' Mrs. N'irginia McCoubrey, the Media Center provides 
students with many learning resources. Educational ecjuipment includes closed circuit television, microfilm 
readers, and videotape machines. Audio-visual aides are stored on the upper level, while research and stud\ 
materials are located on the lower. This bi-level structure offers the perfect environment for both individual and 
small group study. 

To the dedicated staff of the Media Center the Class of 1982 extends its thanks. 

Mr. Eugene Swezey, director 

Mrs. Virginia McCoubrey, librarian 

Mrs. Bernice Boger, volunteer library 



The English Department, directed by Miss 
Frances Burns, provided students with a wide variety 
of challenging and interesting courses. Popular 
courses included "Comp. and Grammar", "Ascent of 
Man" and the renowned A. P. classes open to both 
juniors and seniors. 

Our own literary magazine, "No Parentheses ", was 
directed by Mr. Michael Milan, a new and valuable 
asset to the English Department. 

The Class of 1982 wishes to express its thanks and 
appreciation to this department. 

Mr. Brian Hart 


Miss Frances Burns, Area Coordinator — English, Social Studies 


Mis. Kvelvn Malm 

Mr. George ilancox 

Mrs (Jail }la\es 



Mrs. Mary Bishop 

Mr. Craig Harwood 

Mr. Michael Milan 

Miss H. Joan Dillon 

Mr. lerrcncL' Earls 


Mr. Richard Hargreaves 

The Math Department, directed by Mr. James 
Pender, offers students interesting courses ranging 
from Algebra I to AP Calculus. The team-teaching 
program, math seminar room, and accessibility to the 
computer, allow students to progress individually 
while also allowing them to pursue special areas of 

Once again Mr. Pender led the Math Team to vic- 
tory as those capable students took part in the Math 
Olympiad and several other competitions. 

The Class of 1982 thanks the facult\ members of the 
Math Department for their dedication. 

Mr. James Pender 
Area ('oordinator — Matlieniaties, Science 





The Social Studies Department, headed by Miss 
Frances Burns, helps students to better understand 
man's history, his ascent to government and his in- 
teraction with society. While the department only re- 
quires one year of U.S. History, students elected 
other courses such as Chinese and Indian Civilization, 
Psychology, Sociology and A. P. Western Civilization. 

The Class of 1982 extends its best wishes to the 
dedicated staff of this department. 

Mr. Hicliaid Stack 

Mr. Robert Avakian 

Mr. Peter Case 



Miss PriscillaCoiigtloii 

Mr. Donald Beui iiiaii 

Mrs. Barbara Cummings 

Mr. Thomas Brown 



The Science Department, under the direction of 
Mr. James Pender, continues to bring to the student 
body outstanding programs in the areas of natural and 
physical science. The options are various, and courses 
range from Introductory Physical Sceince to A. P. 
Physics and A. P. Biology. Students are able to work at 
their own pace in courses designed for their own spe- 
cific needs. 

The Class of 1982 extends its thanks and best wishes 
the teachers of this fine department. 

MCI . M -CI 

*—0, -H -NO. 

M.»0. -M . MSO 
M »0 -M M»o 
M»0. -M SO. 

X "HJ. -M H.r- 
^» H O , 


Mr. Edward Marx 

Mr. Ivan Van de \\ urkccn 

Mr. Calvin Topalian 

Mr. Raymond Keegan 


Mr. Christos Sarris 

Mr. John Luther 

Mr. Kevin Burkt 

Mrs. Dorothy Saltmarsh 

Mr. Gail Thwing 


Foreign Language 

The Foreign Language Department, lieadecJ by Mrs. Elaine Eaton, strives to broaden tlie stu- 
dents' knowledge of foreign cultures while instructing them in such areas as reading, writing, 
speaking fluency and oral comprehension. French, Spanish, Cerman and Latin are the four lan- 
guages offered by the department. 

Man\' thanks are extended from the Class of 1982 to the helphil and hardworking staff members of 
this department. 


Mrs. Elaine Eaton 
Area Coordinator — Foreign Languages, Art, Music 

Mr. William Diichtnr, 


Mrs. Barbara Gray 

Miss Anne Marie Tieri 

Mi. lu)l)(.'it burke 


Industrial Arts 

Westwood High School offers a wide range of Industrial Arts courses including Woodworking, 
General Metals, Basic Electricity, Graphic Arts Design and Mechanical Drawing. 

Under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Rettman, the Industrial Arts Department offers students 
the opportunity to learn about possible industrial and technical careers. 

The Glass of 1982 thanks the members of this fine department. 

Mr. Lawrence Rettman 

Area Coordinator — Industrial Arts, Home 

Economics, Business 

Mr. Thomas Nelson 

LwIa '" ^***"'"*>-^^ 

Mr. Thomas DelSignore 

Ms. Susan Adams 

Mr. Robert Dennis 


The Art Department, under the direction of Mrs. 
Elaine Eaton, and dedicated teachers, Mr. Thomas 
DelSignore and Mrs. Judith DesPres, offers a wide 
range of courses to meet the needs of all students 
interested in the visual arts. 

The Class of 1982 would like to thank the Art De- 
partment for its many contributions, especialK the 
scenery for the Senior Glass Play, the murals dis- 
played at the Glass Banquet and the art work ap- 
pearing in Green Years and "No Parentheses . 

Mrs. Judith DesPres 



Under the direction of Mr. Joseph Gearon, the Physical Education Department offers courses in basketball, 
volleyball, water polo, tennis, yoga, Softball, weightlifting and conditioning and other varied activities. All 
students are required to take a course in health as well. 

The students of the Class of 1982 are thankful to all of the instructors in this department. 

Mr. Joseph Gearon 
Athletic Director 

Miss Ehzabeth Rice 


Under the direction of Mr. Lawrence Rettman, the 
Home Economics Department offers many career 
oriented courses such as Advanced Foods, Fashion 
Design, and Child Growth and Development. 

The designing and construction of costumes for the 
school musical were directed by Mrs. Joanne Arnold 
who instructs all clothing courses. Mrs. Annette 
O'Brien, besides teaching the foods and nutrition 
courses, supervises our students in interacting di- 
rectly with young children in a primary school atmos- 

The Class of 1982 would like to thank the teachers of 
this department for their useful instruction. 

Mrs. Joanne Arnold 

Mrs. Aiuiette () Hrien 



The Music Department, under the direction 
of Mrs. Elaine Eaton, offers a wide range of 

This year, all the courses in the Music Depart- 
ment were instructed by Mr. John Markarian. In 
addition to leading the Chorus, Glee Club and 
Double Quartet, Mr. Markarian directed the 
Orchestra, Concert Band, and Music Theory 

The students are grateful to Mr. Markarian 
whose single-handed effort made this year a suc- 
cessful and enjoyable one for the Music Depart- 

Mr. John Markarian 

Mr. Albert Nolan 

Mrs. Carolyn Bergen 


Through courses offered in the Business Depart- 
ment, which is directed b> Lawrence Rettman, stu- 
dents acquire skills that will prepare them for college 
or a business oriented career. Courses available in- 
clude Introduction to Business, Typing, Business 
Law, Accounting, Shorthand, and Data Processing. 

The Class of 1982 extends its gratitude to this fine 
staff which provides an informative learning experi- 
ence to many students. 

Mrs. Natalie Carev 

Mrs. Irene Dhosi 



Under the direction ot Mr. David VV'enners, the 
Special Education classes teach exceptional children 
the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic, 
as well as cooking and sewing. The staff directs the 
students in developing their special talents. 

The Class of 1982 extends its best wishes to the 
dedicated teachers in this program. 


The Self-Contained program, under the direction 
of Miss Ann Vozzella and Mr. Donald Mac(iillivray, 
has been set up for students whose personal and edu- 
cational needs have not been met by the regular 
school program. 

The Class of 1982 wishes the stallOf this program 
continued success. 


Mr. Donald MacGillivrav 

Miss Ami \ O/i'lLi 

Mrs. Martha Stace\ 

Mrs. Anne Ruede 


The goal of the Learning Center is to 
mainstream students with learning disabi- 
lities back into the regular classroom pro- 
gram. Students are helped to develop skills 
needed for learning. The Learning Center 
has proven to be a successful and essential 
unit at Westwood High School. 

The Class of 1982 wishes to express its 
appreciation to the Learning Center staff. 

Driver Education 

The Driver Education program was directed by Mr. Donald Beurman and Mr. Robert 
lUrke this year. This program prepares students to fulfill requirements of the Registry of 
otoT Vehicles and also teaches them sound and healthy attitudes toward driving. 
The efforts of the instructors in this program are appreciated by all students involved. 

/- ^2^'j:i 

Mr. Donald Beurman 
Driver Education Director 

Jleft to right) Mr. Wilham Ducheneau, Mr. Lawrence Rettman, Mr. David 
Walsh, Mr. Raymond Kodzis. Missing: Mr. Edward Mar.x, Mr. James Pen- 

Mr. Robert Burke 
Assistant Director 



Mr. Alfred Rock, Ms. Patricia McGillin, Mrs. Helen Thornton, Mr. John Foley 

Cafeteria Workers 

Mr. Arthur Schroeder 

Mrs. Ruth Brawley, Mrs. Jox Washhiuii. Mrs. ShirU'\ Krohto, Mrs 
Gloria Dramis 




This year marks the end of an era for the high school, the 
school system and the town, as it sees the retirement of 
Principal Duane E. Kocina. 

From his beginning 34 years ago as a social studies 
teacher, to his past 12 years as principal, Mr. Kocina has 
seen enrollments grow from hundreds into thousands. 
Through that his priorities remained the same; first and 
foremost has always been the education of the student 
body. Mr. Kocina has worked with virtually every aca- 
demic and extra-curricular activity helping to coordinate 
them so as to present a well rounded atmosphere for the 
students. His success is evident in the fact that 85% of all 
graduates from the high school go on to some form of 
higher learning. Mr. Kocina has also worked extensively 
with the Westwood Scholarship Fund, which makes 
awards annually to students at graduation. 

The students and faculty will miss Mr. Kocina, and they 
send along a wish that his next 34 years may be as happy 
and successfiil as the last. 



- h 














Senior Class Poem 

We are all together like the leaves on a tree and yet we 

stand alone. 
We try to fit in with the rest and desire to be accepted 

and known. 
Every new step is taken cautiously with the fear of 

making a mistake. 
We reach out for encouragement and praise, hoping 

that our spirit will never break. 
We struggle to gather strength in this little town 

called Westwood. 
We will take whatever is passed to us because we are 

destined to be winners and share our 

In our own separate ways we reach out for love, 

warmth, security, and hope to find 

We will mature in given time and will no longer be 

blinded by that shining light but will 

spring into action. 
As we fall from the tree, the wind carries us in separate 

directions, perhaps some to the far 

reaches of the earth. 
We shall meet up with some fulfilling times, unex- 
pected events, triumphs, victories, 

tears and defeats. 
With the flow of the wind we will be swept along into a 

new world making our lives complete. 
We shall grasp the challenges that life has to offer. 
We never give up because we are neither (juitters nor 

Later on in life perhaps our paths vsill cross, but for 

now we are young, naive and adxentur- 


We are the class of '82. 

Cindv ("ollins 




Andrew Ellsworth Hart 

126 VVestfield Street 
Go placidl\ amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace 
there ma\ be in silence 

Andy, Drew. Steve Johnson . Likes: being with Kath\ . run- 
ning, beating Dover and Medfield - . . Pet Peeves: ignorant 
fresnmen, constant morning practices, physics exams . . . 
"Don't worry about it", "That's ridiculous!", "Really':*" 
Friends. Katfiy, Karen. Don, Bob Carter, P F . Found: on 
the track, the roads, the soccer field, studying, tutoring . 
engineering, .\cademy. flight. 

Band 1, Spring Track 1,2,3,4, Boys' Soccer 1,2,3,4, Musical 2; 
Winter Track 2,3, captain 4, One Act Play 3. Class \'ice- 
President 3, Boys' State 3, National Honor Society 3.4: Class 
President 4. 

Anthony Joseph Antonellis 

190 Pond Plain Road 
Live to enjoy. 

Tony. T.A. — 24 . . . curly brown hair . . . Likes: road trips, 
going sideways in Impalas. Ann's . . Dislikes: W.P.D. ending 
my parties, receivers . Pet Peeves: B.Z s. losing when you 
coufd've won . . . "O.F.C ". "Hot and Juicy .". "Me, Mas, and 
Ned," . , . Favorite Activities; going to the beach, sports, party- 
ing, sleeping and eating . . Friends: class of '82 inc-luding Ned, 
Zombies. Cloverlanders. Secondary, Mafia, DM MA K.M. 
M.G.. O B.S . DM, J.K., R B ,P.C college 

Class V. Pres. 4, Boys' State 3, Baseball 1,2,3,4. Football 2,3. 
capt. 4, National Honor Society 3,4; Green Years Stafl'4; Student 
Council 4. 

Carol Ann Norton 

11 Strafford Road 
Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, we'll take the best, 
forget the rest, and someday we'll find these are the best of times 
Carol, Twig . . . tall, hazel eyes, dependable Likes; any- 

thingGREEN!, summerof'81, snowstorms Dislikes; pushy 
guys, having no money ... Pet Peeves: bugles, 5/22/81 "No 
way really!" , . . Favorite Activities; reading, drawing 
Friends:M.F.N,,G.G,,K.G.. AG . A Y . P F.. Mom, and the 
rest . . . Found; at Roche Bros., in the art room college, 

interior design. 

"No Parentheses" 3,4, Green Years Staff 4. Class Secretary 4. 
Musical 2, Color Guard 2,3; Powder Puff 4. Prom Committee 3; 
Student Council 4; AFS 4; Senior Class Play 4 

George W. Gonser, Jr. 

62 Phillips Brooks Road 
Without love and happiness, sutxess is nothing. 
Georgie, Gonzo, Gorgeous bluish-green eyes, preppy, smil- 
ing, flirtatious, busy Likes: cheese cake. M&Ms. Bugs 
Bunny, \".W "s Dislikes, season-long injuries, no brakes, 
empty fridges "Dues and Donuts" , Favorite Activities; 
shooUng hoop, being with the guvs Friends: B.C.. L.R.. 
K.B."^. B W . KM . H D . AH. C N., family Found: 
everywhere and anN^whcre college. 

Bovs' Socxer 1.2.3,4. Bovs' Tennis 1.2.3. capt 4. Green Years 
Staff 1.4. WHS Dance Band 3.4 Double Quartet 3.4. Class Trea- 
surer 3,4, Student Council 3,4, Bovs' State 3, S E District 
Chorus 4, All State Chorus 4, Senior Class Plax 4. "No Paren- 
theses" 4. 


Cheryl Patricia Aaron 

22 Ridgewood Road 
Accomplishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination. 
Cheryl. Che, Chereel . , . brown hair, brown eyes, preppie . . . 
Likes: #4, Boston, O , being state champs, staircase concerts at 
the L.B.E., nicknames, intense conversations, green bottoms, 
ripHaflFs . . . Pet Peeves: crutches, stretching at 7:45 A.M. ... 
"You goer" . . Favorite Activities: HOOP, P. R. of '82, 1st at 
Reds Apt, riding on fire engines Friends: "D". Cav (Bola), Bern 
and Spark, Suzie, E.S., Penza, class of "82 ... college. 
Softball 1,2, Girls' Soccer 1.2, Girls' Basketball 1.2.3, captain 4; 
Spring Track 3,4. Volleyball 3. AFS Club 4. Photography Club 4. 
Powder Puflf4. 

Theresa Mary Albers 

58 Lyons Drive 
Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, and someday we 11 
find these are the best of times. 

Ten ... Likes, horses, chocolate. Scorpio. (B.S.)^. D.P.. "the 
Jeep". G,H , cowboys, boots, gold, loud music . . . Pet Peeves: 
gettmg up in the morning, B. K. , phonies, eggs, running out of 
gas, advertising, dry clay "Gabe. I need 10 bucks." , "T love it 
to death, " . . Favorite Activities: driving the Jeep, riding, pho- 
tography . Friends S C . RC, S.S,, LB.. B.T., Mrs. DP., 
Mr. M . M D . cxjllege, vet school 

Photography Club 1. Equestrian Club 1,2, AFS Club 3; "No 
Parentheses" 3, editor 4, National Honor Society 4, Senior Class 
Play 4, Green Years staff 4. 

Vivan Alex 

478 Hartford Street 
It' better to keep your mouth shut and have people wonder, than 
to open it and remove all doubt 

V'iv. Vivos . , , Likes; to dress up. long talks with Pattie. beating 
on Pinch and Kev . Dislikes: fake people and snobs, diets, 
bees, getting up early, humid weather. SAT course with Chris 
. Pet Peeves. T T. P . boring weekends. T. F. B. . people who 
are always late. . "Hi Hons ", "How are you? " . Friends: 
Florida gang, class of 82 . . , Thank you so much for everything 
Mom and Dad FT Lauderdale 4/82 . . . Found: having coffee 
with Pattie college 

SpringTrack 1.2,3, Field Hockey 2, Pep Club 1.2. Powder Puff4. 
H(K-key Cheerleader 4 


Debbie Ambrose 

20 Buckboard Lane 
All that we caught, we left behind, and carried away all that we 
did not catch. 

Deb friendly, shy, brown hair Likes: little donuts. 

Fritos. preps, parties . , , Dislikes: curfews, selfish people, being 
lied to. homework . , . Pet Peeves: show-offs, snobs, hospitals 

"Really though?", "No biggie." , . . Favorite Activities: visit- 
ing Faneuil Hall, showing dogs, going places with Dale, skiing 

Friends: Dale. Neal, Jude. Patty. Deb, N.J , Gina, Juhe . . . 
Found: Nac's, B.K., Field Htxkey, with Dale and the girls 

Softball 3.4. Green Years Staff 4, Field Hockey 3.4; Powder Puff 
4i Girls' Basketball Manager 3, Senior Class Play 4. 

Michael Charles Arute 

588 Canton Street 
A moment spent understanding is worth a lifetime spent in awe. 
Mike, Ariitey . br()wn hair, brown eyes . . , Likes: #20. Friday 
beach trips. SAT NKJHT. F.B parties, winning, shutouts, the 
Blazer, barn parties. Anns FB Mrs (; , Florida 80-81 with Led 
Dislikes, not having gas money, the practice field . . Pet 
Peeves; only i( we ... Millis. flat tires . "Put the seat up! ", "I 
dont have enough gas" . . . Favorite Activities: f b games, par- 
tying, road trips to Cape . , . Friends: Kath. T.A.. D G , W,S.. 
J W . SI), theO FC Boys, fb team. Cloverlanders. B.Z s 
. . Found: LB. in K5 w/K M. , . , college 
Fmtball Powder Puff Cheerleader 4, 

Alan Avmie 

273 East Street 
The day is lost in which t)ne has not laughed 
Al. Torch Likes, tourney. Kinks concert, f(X>tba]l parties, 

goin^ sulewa\ s in the landcruiser. sowing out after a part> 
Dislikes l).uks(abbers. gettingcar towed from Cape, sitting next 
to I* I 111 the green Huick. 5:00 a.m. practices Pet Peeves. 
Noriolk Cioll CA)urse ca|)ers. Norw(x>d ,\irix>rt. dressing up in 
white sheets. Jan 1. 1982. Horseneck Beach rotan. Yeah, 

really", "Be serious ', "Intense "" Favorite Activities sleep- 
ing, playing htxkey Friends: the btns, h(xke\ team. J S 
Found at the edge of insanity . . college 
H(Kkev 1.2,3.4. 


Lisa Marie Badessa 

121 Burgess Avenue 
Live one day at a time, and let that day be filled with laughter. 
Lisa , , , big smile, loud laugh, brown eyes, talkative . . . Likes: 
summer of 81, Enfield. N.H.. Saranac, "Jock", weekends . . . 
Dislikes; Monday mornings, homework, chemistry . . . Pet 
Peeves: SATs, college applications , , . "I don't believe this!", 
"Ugh!" "All right!", 'Are you kidding?". "What?" . . , Favorite 
Activities: skiing, football, softball, talking . , , Friends: J.M,. 
R.M., M.L., T.A.. R.C., J.B.. all you guys , . . Found: work. 
Norwood . . . college, architect ana interior designer. 
Musical 1; Spring Track 1; Drama Club 1. Orchestra 1,2, Drill 
Team 2; AFS Club 4. Powder Puff" 4. Senior Class Play 4 

Cvnthia Balabanis 

36A Loring Street 
Like a tree, we each must find a place to grow and branch out. 
Cyndi, C.J., Cyn , . . fi"iendly. always smiling, bouncy . . . Likes: 
spags, supper spags & gorillas, good music, facial expressions, 
bonslcies . . . Dislikes: backstabbers. snobs - . . Pet Peeves: pho- 
nies, two-faced friends, the gang . , "Be nice. , "Get outta 
here!". "O.K.. fine ", "Get away from me!', "Yea, right.", 
"Aren't I sweet?'", "Remember when ..." Favorite Activities: 
partying, shopping, singing, reading ... Friends: P.C, K.B., 
R . M . J . R., M . R., and others . . . college. 
Chorus 1,2,3. 

Rosemary V. Ball 

91 Fisher Street 
We live and die and death not ends it 

Rose , . . long brown hair, hazel eyes, thin, Levi's. Indian shirts, 
mocassins . . . Likes: music, good friends, Jim Morrison & the 
Doors, Led Zeppelin, Heart. Doors Van, Trans Ams. sleeping 
late, loud music, hooters, purple . Pet Peeves; E.B.. K.C., 
LP. preppy people, jocks . . . "Wheres Kris?"". "People are 
strange. "' . . . Favorite Activities; hanging around, talking on the 
phone Friends: K E . J M.. JR., SB, G.R G . B.M. 

Found: Norwood Common with Kris & Jenn. partying . . . find 
Jim Morrison. 
Powder Puff" 4. 


■^Hb J 


^K^^y^ ^ 

i 1 




r ^P- 


/ i -' 





Paula Jane Ballantine 

624 Hartford Street 
You can only live once, but if you live right, once is enough. 
P.B.. P.J. . . . brown hair, blonde highlights . . . Likes: parties, 
fiill moons, concerts . . . Dislikes: SATs, fake people, rumors, 
cats . . . Pet Peeves: reality patrol, working, babies . . . "Ya!", 
"Wrong, Fred."" . . . Favorite Activities: clubbing, waterskiing, 
driving w/Tony . . Found; Cape Cod, Tabes red bird . . . 
Friendfs: Mafia, W.H.S.S.. my lifeguard, class of '82, Track gang. 
L.A.C.. my family, both Mr. F.s . college. 
Musical 2.4. Orchestra 1,2.3, AFS 1,3, Spring Track 1.2,3,4; 
Winter Track 1.2.3. Drama Club 3, Powder Puff^ 4, Student 
Council 1,2,3, sec. 4, Football Cheerleader 1.2.3,4. Sr Class 
Play 4. 

Stephen Bardzilowski 

299 Pond Street 
Let the Lord be your shepherd. Depend on Him for strength and 
guidance. He will always guide you through hardships as well as 
pleasant times, 

Stephen. Bards . . . tall, very much to himself, sometimes very 
short-tempered, crazy when partying . , . Likes: music. Stones, 
Ann's crazy people, R.I.. Maine. N.H , Ticher G. Adam 
Dislikes: tests, Sundays, wise guys , , . Pet Peeves: work, hang- 
ing around, getting up early, PC. . . "Hows it going?" , "Drop 
"em" . . . Favorite Activities; swimming, skiing, cruising, par- 
tying, reading, sailing, canoeing . . . cx>IIege, travel, theology. 
Sid Team 1,3. Photographv Club 3. Bovs' Swim Team co-captain 

John Edward Barry 

3 Linden Street 
Best be bad. 

Beans . Likes clover landers. Sat night. HUKA . . . Dislikes: 
class of '83 girls. Dinger, B.M. ... Pet Peeves: 4-wheelin", 
Datsun 21(Vs. triple sessions, line it up, Fitz. Tri-captain.s. driv- 
er s license . . . ' Sideways", "I don t even care . "What s up , 
"OB's. ", "I don't think I like you "' Favorite Activities; foot- 
ball, partying, going crazy, mohawk madness, losing L O'B.'s 
letter jacket . . . Friends: everyone whos crazy, football players, 
K. P.. Clover landers, old guy at SS ... Found: eating cheerios 
in cafe , PC's, As, Silver Springs, with K.P, . . college, 
Football 1,2.3,4, Spring Track 1.2.4. Bovs" Basketball 1.2. Senior 
Class Play 4. 


David Peter Beltramini 

24 Spruce Drive 
Those who bring sunshine to others cannot help but have some 

Beltra. Belch . - blonde hair, green eyes, tree trunk thighs . . . 
Likes: World Cup D, E.G.. A Bros.. Celts . . . Dislikes: 6 sec- 
tions, FT96, multi-champs . . . Pet Peeves: 0-0, offense in gener- 
al, "up by 20 and have some fun", E-5. Breakaways . , * Don't 
worry about it", "Defense rules" , . Favorite Activities: soccer, 
guitar, BP, hoop, beating on Burkes . . Friends: family, team- 
mates. Dor, 2KB. Buck^, J M. . Foundon field AD. .waiting 
for practice, soccer with Laura . . college. 
Boys' Soccer, Boys' Basketball 1,2.3.4. Baseball, 
Green Years Staff 4. 

Scott D. Bernstein 

78 LtKust Drive 
If at first you don't succeed, drop the course. 
Scott, Bemie , . . dark hair, tall, brown eyes, friendly . . . Likes: 
life. 39 quick pitch against Medway. parties . Dislikes: unhap- 
py people. SATs . . Pet Peeves: Murphs comments . . . "You re 
raggin , *. "L'.A.H.". 'Looks like you lose " . , Enjoys: skiing, 
football, acting, E.O.M.P. . . , Friends: Dan, Diane T.. B.C.. 
G G . J.R , L M.. C B . S.M,2. CM.. T.B,. PS., Alexa & her 
gang, Maggie & the rest of R.R.F.B., Mom and Dad. G-Ma, 
Mark ... U N.H. 

Musical 2.3,4. Chorus 3, AFS 2; Thespians4, Football 3,4, Spring 
Track 2.3.4, One Act Play 2.3.4. Drama Club 2.3,4, Green Years 
Staff 4, Swim Team 1,2. Powder Puff 4. Senior Class Play 4, 
Student Announcer 3.4. Candy Sales 2,3. 

Lucy Bianchi 

7 Indarola Avenue. Milford 
Lucy . . . Likes: coffee, listening to music on the radio . 
Favorite Activities: drinkingcoffee, listening to disco records . 
work m a sheltered workshop 


Patrick Boland 

212 Burgess Avenue 
The artist's message is never fiilly understood. 
Pat, Pehan. Chronic Ironic . , , tall, brown hair and eyes, hyper- 
active and constantly laughing . . . Likes; Van Halen, Minnesota 
Vikings, late night action with Tom R and Co, . Dislikes: 
waking before noon, Dan's mood swings , . . Pet Peeves; Audrey, 
Bobs music discussions. Viking losses, smudged art work . . . 
Boland time warp." , , . Favorite Activities: cartooning, draw- 
ing sports figures, comic books and sports cards Friends; 
Steve, Tom, Dan, Howie. Motenko, E. Horn . , art college. 
Spring Track 2, Cross-country 2; Green Years Staff 4; Chess Club 
1; Boys' Basketball I, manager 3. 

Kenneth Borsare 

20 Walker Road 
I dcm't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way. 
Kenneth, KB ... Likes: Monte Carlos, ski trips, camping, 
computers . . . Dislikes: chemistry, homework, not being 20 , , . 
Pet Peeves: slow drivers . . Favorite Activities; bowling parties, 
fixing cars ... 4 year college for computers. 

Richard Joseph Bradley 

385 Blue Hill Dnvt- 
You can't always get what you want, but if you tr\' sometime you 
just might find you 11 get what you need! 

Dicka. Brads, Richie . . 60 ", light hair, hazel eyes, big nose, 
handlebars . Likes: going sideways w/D M 6t T A in the 
leMans. freckles — S M , summer down at S Ms house, sleep- 
ing & eating, T.A s parties , , Pet Peeves waking up' fake 
people and oackstabbers! losing to Millis! Mass Bav iMBCCI. 
S M . D B .TO , (MM A,) "1 don't know'". "Whatdoyou 
want to do':*", "Hev. Doug!" . . Friends. Sharvn, DM , T A . 
PH. PG. . college 

C:lass President 1.2. Boys' Basketball 1,2. Senior Plav 4, Baseball 
1,2,3,4. F(K>tl)all 1,2.3,4, 


Robert Sean Brazier 

477 Oak Street 
Sooner or later, you'll find yourself, by the love in your heart and 
nothing else, 

Robert, Bob, Bunny - blond hair, blue eyes, always chewing 
gum . - , Likes: tennis, drums, music, Boston, "lines". Led 
Zeppelin . . Dislikes; homework. Van's chemistry, taking notes 
. . . Pet Peeves: Ricks humor, Mr. Baker's math class, "O' in the 
book . , "Did you see her today?" . . , Favorite Activities: 
playing drums, tennis, skiing . . . Friends: KG-, D.M., Archie, 
Rick, Farm Stand gang, "Spinner", "Baggage", "Sack". P.T., 
B.P. , B,F "s, class of '82 . , Found, on the trail, at rehearsal , , . 
college, graduate school, travel. 

Ski Team 1, Tennis 2.3,4, Marching Band 2.3.4. Concert Band 
2,3,4, AFS Club 4- 

Jennifer C. Broadhurst 

58 Alder Road 
Jennifer. Jen, Jenna , , , bigblue eyes, long blond hair . . Likes: 
cruises, English accents, c.c. cookie batter, ballet, ketchup . , . 
Dislikes: snobs, rainy Sundays, h.w., cleaning my room . Pet 
Peeves: Whaaat?, cellulite. pulp , . . "Come on'" , "Roll cups ", 
"Kurts.", "G"' , , , Favorite Activities: traveling, dancing, roller- 
skating, talking on the phone, Faneuil Hall as "Chinks"' . . . 
Friends: jennidew and buddies , Found: on Q.E II, N. 
Conway, Spinoff, catching the worm in RZl , . . college, travel. 
Winter Track 1, Football Cheerleader 1,2,4. Basketball Cheer- 
leader 1,2, Powder Puff 4, Hockey Cheerleader 4. 

Lori A. Brooks 

267 Dover Road 
There is nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the 
love of friends. 

Lori, Lou, Brooksie . . . blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, always 
laughing Likes: weekends, summer, C.P.R,, ranking people 
down, P. AC. . Dislikes: practice, being overtired , . Pet 
Peeves, living in the lxx)nies, 12 o'clock curfew . . "I don't 
care". "Well, forget it then"" .,, Favorite Activities: sailing, 
sports, partying . . , Friends: Cav, "D"'. C.A,, class of '82 and 
family . . . Found- on high school playing fields, Mattapoisett, or 
around town . . . college, nursing, a happy life. 
Girls' Basketball 1.2. Softball 1,2.3.4, Girls' Soccer 1,2.3.4. Ski 
Team 3, captain 4. Green Years Staff 4. Powder Puff 4, 

Karen Ann Burke 

31 Pond Plain Rd. 
Don't walk m front of me. I may not follow. Don't walk behind 
me, I may not lead Walk beside me — and just be my friend 
Karen. KB. . , , long hair and green eyes . , . Likes, sweaters and 
jeans. Snoopy, being a twin, Anais Anais , . . Dislikes: "The 
Twins"' , . , Pet Peeves: mono, hard guys, false friends , , Favor- 
ite Activities: field hockev, laughing w/Kathv . . . Favorite Peo- 
ple: KM B , Grampa, D W . J M . T G . G.G , A H . Class of 
82, teammates, '81 grads . . Found: CapeCod. with friends . . 

Class V, President 1,2. National Honor Society 4, Green Years 4. 
Field H(xkey 2.3,4, Powder Puff 4, Hockey Cheerleader 3.4. 
Prom Committee 3. Student C'ouncil 1.2,3. Senior Class Plav 4; 
DC 4 

Kelli Brooks 

82 Oak Street 
I may not like it. but III defend it — for it has the right to be. 
Cho. K.P.. Kell . . . thin, friendly, perky . , . Likes: eating, days 
off, fall, spags. oldies , . Dislikes: people who stare, accent 
slipping out. bruised apples . . , Pet Peeves: double doors, mi- 
graines, not being able to eat chocolate . . , "B-O! '" "What's 
a-matter?". "It's not punk'". 'Tm sorry ', "Alio, baby " .. 
Favorite Activities: singing, writing, partving, loafing . . 
Friends: B.C. EC. M P , C.B..S.W . R.C ', Found: work, 
nurses office . . . college, psychology major. 
Chorus 2.3,4, Girls' Glee Club 3,4. Color Guard 1. Drama Club 
1, "No Parentheses " 2.4, Senior Class Play 4. 

Kathleen Marie Burke 

31 Pond Plam Road 
Tomorrow is a dream that leads me onward ... for it's the person 
rve yet to be. 

Kathy. K.B., Kath . , - preppy, green eyes, always in a hurry . , . 
Likes: puppies, Christmas. P£psi, Sn<M>py, the beach. Ralph 
Lauren. 1/3/82 . , Dislikes: "The Nun Sisters " . Pet Peeves: 
busy signals, "L<x'ks"', "Chairs ' . "I don't care " Favorite 
Activities: field hockey, laughs w/ my sister, jokes with Andy . . . 
Found: vearbook office. C^ape Cod . . Friends, ,\nd\, Karen. 
N.F . D W . J M.. C K . B.C.. N.W., B.T., G.G.. D.B., "81 
friends and others . . tx>Ilege 

Class Secretar\' 1.2, Green Years Editor-in-Chief. National Hon- 
or Societv 3,4, Field Hockev 2,3,4. Student Council 1.2. Powder 
Puff 4 


Ernest Cakridas 

36 Dean Street 
Ernie . . . tall, brown hair, brown eyes - . Likes, weekend 
drives to New Hampshire, music from 50"s and 60's, old Chevy's. 
Harleys, warm weather, accomplishments DisHkes: snobby 
girls, being stranded in cold weather, rusty Chevy s . - . Pet 
Peeves; punk rock, alarm clocks. Sundays, being ignored, 
flashing blue lights . . . Favorite Activities: working on cars, 
hunting, fishing, traveling . . . traveling, auto mechanics. 

David M. Callaghan 

81 Pond Plain Road 
You may say I'm a dreamer but Im not the only one. 1 hope 
someday you'll join us and the world will be as one 
Dave . , . white. 155 pounds, 511" . . Likes; snobs, cliques, 
Monday mornings, foolish, insincere, shallow preps . . . Dis- 
likes; Beatles, Victor the Volvo, having a good time, pep rallies 
. . . Pet Peeves: libraries, the cold, being awake, short hair , . . 
"Its only rock and roll" . . . Friends. Tom, John and Joko. Dan, 
Mike, The Pope and all the DS.'s, Mick and Keith. Val, Bio. 
Keith Moon. Ernie. Carol. Fran. Mr. Walsh, Mr. Swezey . 

Sacred Cheese 1, Bovs' Basketball I, Student Council 1,2; Pep 
Club 1.2,3,4, 

Cynthia M. Calvagne 

136 Country Lane 
Why does my life seem so difBcuIt and everyone else's seem so 

Cindy . . . curly hair, blue eyes . . - Likes long weekends, work, 
day 5, staying out all night, going away on weekends, clubbing 
. . . Pet Peeves: red lights, finks, getting yelled at, diets, having 
to be somewhere at a certain time, camping, school . , "Watch 
it.". "Cool out!" . , . Favorite Activities: watching football, eat- 
ing, dancing, working , . . Friends; David C. D.W.. D.S,, EM. 
Found. Daves, work, partying . . nursing, college, money 
and famil). 
Field Hockev 2. Powder Pufl^ 4 

Nicholas Cappello 

13 June Street 
Trust her not, she is fooling thee. 

Nick. Dicky, Capea. Goobs. Goober . . . brown eyes, brown hair 
with "natural" olonde streaks, shy, skinny . . . Likes: warm 
weather, going out, rock-n-roll, weekends, W W s . . . Dislikes: 
working around the house, homework, S.G.s, parking lots, . . . 
Pet Peeves: people not using blinkers when driving, nagging 
people, O.T.R. , , . "Yougiiys want to do something?" , "Are you 
working tonight? ', "Loser" , , , Favorite Activities; sports, par- 
tying. . . . Friends: Sig. Devs, Raven, "P", Yappa, and the King's 
gang . . . Found: at Sig's, cruising in the might Mav, or working 
at King's . . . college. 
Green Years Staff 4. 

Kimberly A. Cariani 

75 Gushing Road 
Yesterday's successes belong to yesterday with all yesterday's 
defeats and sorrows. The day is here. The time is now 
Kimberly, Kim, Kimmy tall, big browii eyes, long brown hair 
, , Likes: Middy's, horses, cats, hard rtx-k. cruising, riding 
motorcycles . . Dislikes; work, homework . , . Pet Peeves: U.S. 
History, skimpy swim team bathing suits . . "Yah, right!" 
Favorite Activities bike riding, swimming, art . Friends; 
Paula. Clem college, comnuTcial art 

Spring Track 1. Drama Club I. Musical 1.2. Swim Team 1.2,3, 
tapt 4, AFS 2,3. "No Parentheses" 2.3. Art Editor 4, Green 
Years Staff 4. Powder Pufl 4. Photography Club 4. 

Robert Steven Carter Jr. 

5() Porter Street 
Bob. . B-, Mumps. Holl\^v,x.d Light brown hair, blue 
eves Likis nnddle-earth. lemons, thai face. Mont\ PNthon 

. , Dislikes picking up chicks, college stufi. East B F Pet 

Peeves: private jokes, nuimps, leldiig one slip "Joe who? , 
"OK?" . , Favorite ActiMties M.iuie weekends, suuaring 
things, ragging , , . Found- Mags house . Fneads M (,Jpni. 
(;,(i,, and prepettes. Golden Boys, my other half. iWV, 

Bovs" S(Kx-er 1.3.4. Winter Track Spnng Track 1.2.3. 
( )iie Act Plav 3. Senior Class Pla\ 4, "No Parentheses ' 3. Ntusical 



Pamela Joan Casey 

91 Hawktree Drive 
Time endears, but cannot fade, the memories friends have made. 
tlSpam. P.J. . . . brown hair, hazel eyes, sweaters and turtlenecks, 
the laugh . . , Likes: Saturday nights, a]] nighters at the wharf, 
Ned logic, Montawk races with I.C.T. . . . Dishkes: having par- 
ties. SATs. Pet Peeves: Dick Wadd's answering service, 
ChrichowO.T. R., the tripos . . . "C.A.U.?'", 'T just can't beheve 
it." . . . Favorite Activities: fighting in foods with Chrichow . . . 
Friends: my family, the gang, class of "82 including Neil . . . 
Found: SugarloafU.S.A. , Lewis Wharf . . . Thanks Mom and 
Dad . . . college. 

Girls' Swim Team L2,3,4, Girls' Tennis 1,2,3,4, Ski Team 
1,2,3,4, Ski Club 2. French Club 3. 

Caroline Beth Cavanaugh 

27 Alder Road 
Laughter is the shock absorber of life's blows. 
Cav, Bola . 024-44-8638 . . Likes: #11, hoop, being a .510" 
guard, low riders . . . Pet Peeves: my week for dishes, losing, 
Saturday morning 7:45 am . . . "Yah, right!" . . . Favorite Activi- 
ties: playing hoop, teaching Gork Spanish, lst"s at L.B.E. ... 
Friends: J C T , Jeff. "D ", Che, Kath, Smaxi, Lees. Eh, Lor, 
Gork, Spam, Johno, Mike, Smannie, class of '82 ... Found: 
Reds apt , WHS gym . . Good luck to class of "82 . Thanks 
Mom and Dad . . . college. 

Softball 1,4, captain 2; AFS Club 1,2,3,4, Girls' Basketball 
1,2,3,4, capt. 2, Girls" Soccer 1,2,3,4, capt. 1,4, Spring Track 3, 
Student Council 3,4, Powder Puff 4, National Honor Society 4, 


Patricia Ann Casey 

141 Carrol! Avenue 
We do not remember days, we remember moments. 
Pattv, Pad. PC, . . brown hair, brown eves . . . Likes; 
weekends, talks with M.R. football, H H .s, S.C.'s , . Dislikes: 
staying in . . Pet Peeves: rumors. S.M.B.s, boring weekends, 
H.O.'s at Carrie's, being sick, paranoia, back seat drivers, blink- 
ers, red lights, curfews . . . 'Why?', "Im hungry, let's eat", 
"Wicked! ' . . . Favorite Activities: rap sessions, laugh attacks, 
partying, dancing, spazzing out. out with the girls, cruising, 
eating, laughmg until I cry , . Friends: C.S., J,H,. D,K.. R.C., 
K.S . M.J . G R.G. .. Found: Carrie's ... college. 
Winter Track 1. Powder Puff 4. 

Patricia Ann Cashin 

166 Greenhill Road 
Happiness is a slice of life — buttered. 

SPLAT. Patty, Pat . . obnoxious, always talking, loud, the laugh 
. . Likes: G.H.. older boys, parties, being witn the girls, rainy 
mornings. Batman, kids . . . Dislikes; curfews, teases, people 
who nag. being called cute , , . Pet Peeves: perfectionists, busy 
signals, being grounded, mumps, waitmg, citvboys, being called 
abaddnver . . , "Stop it!", "It s a U F.I. night!". "C.A.U,? ' , , . 
Favorite Activities: 5:00 road trips. "The Fest" . . , Fnends:Kim, 
Spam, R.B.. Gronch, The Girls , , . Found: at parties Thanks 
Mom and Dad . . . college, be a teacher, get married, have 10 
Baseball manager 3, Powder Puff 4, Hockey Cheerleader 4. 

Kimberly Michelle Cecca 

86 Greenhill Road 
Dreams are my way of redefining the universe. 
Cec, Kimmy, Dude #2 . . . small feet, petite, big. green eyes, 
unique . . . Likes: rainy days, dancing, donuts, living, balloons 
. . Dislikes: peas, time logic, tears, violence, smiles that aren't 
there . . , Pet Peeves: people who think they drive fast, fake 
people, people who are late, people who have to be right . . . 
Friends: Br\an, Mafia, Glen, Jen, T.S. . . Found: Tabes red 
bird, at ballet, with Bryan . . be a professional dancer, travel. 
Gymnastics 1,2. Powder Puff 4. Senior Class Play, Hockey 
Cheerleader 4, Football Cheerleader 1.2.4, Basketball Cheer- 
leader 1,2. 

Patricia Anne Ciampa 

465 Hartford Street 
Be what you want to be. Go where you want to go. Dream what 
you dare to dream. Live . . . 

Pattie - . . big green eyes, long lashes, always laughing . . . Likes, 
going out with Hon in the bomber, talks with Vivs, clothes, 
Corvettes , Dislikes: phony people, 'Dee's". G's , . , Pet 
Peeves: 'T.T.P, ' curfews, cx>ld weather, 'T.F.B. , "PH s " . . . 
"What's up?" . . . Favorite Activities: buying clothes, soaking the 
sun with Vivs. celebrating my 18lh w/d B + H . Friends: 
family, Florida gang. Pinch, and Class of '82 . . . Found: having 
coffee with Vivs . . college. 

Spring Track 1; Field Hockey 2, Powder Puff 4; Hockey Cheer- 
leading 4, Pep Club 1.2. 


Rita Kati Ciampa 

28 Evergreen Avenue 
I really have enjoyed my stay, but I must be moving on. 
Rita, Ri . . . short. Italian . Likes; peanut butter, popcorn. 
GH — Scorpio, puppies, loud music, purple, Tom Petty, 
"George", talking v^th bro . - Dislikes: science, having nothing 
to do. specs, uncomfortable clothes . . Pet Peeves; being Ital- 
ian. "The boat", preppy clothes, diets, mooching money. BK. 
. . . "Such the babe . "What a cutie" . . Favonte Activities: 
watching GH, cruising in 'the Jeep", being with friends 
Friends: Ten, Sarah, kel. Sues. LB. B T , M.D . PC. R.M.. 
others , , . Found; at B.K-, anywhere . . . college. 
Pep Club 1 , AFS Club 3, National Honor Society 4, "No Paren- 
theses" 4. Green Years Staff 4 

Mark Ciardi 

14 Church Street 
I can't get no satisfaction. 

Yohaan, Papa C. ... brown hair, brown eyes, untied sneakers 
. . . Likes; Boston Garden, out of control slap shots, #6, scaring 
Neil. The Stones, unbearable noise . . Dislikes. 5:00 A.M. 
practices, trees that walk in the street . . . Pet Peeves; the Turbo 
Valiant ... "Trust me'" . . Favorite Activities. 1:00 A.M.. 
football games, the drums, water skiing . , , Friends; the hockey 
team, the Lake Shore Drive boys, P.T..T.G. J.D., Wiz, and the 
Golden Boys, and Meg . . . Found: rink, sideways . . . college. 
West Coast. 

WHS Dance Band 4; Boys' Hockey 1.2,3,4, Golf 4, "No Paren- 
theses' 4. Weight Lifting 2,3 

Alice Coakley 

95 Smith Drive 

You give little when you give of your possessions. It is when you 

give of yourself that you truly give, 

Al . . short, with blue eyes, wearing a claddagh ring . , . Likes: 

strawberry everything, the Beatles, the Cape, weekends, blue 

jeans . . , Dislikes; punk rock. chemistr>', Mello Yello, Eugene, 

pmk and green . . . Pet Peeves; Luke & Laura, "Ohhh, cute- 

ness!" , . "Ohmy God! . "I forgot, , 'How many minutes left?", 

"Psvch! ", "Jeez! ' , . . Found; with E.S., Deb. KG., and Jan in 

the orange Datsun college. 

Musical 2. AFS 4, Drill Team 2.3, Color Guard 2.3. Drama Club 

1,2, Ski Club 3. Powder Puff 4. "No Parentheses" 4. 


Cara Jeanne Coggins 

62 Windsor Road 
It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow, 
Cara. Coggs . Likes; SB "s, RandC, VS.L,, the Point, Doors 
w/ J., Pee Wee's. E.N. . . , Dislikes: mint shampoo, Lou's con- 
coction, Latin II , , Pet Peeves: stone walls, Dads sin^g. B's 
reality speeches , . "GRB,!', "For sure, man!" . , , Found: 
Pomfret, Bergson s, W P L.. the Point, H.I. at 4 a.m. .. 
Friends; T., P,. J . Jo. B , Mare, the Point gang. Fu. M.M.A.. 
Brooksie . 

Marching Band 1,2. Concert Band 1.2; "No Parentheses" Green Years Staff 4. 

Bernadine Mary Collins 

1429 Main Street, Walpole 
Never bend vour head Always hold it higli, accept what's given 
to you. aiul l(H)k the world straight in the lace 
Bernie, Bern , crazy, wild, gorgeous blue eyes , Likes; 
people, clowning around, tiuiet nights, entertaining friends for 
dinner. Septejnber , . , Dislikes: false people, rumors, snobs , . , 
Pet Peeves; A bl()ck English, Mcmday mornings, H,(),"s. refer- 
rals , 'Yeah . "(^ool out, , "\m so — embarrassed . 
Fnends; cousin Karen. Robert, McCaff. Dori. Kathy 6f Karen. 
David. Max. Katie — Ef . . . Found; green Montego . become 
an RN. get married. 

One Act Play 2, Drama Club 2; Senior Class Plav 4, Student 
Announcer 4. Htxkey Cheerleader 4. Powder Pun 4 

Cynthia Jane Elizabeth ColHns 

15 Hcnil<Hk Drive 
If you can imagine it. you can achieve it 
If you can dream it, you can become it 
('indy. Tee , . Virgo, petite, nice clothes, always \nuling 
Likes; Kurt, Christmas, dancing, red . . , Dislikes; being called a 
B,F Pet Peeve: car atxidents . "Are you cutci* . 'What 

gives, Lizabeth?" , , . Favorite Activities; dancing, nflc twirling, 
spending money , . Frieiuls: K»irl. Tiiu*. Uzaln'th. tluu)k> Mom 
and Dad. Meme, Pa|)a Found in the dancing studio, with 

Kurt or I'lna become a well-known danivr 

Band Chorus 1.2,3.4. Carls' Cilee Club, Drill 
Team 1.2,3,4. Color Guard Rifle Scjuad 1.2.3. captain 4. 
Pep Club I 


Richard Conlon 

47 Curtis St 
I get by with a little help from my friends. 
Rich . . . Likes: fishing, football. Chevy Chevelles, camping and 
hiking , , - Pet Peeves; bad grades, and broken down cars. 
Winter Track 1. 

William Stephen Conners 

22 Booth Drive 
Only those who dare . - truly live. 

Bill. Bill Bio thin, dark hair . . . Likes: Chargers. Ferraris, 

partymg. Hendrix. the Oz , , Pet Peeves: classes, homework, 
Roche Bros. . . Favorite Activities, cruising, being . . . Friends: 
Janet. Dan, Dave, Mike. Jim. D.D., J.M, . college, en- 
Photography Club 3.4, Senior Class Play 4. 

Jonathan Cabot Cook 

67 Chamberlain Avenue 
Do not remove a fly from your friend's head with a hatchet 
Gink, Cookie . not tall enough, brown hair, brown eyes, 
Hawaiian shirts, radical . , , Likes: sharks, anything Hawaiian, 
surf music, practical jokes . . . Dislikes: B.F. s ,. . "You smell 
like a goat" Enjoys surfing, skate boarding, football, drawing, 
lifting, snow boarding . . . Found: weight room, the beach, 
Marc s house . , . Future: to grow at least 5 inches. 
Football 3.4. Spring Track 3.4. Winter Track 3, Green Years Staff" 
4. Photography Club 2.3.4. Powder Puff^ Cheerleader 4. 

Marc Anthony Costonis 

138 Mill Street 
You can t go surfing where there are no waves. 
Studly beach bum. insane, flashy, hazel eves, very tan . . . 

Likes long hair, Becky R,. Jen R . the Monkees. punk rcxrk. 
brunettes, snow^arding, beach parties , , , Dislikes: band, 
hand people, the Beatles Pet Peeves: Bears, the Beatles, 

preppies, flaming arrows "Love those jeans!" . . Favortte 

Activities: surfing, pogoing, skateboarding, hang-gliding, pho- 
tography FriencfsR.R.J R .B D . K R.,.S M J C . DM.. 
M.G,. J.H.. M.N. . major in photography in California. 
Photographv Club 1.2.3. manager 4. Ski Team 3. photographer 
3.4; Green Years Staff 4. 

William J. Conway 

195 Conant Road 
The old believe everything, the middle age suspect everything; 
the young know everything. 

Bill. Condaddy, B. . . . blond, blue eves, dark tan . . . Likes, 
picking on Sheli & Pam, dizzy blondes , . , Dislikes: Shutie 
leaving senior year, mud holes , . , Pet Peeves: losing to D.S., 
trying out for Districts, tying T.V L, . . 'That's cool. ' . . . 
Favorite Activities: singing, acting, directing, soccer . . . 
Friends: T. . P., Cogs. SB, D S.. Pads, soccer team, cast of 
"How to ... " - - . Found; Brook, soccer field, auditonum of 
Pomfret . . . "Just the two of us." . . . college, engineering. 
Musical 2.3.4, Chorus 2.3.4. Drama Club 2.3,4. Boys" Soccer 
1,2.3.4, One Act Play 3,4. Thespians 3.4. Senior Class Play 4, 
Strut 4 

Sarah Jean Coward 

34 B(K)th Drive 
1 packed my bags and I'm headmg straight into the storm Gonna 
be a twister to dIow everything down that aint got the faith to 
stand its ground. 

Sarah Likes horses, french fries, smurfs, Garfield. unitx)ms, 
purple, COZ. Bruce Springsteen. Bifly Squire . Dishkes: 
alligators, tomatoes Pet Peeves: physical fitness unit, going 

to the dentist ... "I don t know ", "Net F = ma ' . . Favorite 
Activities; horseback nding. nding in "the Jeep'" . Friends; 
TA. RC. S S., BT, LB. Mrs DP. Mr M . and Taniara 
. . Found: W'ildw(K>d Stables — working or riding . college 
Equestrian Club secretar>' 1.2. AFS 3. Senior Class Play 4. Green 
Years Staff 4; "'No Parentheses" 4. National Honor Society 4, 







H^VHpi N>. ^^U^tk i^H 


Michael Eugene Cummings 

120 Ellis Street 
When the going gets tough just cool out for a while. 
Mich, Mike . . . two arms, two legs, and a head . , . Likes: 
snowstorms. Echo Beach, Cape excursions, secondary style foot- 
ball, Stones, sleeping late, spinal crackers, cool out shoes , . , 
Dislikes: getting out of cars, certified fools, knee injuries, parking 
garages , , . Pet Peeves: Scott's car - . "We don't have to do 
anything. Murph ". 'Let me catch my breath " , . . Favorite 
Activities: decorating D.B.'s lawn. Huka Fests, rolling, giving 
rents reality talks . . Friends: "82 Zombies. O.F.C.. Mick & 
Brian and Keith, and many others , , . Found: in bed during 
homeroom . . . the zoo. 
Football 1.2,3.4. Boys' Basketball 1,2. 

Imelda Teresa Curtin 

24 Cobleigh Street 
Oversleeping will never make your dreams come true. 
Mel, Meld . . long light brown hair, blue eyes, easy going, 
usually wearing "comfortable clothes " , , , Likes: food, friends, 
concerts, all-nighters, pay day. cruising, "picnic baskets", being 
with David . . . Dislikes: snobby people, curfews . , Pet Peeves- 
jocks. preppies, fake people . . . '"\Vhen"s lunch':^"", "Big Mac 
Attack' . "I don't know. ", "Im psyched for this weekend! " . . 
Favorite Activities: weekends, sleeping, listening to tunes . . , 
Friends; Laurie, David, Denise, C.F,. jP., Mom and Dad for 
putting up with me . . . Found; in Dad's "Caddy", anyplace but 
home - , , nursing, marriage. 
SNARC 1.2, Powder Puff 4. 

Susan Curwen 

140 Conant Road 
Things today have been heavy and brown. Bring me a unicorn to 
ride about town. 

Suse , , brown hair, brown eyes, wears snake ring . . . Likes: 
Saturdays, music. Maine, my dog Bull. L. L Bean's . . . Dislikes: 
waking up, being sick . . . Pet Peeves; vacuuming, washing 
dishes, out of tune violin . . . "I'm always right, except when Im 
wrong" . . . Favorite Activities; swimming, skeet shooting, 
skiing . . Found; practice room, with Susie . . . college, meoi- 

Musical 2.3,4, Orchestra 1.2,4, S E District Orchestra4. AFS 4; 
Spring Track 2, Field Hockey 1, Wmter Track 2, Girls" Swim 
Team 3,4. Ski Team 4. Sr Class Play 4, National Honor Society' 4. 

Brian Dalton 

91 Green Hill Road 
Brian . , friendly, helpful, easygoing . . . Likes, music, video 
games . . . Dislikes: R.L.. AC/DC, followers, work. pAysicslabs. 
Archie . . . Pet Peeves: cute airheads, T. V. . underclassmen . 
"You chump! ', "Ah yes, " . . . Favorite Activities: collecting 
albums, photography, tennis, badminton, ice hockey, resting 
... Friends: G.H., CD., R P, DM. B B , J D ... Found; 
Strawberries, Capitol . . . college, medical school. 
Spring Track 1.2; Winter Track 2, Math Team 3. National Honor 
Society 3,4, Green Years Staff 4. 

Maryann Danna 

134 Hemlock Drive 
It is chance that makes brothers, but hearts that make friends. 
Maryann. Mare , . . brown hair, brown eyes, friendly , Likes; 
listening to the radio, pizza. C L., raviolis, Fridays, relaxing, 
sleeping late Dislikes: homework, getting up early, tests, 

Mondays Pet Peeves, snobby people, housework, writing 

essays, complainers . , "You're kidding!"", 'Really^' , Im freez- 
ing! ", , , Favorite Activities: biking, swimming, skating, going to 
the movies , Friends: S R , R.M., B T.. B.C.. and the rest of 
the gang . . Found; B.K , library, with friends college, car. 
AFS Club 3,4. National Honor Society 3,4. Green Years Staff 4, 
"No Parentheses"' 4. 

Maureen Dargan 

437 East Street 
Li\c today, tomorrow may never come 

Mt)c Likes, jon, pizza. Bad Co. Impala. Styx. NY . Oneonta 
"(iot anv free time':*" . Favorite Activities, cruising in the 
Impala. Norwood ("ommon. Ninga. cruising to N H 
Fri<-nds, Jon. Jen. Kris. Rose. Chervl. G.R.G.. Dottie. Donna 
, \xvv 
Drama Club 2. 


Alexandra Rice Davis 

67 Thatcher Street 
All I need is the air that I breathe and to love you. 
Little Al, Wolverine Woman . . . distinctive laugh, loud . , . 
Likes: hibernating with the family, romantic nights on beaches 
. . . Dislikes; saying good-bye, being told what to do ... Pet 
Peeves: waiting for phone calls, defending myself . . . Tm so 
nervous! ', "We tell each other everything. . . . Favorite Activi- 
ties: hosting parties, being in Duxbury. mascotting! . . . Friends: 
Andrew B. McBride. Robby Roberto, Brian. Florida gang, my 
Bohemian friend, Susan Heinrich. Fearsome Foursome, class of 
'82 . . . Found: Muirdal Beach, S.C. . . . Thanks Mom & Dad &e 
especially Murr . . . fame, college. 
Hockey Cheerleader 3,4, Green Years 4. Mascot 4. 

Charles DeAngelis 

44 Gloucester Road 
You've got to learn to be positive, it's your only chance. You 
musn't be so defensive, you gotta join in the dance. 
Charhe, Chuckie . . . dark hair, 6 ft. , blue eyes . . . Likes: Geils, 
loud music, Chinese food, M.J., R.H.P.S., arcades, horror flicks 
. . . Dislikes, school lunches, taking notes, A.M. radios, finals, 
C&G . . Pet Peeves: dieseling engines, S.M., Lusty, VW'S. 
underclassmen . . . "Big guy." . , , Favorite Activities: football, 
golf . . . Friends: B. D. , R. P. , D. M . ... Found: in the blue Audi 
. . . college. 
Football 2. Green Years Staff 4. 

Michelle Lee DeSimone 

102 Willow Street 
1 want what I want when I want it. 

Dude #1, Shelly, Michelle short, cute, unique fingernails, 

aggressive, beautiful hair, nice blue eyes . . . Likes; squirrels, 
blondes, big sweaters, spiderman glasses, windsong guy. mit- 
tens . Pet Peeves: numbers, curls, mixed-up people, rumors, 
JRs depressions. 10 hrs . "Cool out! ', "Danger P W.D.", 
"How do you spell'*" . Favorite Activities; 5 AM road trips, 
cliff nding, all-ntghters . Friends the gang, dudes. Mr D . . . 
Found: Cape, Bermuda '82 , Thanks M&R . . college 
Spnng Track 1,2.4. Winter Track 1,2.4. Field Hockey, 
Powder Puff 4, Hockey Cheerleader 4, Senior Class Play 4. 

Daniel Devlin 

211 Downey Street 

Around every comer or bend there is always a straight piece of 

Dev blue eves, 511", brown hair. Aries . . . Likes: Fridavs, 
COTS, the Cai>e. oand, playing the trumpet . . . Dislikes: Monday 
morning, not having money, nomework . . . Pet Peeves, running 
out of gas. people who think they're big but aren't . "So what 
do ya want to do?". "I don't know, what do you want to do? " . . . 
Favorite Activities; going places far away, driving, band comps 
Friends: Carol. J.H., PS.. B C, FT., J.M.. AH.. J K . 
S.M, , , cottege for music. 

Boys' Basketball 1, Band 1,2,3,4, Concert Band 1,2.3,4. Orches- 
tra 1,2,3,4. WHS Dance Band 2,3.4, Musical 3.4; S.E. District 
Band 4. 

Michael A. Devlin 

295 Burgess Avenue 
The game is never lost till won. 

Devs. Javelin . , . Likes: partying with you. T P, madness. Billy 
flicks, road trips, fine cuisine. This Week in Baseball . . Pet 
Peeves: untied his. unearned leathers, death nde, losing to 
Freds, wicked good songs, working on my tan . . "You are a 
madman!' , "Jello ", Let s get the heck outta here! . . Favorite 
Activities: cashing in the chips, the mile, romping on the TV. L. 
. . . Friends; the Golden Boys (Y.G.H,), Skinheads. Mexicans. 
Wol^ack . . a prominent university, the Nationals. 
Spring Track 1.2,3,4. Cross Countrv 1,2,3,4. captain 4, Winter 
Track 1.2,3.4. Green Years Staff 4. 

Debbie DiMascio 

149 Partridge Drive 
Life is too short, so why waste precious time? 
Deb. Debbie Doo. Hot Italian . brown hair, brown eyes. 
easygoing, giggly, fnendly Likes: parties {9/4/Sll. Elaine. 

Alice. Showcase Ciang. weekends, dnve-ins. cx)ncerts. music, 
chtx-olate shakes, bubolegum, Chinese food, dreaming . Dis- 
likes, snobs, Monday mornings, having nothing to do. curfews, 
rainy days , , . Pet Peeves, preppies, punk-rockers, g>'m. noisy 
people . . . "Kinky! , "Megga!". Hey. what's up^-* Favorite 

Activities; cruising, partying, talking on the phone . . . Found: 
with Elaine, Alice, k S . L.R . P F . J S., at Johns parties, in 
Dedham. at Grandma's . . Thanks Mom ana Dad , . . junior 
Chorus 1. Drama Club 1. 


Paula M. DiPietro 

46 Glandore Road 
Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, 
of glory in the flower, we will greive not, rather find strength in 
what remains behind' 

Likes: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, work, summer vacation, 
going shopping with Kim. cruising , , , Dislikes, cleaning my 
room, homework . Pet Peeves: phony people, history, snobs, 
cauliflower, Httle kids, girl jocks, birds, cats, snakes . . "Give 
me a break, " . . . Favorite Activities: sailing, going to the beach, 
biking . . . Friends: Kim, Mrs, Clement . , . college, dentist, 

Drama Club I; Spring Track 1.2; Health Careers Club 1; AFS 
2,3, "No Parentheses 3.4. Powder Puff 4, Green Years Staff 4. 

Henry M. Donlon III 

200 Porter Street 
When you fall, you have to get up quick, be strong, and strike 
with a different combination. 

Hank . - . Likes, camping, beaches, girls . . . Dislikes: dirty cars, 
applications, vocab. tests Pet Peeves: fixing war wagon, bad 
waiters. Bova Col . . . "What's up?*', "I'm there " , . , Favorite 
Activities, scx-cer, track, skiing, aiving at quarries, cruising in 
amvertible Friends Ganzo. W S . W^ 'P'. R M.. B.C , 

Wizz, S F . Devs. rest of the gang . Found: gym. behind a 
straight flush. White Mountains college 

Ski Team 1, Spnng Track 1,2,3,4. Boys' Soccer 1.2.3,4. Winter 
Track 2,3,4, Senior Class Play 4. 

'^^-# ^ ' 

Susan Elizabeth Doull 

325 Oak Street 
Today lasts a fraction of a minute, yesterday lasted an eternity. 
Sue, Soull. Doullie . . - semi-preppie, hazel eyes, finally straight 
teeth . - Likes: rainbows, J.C , Papa, c.c cookie batter, pink & 
green . . . Dishkes: Monday mornings, curfews . . Pet Peeves: 
glamourgirls. Friendly s . . . 'Hey. c-nicks and chicklets" Favor- 
ite Activities: talking on the tele, chowing on Chinese food w/ 
Peter, swimming , - Friends: family, Willie, Boo-Boo fie compa- 
ny, Pooh. Q EH Jennifer, Polo, Maureen. Judes, Dan, '81 gang, 
and J C . . Found, in the papa car. Friendly s . . college, 
physical therapy 

Musical 4, AFS 4. Drill Team 1,2. Powder Puff4. Prom Commit- 
tee 4. 

Julie Ann Drainis 

Jeffrey R. Draper 

17 Oxford Road 
This paper may crumble, the ink someday fade, but never the 
memories of friends I have made. 

Jul. Juls, Drammy . short, chewing gum, gullible . Likes: 
talking on phone, messy r(M)m. Twixes, QT, GPITWWD. sur- 
prises , , Dislikes: phonies, stuck-up people, waiting for the 
20's. smoking , . . Pet Peeves: busy signals, ruf-ruf, r. units, late 
people. McDs female employees, frizzv hair. 15 minute phone 
limit , . "I'm gonna ", "Ah yes". "Hah?' . . . Favorite Activities: 
being with Doug, talking, playing f.b. with gang , Friends: 
DM,, A.P., M J,, the gang . . . Found: YRDEWD. Skyway, 

Pep Club 1; F(K>thall Cheerleader 1,2. Basketball Cheerleader 
1.2, Winter Track 1.4, AFS Club 4. Powder Puff 4. 

98 Arcadia Hoad 
Luck is when you crack an egg and get two yolks, 
Drapes. Yappa brown hair, blue eyes, laughing Likes. 

AM practices. 4-wheeling. cashing in the stacks Dislikes; 

cliargmg [icnalhes Pet Ptwes Hucky Jones, dead fish. Gor- 

dies dnving, dull skates 'Wm\ get hufiy! ", "Who c-arcs'r*" . . 

Favnntc Activities: scuba diving, hcK-key, baseball, motor cros- 
sing , Found: cruising in the chicken coupe, at the rink . 
Boys' HtK'key 2,3,4. Ooss-countrv- 4. 

Elke E. Dratch 

;W) (,"oach Lane 
And those are the memories that keep nte a wealthy soul 
Elk. Flka short, blue eyes. bn)wn hair, carefree . . Likes, 

being with Bill. Boston. Cape. Dux. the circus, Stanley, par- 
tying, summer, New Year's 1980 . Dislikes, talking to Dino- 
saurs, work, prom '81. decisions ., Pet Peeves: being 
grounded, fakes, work 7A-M . SATs , , "Hey Babv' ". "Not my 
fault' " , . - Favorite Activities, beach, sleeping, skiing 
Friends Billy. Lisa F . C^hnstine and Deb. Dol. Dano. Robin 
Found work, little >eHow house on the hill college, 

health career 

Field HtK-kcN 2.3. CtVinna^ties captain 2.3. Powder Puff 4. Hock- 
ey Cheerleader 4 


Jennifer Ann Dresens 

287 Alder Road 
A smile is the only crooked line that will straighten things out. 
Jen . . . beautiful dark blonde hair, brown eyes, perfection, 
muscular thighs, cat eyes, always late . . . Likes: intense con- 
versations, sleeping late, beach bums . . . Dislikes: being 
rushed, injuries, complaining, busy lines . . . Pet Peeves: DQed. 
BA's! . . . "That bums me out!". "Are you serious?" . . . Favorite 
Activities: tourneys, running, crying on Dor's shoulder . . . 
Friends: KG, , M.B.,B,M,, D.W.. MAFIA. GO. B & H Fish. 
Rog, Nubber Squad, track buddies , , . college, big family. 
Spring Track 1,2,3,4, Winter Track 1.2,3,4, Girls' Soccer 1,2,4, 
Cross-country 3; National Honor Society 3,4. Student Council 
3,4; AFS 3,4. 

Kristin Milz Eads 

101 Croft Rigis Road 
My patience ran out. I gotta run, out of a habit, that used to be 

Kris, Krispy Kritter, Krispen, . . . tall, blue eyes, blond hair, 
loud, always happy . . . Likes: loud music, purple, said, Mus- 
tangs, the Doors, and Lizards - - . Pet Peeves: back stabbers, 
phony people, preps . "WHAT?", "Where's my lighter?". 
"Hooters'". "Isn't he beautiful?"' . . . enjoys partying with friends. 
going out with Tommy, playing fnsbee . . Found: 69 Mustang, 
Dunkies. waiting at Pine Hill . Friends: Tommy. Rose. Jenn, 
Mom and Dad. Dunkies Gang, Mr. Kodzis ... 2 year college. 
Powder Puff 4. 

Kathryn M. EfFgen 

17 Winter Street. Medfield 
Accept me as I am, so I may learn what I can become. 
Katie. Kate, Dude #3 . . always smiling, strawberry blonde 
hair, blue eyes . , Likes: purple, Steve's Oreo ice cream, Bos- 
ton. Spiderman glasses, #3 . . . DisHkes: gettmg sick at the 
wrong time, insecure Sundays . . . "Party' ". "Danger P W D 
flood ", 'I can totally relate. . Favorite Activities: field hock- 
ey, long walks, whipped cream fights, taking friends on cliff 
tours, Saturday night reds vvith Beth . , Friends; the Dudes. 
R.T S., gang of '82 . . Found, chewing gum, Dunkin' Donuts 
. . . Thanks Mom and Dad . . . college. 
Field Hockey 1.2,3, capt. 4; Powder PuflF 4, Green Years Staff 4. 

Liana Eglitis 

203 Oak Street 
Toaccomplish great things, we must not only act. but also dream, 
not only plan, Dut also believe. 

Liana. Li , , hazel eyes, too short, gullible, indecisive . . . Likes: 
Boston, apples for lunch, coffee, chats with Sue and Mariana. 
Latvian jewelry, passing notes in B Block with G.G. and 
M.D.G., Tab. summer . Pet Peeves: obnoxious gum chewers, 
Y.B.M, s. DC.L. . nagging, AM radios ... "I don t know." . . 
Favorite Activities: eating, driving, going out to breakfast. Lat- 
vian activities, listening to the radio , , , Friends; S,U.. M.D.G.. 
V.V,, Latvians. Paldies, M and T . college. 
Musical 3. Prom Committee 3. National Honor Society 3.4. AFS 
Club 4. Green Years business editor 4, Senior Class Plav 4. 

Judith Mary Engeian 

22 St Denis Drive 
I like to remember the past — to feel the present and dream ol 
the future with pleasure, 

Jude, Zena. F.W. ... alwavs talking . . . Likes: being with 
Richie. Scorpions for 4. G.H 1 the Cape. RO.I . Pauls MG . 
Dislikes curfews, busy phones Pet Peeves: M^, tin cans, 

damour girls, driving with K.W.. little brothers (love ya, Pete) 
banana face and driving over curbs "Was it gooood?" . . . 

Favorite Activities, munching out , - Friends: Richie, Kel, 
Sandy, Jen 6c Jenn, Susie Q, Willie and Boo-Boo. Thanks M&D 

Found N P . at B G college. 

Band 1.2.3. Concert Band 1.2.3. Softball 1,2. Powder Pufr4. 

Dennis Feeney 

44 Edgew<K)d Road 
Do what you want in life, be free as a bird 
Dennis . . tall, brown hair, blue eyes, quiet . Likes; fast cars. 
Young Life, weekends, the Stones, beach parties Dislikes 

homework, BF s . Pet Peeves: Monday mornings. Dodge 
Darts. Spanish tpsts . Favorite Activities, fixing my car, cruis- 
ing, parties at Debbie's house, water skiing . . . Friends: Juliet. 
Mike. A). Debbie. Rich 
Ski Team 1, AFS Club 2,3.4. Winter Track 3. Green Years Staff 4. 


Lisa Ferrari 

5 Willett Pond Drive 
The memories that are left behmd never fade in one's own mind. 
Lees . . . sandy blonde hair, BIG brown eyes . . . Likes: The 
Beatles, summer of '80 with M,M,. Nance's all nighter, whales 
tales at Dux. "Petty Weekend" - . Dislikes: rag sessions, 5:00 
a.m. road trips, mono, feuding with C,H- ... Pet Peeves: 
RUMOURS, waiting . . , Hobbies: gymnastics, sailing adven- 
tures with J. G..T.L,, L.O-, weekend caps with Lauren, sleeping 
. Found: with Mike, "The Family , Elkwoman, Jimmy. 
Lauren, Kath, J,H . N W., M.G.. and "Dinger" . college. 

Gymnastics 1,2; Powder Puff 4, Senior Class Play 4, Hockey 
Cneerleader 4, Green Years StaJff 4. 

Rita Fox 

71 Oak Street 
If you love something, set it free, if it c-omes back it is yours, if it 
does not it never was. 

Re, Foxy . - . always in black . . , Likes: Led Zep, Rush, black, 
full moons . . . Pet Peeves: Westwood, snobs, waking up in the 
morning . . . 'Hey chicks! '. "What s up?" . . Favorite Activi- 
ties: swimming, being in Maine, photographv. walking . . . 
Friends: P.F.. PC., J.G.. M.C., R.M.. A. A., M.C.. V.W.. 
C.B., S.W,, the other Foxes, the Gang . . . Navy, nursing. 
Health Career Club 1.2. 

Maria Elena Freiberger 

8 Alcott Lane 
Maria . , Likes: hockey games. T.E.C, school. Rocket Bob . . , 
Dislikes; Monday mornings , . . Pet Peeves: KM. ... Favorite 
Activities: swimming, art and travel . . , further schooling. 

James Joseph Frew 

193 School Street 
If we weren't all crazy, we'd all go insane. 
Whoopdee. Jim Likes: AFS, Springsteen. Jimmy Buffet, the 
Who. parties, foreign films . Dislikes. J. Bronowski. physics 
labs, LII with AM.T.. being bored, writing letters . Pet 
Peeves: Archy, Mr, Woody, the Southeast, disco . . "Am I 
interrupting something? *. "Really no . I think n<)t"" 

Favorite Activities: AFS. sailing, skiing, sleeping . Friends: P. 
and the D.S,. the hospital commandos, UBI and Umps . . . 
Found; the Farm Stand, the Rectory . . . college, travel, 
AFS Club 1,2,3.4. Swim Team 2.3.4. Spring Track 2,3.4, AFS 
Summer Program 3. Senior Class Play 4. 

Peter Fritsch 

Christine Frvar 

247 Nahatan Street 
C.L.V.I.M.L.A.L.. AAT E <) M C Y.. Y W'S.CLA . 
6*2" blond hair, blue eyes. 170 lbs, white teeth Likes: NYC 
w/ Trader's, melon's, Amirak. Nancy E's apartment Dis- 

likes; Amtrak. severe preps. .\. (i, B. C L. V Pet Peeves; 

"'You're pitiful, ', think Boston accents, my monthly phone bill 
. , 'Later, and know what that means," "Get away from me 
"Don t worry about it ' ' I didii t do it either " Favorite 

Activities, sports. MASH, reruns, talking on the telephone 
spending $ . . . college-medicine, owner & operator of a 5th 
Avenue horse and carriage. 

Baseball 1, F<K)tl>all 1.2.3. Spring Track 2,3.4. Winter Track 
2,3.4. "No Parentheses"* eo-euitor 4. National Honor S(X"iet\' 4. 
Green Years Statf 4, 

' Parker Street 

] reward will forgive us now for wasting 

I'll tell you this, no 
the dawn 

(;hris, Chrithean long brown hair, green eves, dungarees 

, , Likes; siKt'r, money, frnxl, weekends. Steppenwolf, sweet 
baby James , . . Dislikes: getting up in the morning, curfews , . 
Pet Peeves; snobs, preps, the saying. "That s tired Big Mac 

Attack". "Vm soix)nfused.", "We pulled itoflfagam Favor- 

ite -Activities partying with friends, being with J(X'\. picnic 
basket hunting, listening to tunes, eating, horseback nding 
Found driMiig ;iroiind. aiuwhere but W'estwtHHl Fnends 

Joey. L.uirie. Iinelda. Denise. Johnna, Ci R Ci . Future, see 
Drill Team 2. Powder Puff 4 


Stephan Frye 

270 Burgess Avenue 
Life is half spent before we know what it Is. 
Steve, Frenchie, Siggy, Fruity . . , curly black hair, browTi eyes, 
always in T-shirts, sny , . Likes: gooks, helping others, Bruins, 
H.W,, Tennessee, goalies, Friday night hockey, animals, 
Hawaii, South . . . Dislikes; wise freshman, discom cigarette 
smoke, brainy people, working Friday nights . . . Pet Peeves: 
Preps, B. F, . dumb mood, snobs, cheap people . . . "Feel better 
now?". "Pepsi spirit."", '"Ducky." ... Hobbies: intramural 
sports, fishing, golfing, raising animals, collecting beer cans . . . 
Found: down Tenn.. workingat F.S,, playing sports . . - Friends: 
Earl. Goob, Pat, Jefi", Eric, Wiz, Neil, the rest of the "82 class . . . 
Spring Track 2,4. 

Michael Ganz 

51 Saxon Road 
The best possession one can have is a friend. 
Mike. Ganzo. Mr. Fun, Rooster . . . brown curlv hair, brown 
eyes, always smiling . . . Likes: Wahoo's party, girls, camp-outs, 
beach parties . . . Dislikes: being in east B F,. North Conway 
blues . . . Pet Peeves: six hour trips in the war wagon, human 
road blocks . . . "Hey now,". "Let's clam this blowbake. ' . . . 
Favorite Activities: log rolling at quarries, blackmail, sing-a- 
longs . . Friends: Hank, Ml W S , B.C . B W . ' P". FITZ, 
J.T.. R.M., E.W., D G., MC. MA., and the rest of the gang 
. . . college. 
Football 1.2. Spring Track 1.2.3,4, Winter Track 1.2,3.4. 

David Gavin 

46 Washington Street 
C'est La Vie — EL P 

Hoss. Gav, "77'" . , curly blond hair, shy. moody . . . Likes: Pink 
Floyd, Camp Monomov, football parties . . . Dislikes: snobs. 
MiUis. the dust bowl. 3rd QTR of Millis. B.F . . Pet Peeves: 
facing reality, singing the sideline blues, making decisions . . . 
Favorite Activities: skiing on Mount Snow, watching snow 
fall, log rolling at the quarries , . . Friends: Will, Mike. Wizz, 
Buck, Sue, Ganzo, Rhino, Steve, Al, and the rest of "82 ... 
Found; Sandy Valley, at the lake, at parties . . . college. 
Football 1.2,3,4, Spring Track 1, Winter Track 4. Green Years 
Staff 4, Golf 4, 

James Joseph Gavin 

20 Eastman Avenue 
Being a good sport is tough, you have to lose to prove it. 
Gav. CJD . . . just a wild and crazy guy . . , Likes: weekends. 
Petty. F.B. parties, ginger ale. beating HoUiston, Garden Fever 
. . . Dislikes: 5:00 A.M. Japanese goalies. Mondays, sprained 
ankle . . . Pet Peeves: waiting for T. Grinch, Hank's whining, 
cocky defenses . . . "You goofl" "'He's a loser" "We want to 
party!" . . . Favorite Activities: soccer, hockey, being tough, 
beating up Ed ... Friends: O.F.C.. the boys (Nerd, too) . . . 
Found: at the rink, in the turbo duster . , . college. 
Boys" Hockey 1.2,3, captain 4. Boys" Soccer 1,2,3,4. Baseball 
1,2.3.4, Green Years Staff 4. Senior Class Play 4. 

Katherine Gennis 

128 Fearing Drive 
Go as far as you can see, when you get there, you will see further. 
Kathy. Kath , . gullible, smiling . , Likes; being vvith friends, 
long talks, freshman F-block. purple, RHP S,, the red van, 
parties , . . Dislikes: snobs, hitting curbs, flat tires, college ap- 
plications , Pet Peeves: busy signals, Mr. B s "Zero in tfie 
book", SATs, bad jokes, Latin . . . "But I don't get it". "Cute.", 
"What's new?" , . . Favorite Activities; skiing, art, traveling, 
beach . . . Friends; J.S.,L.M.. M,0,, C.N,, the rest know who 
they are . . . college. 

AFS Club 4; Drama Club 1. Drill Team 2,3. "No Parentheses " 
3,4, Powder Puff^4, Senior Class Play 4, Doughnut Committee 4. 
Green Years Staff 4. 

Laura Ann Gilroy 

23 Loring Street 
I know our teen-age years will end up a memory, but it will be a 
memory III always cherish. 

Laurie. Lo . . . curly brown hair, brown eyes, comfortable 
clothes . . , Likes; real friends, weekends, beaches, vacatioiu, 
pay day. partying with friends . . , Dislikes: getting up in the 
morning, fake people, being told what to do ... Pet Peeves: 
snobby people, curfews, being bored, busy phones . . . Favorite 
Activities: weekends, being with friends, listening to the radio 
. , . "Whens lunch?". "Really?". "Got any gossipr . , . Found: 
any place but home. Imelda's caddy, N, H. ... Friends: Imelda, 
Chris. Johnna, Denise, Mom and Dad . . . college, marriage. 
Powder Puff Football 4. 


Mariana C. Giovino 

47 Spellman Road 
I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend until death 
your right to say it. 

Mares, Mare-Bear . . . fluctuating hair length, loud, Italian . , . 
Likes; J.T, , Peti. Nanz, J.C. & Search, being free & Republican, 
Nixon, Plat . . . Pet Peeves: intermittent relationships w/ 
B.T. M,. D.I.L., DCs assinine remarks . . . "How do you get 
into this thing?" . , . Favorite Activities: putting on masks, pre- 
siding senate at G.S. ... Found: Administrative Conference 
Room , , Friends; Stan the Man, Ades Babes, G.B. . college, 

Student Advisory Board sec. 1.2. pres. 3,4. "No Parentheses" 
2,3, Drama Club 2.3, pres. 4, One Act Play 2,3,4, Musical 3; 
National Honor Society 3.4, Green Years associate editor 4. 

Kevin Glynn 

Maura Joan Glynn 

220 Alder Road 
All the money in the world cannot buy true happiness. 
Bits. Pieces . . . smiles . Likes; music. Stones, yard birds, 
Hendrix . . Dislikes; Medfield, bees, getting scored on . , Pet 
Peeves; tests, double sessions, summer school, progress reports 
. . . "Splat.", "Spit it out." . . . Favorite Activities: guitar, soccer 
Friends; DM., B.B., soccer team, class of '82 , . . college, 

WHS Dance Band 3,4, Swim Team 2; Boys Soccer 3.4. Powder 
Puff Cheerleader 4. 

12 Dean Avenue 
There is no best in a world of individuals. 
Maura, Modo . , brown hair, green eyes . Likes; Sis. K.P . 
parties, A N's, P R.s ,. Dislikes, broken bones. Mondays. 
working Pet Peeves; casts, busy phones, bugs . "You 

GOOF'". "Want to go outside? ', "Just take it with you." . . . 
Favorite Activitv; falling out of cars . . . Friends: Larry, K.M., 
N W . C R . L F.. AD. and class of "82 nursing, college. 
Gvmnastics 1.2.4. Field Hockey 2,3; Powder Puff 4. Hockey 
Cneerleader 4, Senior Class Play 4. 

^^^^H| x~<ii>>' ^K .'*]m 


^1 1 




Thomas P. Glvnn 

Maria Goddard 

14 Reservoir Road 
The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. 
Wood. Woody. Tom . . . blue eyes, bad vision, musical , . , 
Likes. Breakfast at Fricndly's, mumbling, Mr. Marx, serenity 
Dislikes: anyone named Merv . Pet Peeves: being robbed 
at Thayer Pharmacy, being thrown out of houses by Mr. (^al- 
laghan , "I gotta tell ya , , " Favorite Activities: Burger King 
runs, acting, playing bass, piano, guitar Friends: Dave. Dan, 
Val. Pope, M.C., Bro. I.S., K.S. . . , Found: on the side of a road 
in a 69 Toyota, Frienaly's College 

Musical 3.4. WHS Dance Band 4. Double Quartet 4, Winter 
Track 2; One Act Play 3.4. Senior Class Play 4. Debating Team 2, 

56 Farm Lane 
By making things perfectly clear, people will only become totally 

Maudia, Miirr . , , brown hair, brown eyes, always late . . . 
Likes; partying with the girls, summer of "80". long talks with 
C^hrichow. laughing with Cine, Bob Marley and "the Whalers" 
Pet Peeves: Dick Wadd's answering service, being sick. 
Biickmaster Pond, driving in the bug with Doug, confusion 
"I'm so tired ". "Spam", "C, A.U.?", "A year ago today ,.,"... 
Favorite Activities: sotxer. tennis, being with "the familv . rem- 
iniscing with Alexa . Fnends; the Florida gang. Neal. Spam, 
and all Cloverlaiiders . college 

Spring Track 1; Girls" Soever 1,2,3, Girls" Tennis 2, Ptiwder Puff 

Al Haddad 

170 Downey Street 
R<X'k has cx>nie and R(x-k has gone but Rock-n-RoIl will live on 

Belushi , fnendly. helpful Likes: music, girls, parties. 

aiumals . Favorite Activities electronics, models . . . account- 


George W. Hamblen 

175 Stanford Drive 
As freshmen we were binomials. By senior year we were factored 
into the prime of Hfe.. 

George . . . shades, cowboy boots, rapier wit . . . Likes: 
M.A.S.H.. Garfield. BEATLES! before homeroom. KahlilGib- 
ran. Phoenix, solar power. Dennisport . . , Dislikes: Nukes. 
Republicans, Genera! Hospital Pet Peeves: Van Halen Fans, 
Rubtks cube, bubble brains, whale killers. Physics lab . - . "Arab 
Power."". "Question Authority, " . . . Favorite Activities . . . pho- 
tography, music, tennis, watching hockey fights, playing video 
games, record collecting . . . Found; any record store. United 
Technical Products, Cape Cod. Canada . . . college, en- 
Green Years Staff 4. A.V Squad 2.3. Set Crew 3. 

Janet M. Hallion 

84 Ellis Street 
The moment lasts a short time, but the memory hngers on, 
Janet. Jan , brown eyes, brown hair, always laughing . . . 
Likes: sleeping, loud and crazy people . , Dislikes, moody 
people, fast weekends, problems, hospitals , . . Pet Peeves: get- 
ting up in the morning, crazv drivers, boring weekends, being 
embarrassed ... "Wicked,"' "Lets eat", "You re kidding?"", "I'm 
psyched for Friday. , "Remember the time? , "Come on, you 
guys."' , . . Favorite Activities: laugh attacks with P.C., parties, 
watching G. H. . camping, rap sessions with the girls . . . Found: 
over Carries, wherever everyone else is , . . Friends: P.C., 
C.S,. P.K.. R.G.. the gang . . . hair dressing school. 

Paul F. Hanley 

24 Strasser Avenue 
You should always try your hardest, no matter what the conse- 
quences are. 

Block. Nicky, Pap . short hair, cool out shoes . . , Likes: #60, 
Echo Beach, being oofc, roadtrips, football. Stones . . . Dislikes: 
soap sessions, S.G.s. "partying chicks"', giggly girls . , , Pet 
Peeves: "Pap, slap one on me brother", fell^g out of cars. D.B. 
. . . "L.D.A.B. ' 'I need gas". "Oh no!"", "Where's the part)?'" 
. . Favorite Activities: football, roadtrips. partying. Echo Beach 
trips . Friends: BZs and others, the team, me red head, 
Charlie. Richard . . . Found; Block-mobile, S.S., on field . .. 
Winter Track 1. Football L2,3.4. 

Katherine F. Hanlon 

42 Pond Plain Road 
Kathy, Kath. Kat, "K" . . . long light brown hair, hazel eves, tall 
. . Likes; all-nighters. Van Halen, munching out. loud tunes. 
Foreigner, "Sessions'" . , . Dislikes; snobs, leaches. Ileas . . . Pet 
Peeves; Mr. J., wet sneakers, getting up for school, work, pho- 
nies , , . "Where's the kitty?"', "Where are we going?" . . , Favor- 
ite Activities; skiing, ^-mnastics, football games . . . Found: out 
of state, cloud 9, P&K s. Texaco, 3 hills, cruisin" with Charles . . . 
Friends: Charles, Day & Carol. Mary. P&K. the gang, C.W.. 
the elders . U-Mass, travel, employment, marriage. 
Spring Track 2, Gymnastics 1.2.4. Senior Class Play 4. 

Kelly Ann Hansen 

40 C^arroll Court 
True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare, false friends 
are like autumn leaves, found everywhere, 
Kel. Kelly . . . tall, brown hair, brown eyes . , . Likes: R.O.I.. 
10/23/81. purple clothes. Cape . Dislikes: Monday morning, 
snobs, senior glamour girls, curfews, acx'ounting friction . . . Pet 
Peeves: double coupons, busy phones . , Favorite Activities; 
going shopping, watching G H, . . . Friends; Judy. Maureen and 
all the girls . , Found: Roche Bros. . room 21 catching the worm 
. . . college, business. 
Spring Track 1. Powder Puff Football 4. Green Years Staff 4 

Angelica Harakas 

187 East Street 
How you tried to make it work, did you really think you could? 
How you tried to make it last, did you really think it would? Like 
a guest who stayed too long, it's finally time to leave. As the h^ts 
fade fi-om the screen, it's the famous final scene. 
Angel. Jello . . brown eyes, brown hair . . . Likes; food, par- 
tying, cruising, loud tunes , . , Dislikes: Westwood, rainy Mon- 
oay mornings, guys, phone calls from ex-bov'friends . , . Pet 
Peeves: snobs, jocks ... "I hate this place! ', "I'm hungry '. "Live 
for weekends" . . . Favorite Activities: partying, badminton, 
laying in the sun . . . Friends; Lisa. CK. GRG, MR. SO. RE. my 
family , . . college. 
AFS Club 1 


Mary Susan Hathaway 

25 Huntington Avenue, Walpole 
Mary-Sue . . . always smiling and happy . . . Likes: roller skating, 
dancing . . . Favorite Activities: painting, disco, roller skating, 
bowling , . . work at nursing home. 

Everett S. Henderson, Jr. 

64 Fieldstone Road 
No one knows what he can do until he tries. 
Evwass. Wass . . . tall, brown hair, hazel eyes , . Likes: con- 
certs, loud music, snow, no school days, fast cars, long airplane 
and car trips . . . Dislikes; Russia and Iran, disco, preppies. 
B. F. s. slobs, punk rock. Sunday drivers , . - Pet Peeves: surprise 
quizzes, school mornings, going through windows. 5:30 A.M. 
practices, being late . . . "Boy are you ugly!" . . . Favorite Activi- 
ties: hockev. skiing, golf, flying, sleeping ... Friends; J.C., 
Sharky, and the rest know who they are . . Found: cruising in 
the Stang, ski slopes in Vermont, ice rinks , college, busmess 
Boys" Hockey 1,3,4, Football 1.3. Ski Team 2. SkiClub2. Photog- 
raphy Club 4. 

John Henry 

162 Birchtree Drive 
The wheels of love will turn my world forever, 
Yohn - . . skinny, red hair . , . Likes: band parties, competitions, 
mellow tapes Dishkes: homework. football games. M J.A-. 

D M.s who can't conduct . Pet Peeves: Mike and Warren, 
dropping the mace . , , "Percussion, shut up!", "But anyway" . . . 
Favonte Activities: the trumpet, composing. Dance Band tours 
. . Friends: Giggles. PS, D D., S.M., L.L.. AH., the Band 
. - . Found: practice rooms, on the box . . . "The Trio" . . . 
Thanks Mom , . career m music 

Musical 1,2.3,4. Band 1,2.3,4, WHS Dance Band, Or- 
chestra 1 , 2. All State Band 3, 4, S . E Distnct Orchestra 3; Chorus 
4. Senior Class Play 3. National Honor Society 4, S.E. District 
Band 4, Drum Major 4. 


Susan Heyd 

79 Gloucester Road 
One and one don't make two, one and one makes one. 
Flaky Sue, Sue, Sue Bee . . . blonde hair, blue eyes, "spunky" 
. . . Likes: food, partying, cruising, loud tunes, long weekends, 
the Who . . . Dislikes: Westwood. Monday mornings, collect 
calls, hair spray, "Mr. Bill" . Pet Peeves: memories of Mr. T.. 
SAT review, dumb blondes. LP,. K.C, and the other splats. 
11:00 talks with Joe . . . "All this and everything ", "I dont care. 
I'm a Senior". "Give me strength * . . , Favorite Activities: shop- 
ping, spending money . , . Friends; Jello. my best friend Patty, 
Lisa, Ann , , . Thanks for everything Mom and Peter . . , cx)llegc, 
AFS Club 1. 

Joanne L. Holdridge 

107 Church Street 
When God created man, She was only joking. 
Jo , . . curly hair, brown eyes, smile , . Likes: "scenery". Lake 
Winnipesaukee. Redwood C^ity, hot weather. Marty, ('oca Cola. 
Mexican food Dislikes: Bump chenills. Thanksgiving, 

C^lhristmas. silk flowers, craft fanatics. $100 phone bills Pet 

Peeves: male chauvanists. autoitis, cooking, "Do I pav here?". 
Westwmxl . - "Wicked". "Trippy". "Oh man! '. "'Fm>lish owl", 
"You want it when? ', "Qui moi':* ' , , Favorite Activities, water 
and snow skiing, going to California, writing poems . . Friends; 
C C. J.L.. E.T , MS. M.F.. J F,, AW. R,C , people . 
Found: Youlden's, Lake Winnipesaukee. (>alifornia , . . «»llege, 
"No Parentheses" 2. Chorus 3, 

James A. Howard 

170 Briar Lane 

Always carry a litter bag in vour car They don t take up much 
r(x>m. and ifthey ever get full you can toss them out the window 
Howie. Jim , , serious, quiet, athletic , Likes B-t>all Ixmib 
squad, first and gt)al, parties, HoIIiston , Dislikes Miflis F B . 
Dover B B . Tuesday suicides Pet Peeves red lights, waitmg 
for a ride, crowded curs "Wm know how it is . "What can I 

sav:^ " , Favorite Activities fixttball. basketliall Fnends: 

the lx>ys. L.F . M J . Ms Bishop a)lleKe, Academv 

F<K)tball 1,2.3,4. Bovs" Basketball 1.2.3,4. Basckdl 2, National 
Honor Scxietv 3.4, AFS Club 4. Student Council 4 


Christina Mary Howe 

52 Gloucester Road 
I'm wishing on a star, to follow where you are. 
I'm wishing on a dream, to follow what it means. 
I'm wishing on a rainbow . . . 

Cfiris, Chrichow . . . nice hazel eyes and brownish hair, always in 
sweaters and turtlenecks, definite Scorpio . . - Likes: Garfield. 
Diana Ross, "MBAC", summer of "80, partv'ing with the girls, 
long talks with Murr and Janie. Ned logic . . . Pet Peeves: Dick 
Wadd's answering service, Maria alwavs being late, confijsing 
situations . . . "Can I just say one thing?" , - . Favorite Activity: 
Gines flirting manuevers . , , Friends, "the Florida gang ', C.R., 
P-C.. L.R., K.P.. class of "82 . .. college. 
Powder Puff 4; Senior Class Play 4; Hockey Cheerleader 4- 

Bruce A. Hunter 

140 Sunrise Road 
Give it a tr\. 

Bruce . . . quiet, sober, self-assured, fun-loving, intelligent . , . 
Likes: Garfield, lasagne. WCOZ. MASH, fast food. Mom's 
apple pie . , . Dislikes: Prop 2 '/j, cafeteria food, mud wrestling 
. . , Pet Peeves. Brucey-bo\' . - . Favonte Activities; treasure 
huntmg. rock collecting, soccer, weight lifting . . . Northeast 
Technical, electronics. 

Karen Hutnyan 

138 Winter Street 
Karen . . . long brown hair, brovm eyes, quiet , . Likes: rock 
music, boys, kittens, nice people, lasagne, soaps, the ocean - . 
Dislikes: mean snooty people . , , Pet Peeves: girls who are snobs 
. . - "You will get over it! * Favorite Activities: listening to 

music, ice skating, bike riding, running . . . business schooler 
Chorus 4, Green Years Staff 4. 

Eleanor MaComber Ingraham 

205 Conant Road 
A sparkle in her eyes, happiness in her smile, she is a ray of 
sunshine everyday. 

Ellie . personality that's happy, warm, and as wide as her smile 
. . Likes: being helpful, doing homework. Beth and Becky, 
music, the Celtics, Boston Bruins, pup-pup, 3 J's ... Dislikes: 
getting up for school , . . Pet Peeve, working bv myself . , . 
You've gotta be kiddin!". "No way!", "Hi Beth ", " Very pleased 
to meet you" . . , Favorite Activities: playingbasketball, tennisin 
Sakonnet. boats, fishing, going out for dinner, skiing . . . an avid 
supporter of the girls basketball team . . . boarding school, 
nurse's aide. 

Office Helper Manager of Girls* Basketball team 4 

Robin Jeghelian 

161 Pleasant Valley Road 
If you love something, set it free If it comes back to \<)u its 
yours. If it doesn't, it was not meant to be 
Robs, Bobbin , , , Likes: paryting, cruising Route One, Van 
Halen and Foreigner concerts, night of U.N.H,. summer of 
'81!!!. B.F.B.s. Joeys parties . . Pet Peeves, snobs, clicjues. 
fights with P.G. . school' . "Doodles". "Oh pitiful!". "Give me 
a break!". "Spare me!" ... Friends: BG,. L.G,. R,S,. PC. 
L.M,. A. H,. and everyone . . . college 
GirlsTennis 1.2.3,4. Photography Club l.Ofilce Receptionist 4. 

Kathie Jenks 

178 Alder Road 
It is far better to love something you can not have than to have 
something you could never love. 

Kath . . short with strawberry blonde hair, blue eves . . . Likes: 
X. K S.. Light foots, shopping sprees, pregnant horses. Jane's 
emotional cliats Pet Peeves. Monday mornings, 5-day weeks, 
fiill days at school. McDonalds. Dedham G P P . getting in the 
car when L F isdriiving "Gool-out . Favorite Activities: 
riding . . . Friends. Steve, Maria T.. L.F.. L.P.. Eld. Nance. 
L.G..T.S.. J.R . Fern&Jr . Found: Wildwood Stables, with 
Steve . . . Vet. sch(M)I. grandmother. 
Powder Puff 4. Hockey Cheerleader 4. 


Edward Jones 

22 Buckmaster Road 
I'm glad I'm getting out of here! 

Too Tal! . . brown hair, brown eyes. B'-V^". easygoing, frank and 
direct , . . Likes; rock, cars, money . , . DisHkes: disco, punk rock 
. . . Pet Peeves: freshmen, smoking , . . "Beatles forever", 
"What you want?" , . . Favorite Activites: mode! rocketing, read- 
ing, chemistn- . . join the army and learn a skill so I can use it 
later in life. 
Drama Club 1. 

Lynne Joy 

66 Baker Street, Foxboro 
Lynne . . . happy, slow moving - . . Likes; disco, listennig to the 
radio . . . Favorite Activities: Dowling, roller skating, disco . . . 
working in sheltered workshop 

Maureen G. Joyce 

77 Sycamore Drive 
If you don't know what you're looking for, you will never know 
when you ve found it. 

Gerty. Mo-Joyce . , Likes; honest people, good lyrics, parties 
with LB., C.B., phone calls, physics with Mr, Lunar . . . Dis- 
likes; SATs, phony people, busy signals . . . Pet Peeves: R.B.'s. 
G.G.. crackmg knuckles, missing bio notes . . , "What a Fred!". 
"You're a gooP", 'Wicked — " ... Favorite Activities; skating, 
snowball fights, laughing , . Friends J H . J.D,. A.P , M..A.. 
S.U . MP . Brooksie, W S ,B.C.,G G .classof'82 .. Found: 
on the phone, by the radio . . , college. 

Gymnastics 1. Volleyball 3,4, AFS Club 4, Winter Track 4, 
Spring Track 4, Powder Puff 4, Hockey Cheerleader 4, "No 
Parentheses" 4. Green Years 4. 

Christine Kane 

83 Lyons Drive 
Never bend your head, always hold it high and look the world 
straight in the face. 

Chrissy . . , blue eyes, brown hair, embarrassed easily . . , Likes: 
eating, Seger. the ocean, T. P., funny people, good friends . . . 
Dislikes: school, cliques, rainy days, late people, mumps, 
crowds, phonies, physics . , , Pet Peeves: feet. * good views", 
burps, busy signals, waiting, plasma , . . "What?"". "I don'tknow" 
, . . Favorite Activities: riding my horse, skiing, hiking, traveling 
. . . Friends: AH.. S.L.. L.R.. N.J. . wllege 
Girls' Basketball 1; Powder Puff 4, 

James Michael Kane 

126 Tamarack Road 
Be like a duck: on the suriacc, calm and skillful, hut underneath 
paddle hke crazy! 

Kane-() , . , Likes: football, sleeping, hitting tight ends, eating, 
ski excursions with DM. and T A., school f(KKl. money ... 
Dislikes: Millis. working, trig equations, getting up, being broke 
. . . Pet Peeves: losing to Millis. pushing the sled, cutting lawns 
. . . "Lay lumber on that tight end", "'Nos auistamos " . , . Favor- 
ite Activities; looking for da sheepin. eating again, jamming it. 
hamburger drills, skimg . Fnends: J.H.. D T., R B.. J P.. 
K S.. S,S . I (; , DM. T,A.. J.D.. the Team. B Z,s . play 
some more nail, cx)llege. 

F(H>tball 1.2. captain 3.4; Bovs' Basketball 1.2, Spring Track 1, 
Baseball 2. Powder Puff t>oach 4 

David Michael Kelliher 

34 ("arroll (^ourt 
A person cannot I>e at peac^' >Aith others until he is at peace with 

Pope. Dave . . red hair. prepp\ . Likes. STE's. BCN. the 
Who. MASH . Dislikes: Bronowski, neat rtKim Pet 

Peeves; stolen cameras, breaking D 's door . "I'd like to laugh 
hysterically!" . , Fa\orite Activities, traveling, photography , . , 
Friends; J. SDC:t:. P and the DS. RR, ELB Found in the 

Monarch, the rectory , college, law school 
AFS Club 1.2.3. president 4. Spring Track F(X>tbaJI 1.2. 
Photography Club 1,2.3; Student Council 1.4. Student Faculty 
Forum 1. Winter Track 2.3.4. Debating Team 2. National Honor 
Society 3.4. AFS Short Term Exchange 3.4, Green Years Staflr4. 
Senior Class Play 4, 


Kurt Kendrick 

196 Conant Road 
How true it is — unspoken anger is never regretted. 
Spurt, Danny . . . Likes: snowstorms, bringing Buddy home at 2 
a.m., sleeping on Popponesset beach. B,Z. members, bad 
nights, sleeping in cars . . . Pet Peeves: Freds, C.T. girls . . . 
"Later Fred", 'You goof "... Favorite Activities; playing in 
snow, having parties . . . college. 

Winter Track 1,2; Spring Track 2,3; Football 1,2,3, Photography 
Club 4. 

Thomas Kerrigan 

227 Oak Street 
If all goes wrong, don t give up. always try your best. 
Killer . . . conscientious, black hair, blue eyes, always neatly 
dressed, short and stockv. helpful, courteous . . . Likes: C.P,. 
FM, J.S. being organized, Beatles, all sports . , , Dislikes: disco, 
analysis, homework, B.Fs Pet Peeves: fiction books, Mr. 

Tucelh's workouts . . . "No way buddy", "Cool out ' . . Favorite 
Activities: models, biking, sports . . . four year college. 
Spring Track, 1,2,3,4, Winter Track 1.2,3,4. Chess Club 1.2, 
Football 1, "Sacred Cheese" 2, Green Years Staff 4. One Act Play 

Peter Klint 

170 School Street 
Whenever I see your smiling face. I have to smile myself 
Peter . hazel eyes, tall, thin, funny smile . . . Likes, anything 
chocolate, M.A.S.H,, the beach, traveling, James Tavlor, sail- 
ing, sports . . . Dislikes: the mumps, SATs, Mr. V's chemistry, 
school lunches . . . "Rats!" . . . Favorite Activities: tennis, skiing, 
frisbee , . . Found: in Mrs. Bishop's room doing puzzles . . . 
college, mechanical engineering. 
Musical 4; Senior Class Play 4, Green Years Staff 4. 

Beatrice Anna-Maria Knobloch 

Dormagen near Cologne m Germany 
Sei ein optimist. 

Knobi . . . smiling, wearing scarves . . . Likes: traveling, bike 
tours, music, being with people of my age, summer at New 
England beaches, mountains, family life . . Dislikes: French 
toast with maple syrup, unnily children in the bus. eating lunch 
alone . . . Pet Peeves; the long school hours compared to Ger- 
many . . . "It doesn't matter" . . Favorite Activities; playing 
guitar, badminton, hiking, running, dancmg, youth group . . . 
Found; at the Pflanzes, in the library . university. 
Spring Track 4, AFS Club 4. 

Jeanne Elizabeth King 

64 Blueberry L^ne 
The moment may be temporary, but the memories last forever! 
Jean-O. JJTDM . . . tall, blonde hair, blue eyes . , Likes; being 
with friends, post -cx)m petition jams. Dislikes: Monday morn- 
ings, Hull . . . Pet Peeves broken nfles, rainy weekends . . 
"B.F mania!" Favorite Activity: band competitions . . . 

Friends: Karen, John, Dan, Shell. Jen. Mary, close friends. 
B.F.'s. family, band parents . . . Found: club 101. on the field 
. . . college. 

Chorus 1.2,3.4, Spring Track 1,2.4; Winter Track 1.2.4; Musical 
2,3.4; One Act Play 2; Rifle Line 2,3,4; Color Guard 2,3.4; Girls' 
Glee Club 3, S. E. District Chorus 4; Powder Pufi"4. Senior Class 
Play 4. 

Ehzabeth Sara Lane 

45 Willow Street 
If you live for love and truth and live for peace of mmd. just hold 
fast to your dreams my friend, thats just what you'll find. 
Liz, Rizz. Lizzie . Likes: mellow music, roses. M & Ms. hot 
cider with Joe, Styx. Skynyrd . Pet Peeves: N A.B. s. lead 
paint - . . "He's such acutie! '. "Does that make any sense'* " . 
Favorite Activities: band, partving. chink\' food, fun with Jennie 
FriendsJoe.JM . SM. BP. MM.TK G.J H .class of 
'82 ... Found 128. backfield . , . college, grad schtKil. 
Musical 3.4; Chorus 1.3, AFS 4, Girls' State 3. Color Guard 2,3.4. 
Drama Club 3. treasurer 4, Green Years Staff 4. "No Parenth- 
eses" 2.3,4. editor 1. 



Glen Lapham 

121 Lakeshore Drive 
Without work there's no money, fun or good times. 
Glen. Barno . . . blonde hair, blue eyes - . . Likes skiing, puppet 
power, kayaking . . . Dislikes: homework, dilly, snowless win- 
ters, pencil sharpeners, alarm clocks, disco , . Pet Peeves: 
Monday mornings, practices, walking trees . . "You rat!"". '"! 
quit!"' , . - Favorite Activities: skiing, partying, traveling . 
Found: Bergon's. Cannon Mt,, Nautilus, Florida, New Hamp- 
shire . . , Friends: J,S., CRD , Mitch, Thyman, J.D.. DP., 
N.M., G.S.. and o^ers . . . college. 

Football 2; Spring Track 1.2,3; Ski Team Ski Club 
1,2.3,4; Golf Team 3.4. Weight Training 

Patricia Ann Lawless 

190 Downey Street 
Once in every persons life comes a shining year that casts its glow 
over all the long years after. 

Pattie, Trish, Plate . . . strawberry blonde hair. Lady Di haircut 
. . . Likes: preppy clothes, gators. L.B.F M.. Vineyard tnp with 
Jude and Debbo. Saturday nights with crew. S D.S.W.. A. P. 1 
and II. prepping out Pet Peeves: frequent haircuts, college 

applications . "I know Im right! " Friends: family. Who- 

Deet, Debbo, Karen J.. Dave. Smitta. and others . . . Found; in 
the Cream Puff, on Newbury St. ... college. C.P.A, 
AFS Club, Swim Team 1,2.3.4, National Honor Society 
4, Powder Puff captain 4 

Edward LeCesne Byrne 

■'Torytops'", Ballinteer Road 
Dublin. Ireland 
68 Webster Street, Westwood 
Happiness is not have everything you want, but wanting every- 
thing you have. 

Irish. Ireland, Paddy . , Likes: parties, snow . . . Pet Peeves: 
Monday mornings, catching the bus . Sayings: "Your man! ", 
"How is it going^" . . . Favorite Activities, going to the cinema, 
pigouts. tennis, recquetball . . Favorite People: Roachie. Jim 
F , Pope. R McK cx)llege. 

Exchange Student 4. AFS Club 4. Senior Class Play 4. 

Jeanne Leon 

108 Birchtree Drive 
If goodness is its own reward, how about something for l>eing 

Jeanne. Babes . . . brown eyes, long brown hair, skinny 
Likes; Coca Cola, cute guys, ' what not ". being sneaky, Thursday 
nights . . . Dislikes; Sal. mornings. Sundays, coming in at 11:(X) 
p m,. fat people. Westwood , Pet Peeves; gold belts. Playb<»y 
Bunnies, gas stations, red lights, speed Hmits. PREPPIES!!!' . . 
"N C D. ", "B M O C". "N F W. ", "Wheres EtheP" . . Fa- 
vorite Activities, partying, being loud and obnoxious, doing 
"nothing"' . . . Found: Vouldens. the Plaza. Steve-'s . . . Friends: 

E.T,. CO.. M.S., M.W., J,H,. S.W., R.M., S.K.. F.M 

college — W P.I. 

Renald V. Leveckis 

S Odar Lane 
This is the beginning of the end. 

Ren, Reni, Regi . . . 64". slim, blue eyes, dirtN-blonde hair . . 
Likes sleep. Chinese food, sports cars. Florida beaches, vaca- 
tions Pet Peeves: people who are late, pushy people (espe- 
cially small ones), snobs, hard guys, the Umms. laziness, slow 
walkers, SATs . , , "Don't worry about it", "Life is messed'" . , . 
Favorite Activities: diving, swimming, surfing, summer parties 
,., FavoritepeopleB P.,C D,. D K. J W' . M. W. J.S. Class 
of 82 , College, Pre-Med, M D 

Swim Team 1,2.3 capt 4. AFS ('lub 4. Sprmg Track 2. Cross- 
country 4. National Honor S(K-iet\' 3.4. Green Years business 
editor 4 

John Lodge 

60 Cranston .^\enne 
,■ his OW11 course 

short, blonde hair 

Let each man foil 

John. Jack, Wackic short, blonde hair, blue eyes Likes: 
Ceils Dislikes gome to Seekonk Pet Pee\es green \AV*s 
with no radio or heat, skimpx bathing suits 'He\ Raputa "', 

"Ya workin tonitf* Favorite Acli\ities: swimming, library 

training , . Found pool. F S , D I., green \A\'. B-R ... 
Friends; Val. Bug. Bun, WimhI. Tracy. SB. P and the D.S.. 
Dave , . . college of architecture 

Swim Team captain 4. "No Parentheses " 2.3.4, Green 
Years Staff 4 


Thomas Longmoore 

47 Blue Hill Drive 
If you're properly prepared, you won't be easily surprised. 
Tom . . . Likes: pay day, WVBF. weekends. Red Sox, Pizza Hut 
. . . Dislikes: trig exams, rumors . . . Pet Peeves: Monday morn- 
ing, comptainers, waiting for people . "Might,*, 'Hopeless." 

. . Favorite Activities: eating in restaurants, karate . . . college. 

No Parentheses 2,3,4; Creep Years Staff 4. 

Bruce Lopez 

lOS Westchester Drive 
Lopez . . . brown hair, blue eyes, clownish . - Likes, partying 
. . . Dislikes: dry spells . . . Pet Peeves: C.F. ... 'Wassa u 
name? " . . . Favorite Activities: working on stereos . . . make lots 
of money. 

Donna Marie Losardo 

212 School Street 
If you achieve success, you will get applause, and if you get 
applause, you will hear it My advice to you concerning applause 
is this: enjoy it but never quite believe it 

"D" ... Likes. #10. "Tiny'", Fro's, (r. Red's apt., winning 
States, sweats , . . Dislikes: banging heads, getting violent, bad 
moods . . . Pet Peeves: losing to D.S,. Tilas " . . "What a bar- 
gain. " . . . Hobbies, hoop, riding the fire engine . , , Friends. 
'Che ', Cav. L. M.. KM., Lisel B, Bern & Spark, E.S., Nance, 
Suzie, Jeff, class of '82 . . college. 

Softball 1.2, Girls' Soccer 1.2. capt 3.4. Girls' Basketball 1.2. 
capt. 3.4. Powder Puff capt 4 

Maureen Ann Luke 

122 Edgewood Road 
Fun grows with happiness, sunshine and laughter and lives as a 
smile in your heart ever af^er. 

Maureen. Moe hazel eyes, dirty blond hair, petite, short, 

quiet but loud . Likes: M & Ms. purple. Kinks, summer, 
NSW. , , Dislikes: math, snobs, mornings, swamp eyes. acct. 
friction ... Pet Peeves: getting up before 12:00, braces, Fred, 
pushy people, elastic fights with John and Les . . . "My hair is not 
brown , "Who cares?"' . , . Favorite Activities: eating, non-stop 
giggling, H-nabbing Friends: JM. LB.. K.H.. M.G.. 

R M , , the Babel boys and girls . , , college, executive secretary. 
AFS Club 3. Green Years Staff 4. Powder Puff 4, Pep Club 1. 

Sharon Mary Elizabeth Lynch 

109 Highview Street 
Don t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had 
to begin where he was. 

Sharon, Sha . . long, dark blond hair, green eyes, long finger 
nails Likes: SOS W, stormy nights. ROTLA weird nail polish, 
spending monev. sun tans . . . Pet Peeves: almost a good time, no 
hot water, Gaif humor, getting cheered up, no money. Latin, 
breaking the car, AM radio ... "I don't care " . , Friends: the 
clan, L.R , Hude, D J M , C K . K S . K IS . Trish, T G.s. 
P.E., Sam . - - college. 

Softball 1. Drama Club 1.3, Musical 1,2.3.4, Chorus 1,2.3; Glee 
Club 2.3; AFS 3. 4, One Act Play 2.3,4; Short Term Exchange 3.4, 
Powder Puff 4. Senior Class Play 4. Hockey Cheerleader 4. 

Thomas D. Lynch 

14 Bailey Street 
What a long strapge trip it has been, now comes the real test. 

Lyncho. T, Grinch . . tall, brown eyes, brown hair, good look- 
ing, quiet . . Likes excursions with Ned, Santana weekend 
Dislikes: falling down stairs, backslabbers . Pet Peeves: Pett>- 
weekend, called T Stench, getting run over by Impalas . . . "Its 
9 on I. " , Favorite Activities siKxvr. falling out of cars, swing- 
ing off goal posts . . . Found: Gav'scar Friends: '2nd family . 
"Fearsome Foursome", Gav, T D.. BZ's. L.L., Spam, '81 and 

Boys' Soccer 1,2.3. capt. 4; Senior Class Play 4; Powder Puff 
Cheerleader 4; Photography Club 4, Green Years Staff 


Michael MacDonald 

133 Stanford Drive 
I dont know about you. hnt I'm K"'" 'o R^* n^V kicks before the 
whole house ^oes up in (lames. 

Wimpv, Burger, No Name . . . 5*11"", 160, black hair, blue eyes 
. . - Likes; dreadlocks, The Stones, Chinese fire drills . . . Dis- 
likes; preppies, disco. Patriots, pep rallies . . . Pet Peeves: girls 
that walk slowly in the halls ..." What a Hawl!" . . - Favorite 
Activities: skiing, raquetball . - - college- 
Football 2, Ski Club 3. Ski Team 3.4 

Lynn Marie Mackey 

49 Webster Street 
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a smgle step. 
Lynn Marie. Lynnie Scoop, Smackey, Chica Mackey . , Likes, 
hiding the riverboat, superspiker, T.P. freebies. the Black Hole. 
#24. 7, summer of 81 Dislikes: Myron, E.B. IHOs. the tripod, 
matching socks , . . Pet Peeves: FEKS. falling over grapes , . . 
"Cut it out! I said Cut it Out!'. "Nonononono!". "Tsssss. ", 
""Where. I can't see?"', "Be serious." . . . Found: with Sue in 
Horton, PO \'.. in the back seat, at the LB.E . . Friends; 
Johno, Kath. D. Cavita, Lisel B.. S.P , Smitta, the boys and the 
class of 82 college bound 

Captain Basketball and \ nllevball 1, Girls' Basketball 1.2, Vol- 
leyball 1,2.3.4, AFS 4 

Glenn Garard MacPherson 

45 Olde Carriage Road 
1 cant make people like me, but if I wasn't myself, I wouldnt like 

Glenn, Mac . . . Likes: weekends, Neil Young, conspiracies, 
Ann s whale tales, MASH . . . Dislikes: bubble sessions, reality, 
rag sessions, back stabbers . . . Pet Peeves: Scott s brush, the 
Montego, B.K. ... "Lyncho, you chick ". "Oh, God * . . , Fa- 
vorite Activities: buying albums, skiing, road trips, concerts, 
listening to tunes , , . Friends: Bzs Skidrow bums, the rest know 

Found: T P. on the slopes . - college. 
Ski Team 1,2,3,4. Senior Class Play 4. Green Years Staff 4. 

John Macropoulos 

534 Hartford Street 
John. Macrop, . . . dark hair, dark eyes . . . Likes: football, BZ's, 
parties , , . Found; football field . . . college 
Football 1,2,3,4 

Marybeth Maguire 

28 Old Carnage Hoad 
C-herish the memories ol yesterday, savor the joys of todav, 
nurture the promise of tomorrow 

Mabeth. MB, blonde hair, hazel eyes, always laughing 

Likes: smiles, track. Ix-ing a s"j)az, the C^x*, junior year. Taliiti, 
talking with (^arolvii Dislikes realitv, fakeness, breaking up 

. . . Pet Peeves telephone poles, eollege applications, pri-ssnre 
, . . "Do you know what I mcan^ ' , Found, with Beth and 
June, in amlnilances , Friends, lamilv, Beth, June, Keith, 
Stephen, Katie. Snutta, KM,, D.W., Bob. Eric. Will, boys ol 
"81 and class of "82 , . , college. 

Swim Team 2. AFS C;lub 2,3,4; Softball 2.3.4; Cross-country 3; 
Winter Track 2.3,4. Senior Cllass Plav 4: Green Years St;ifir 4. 
Powder Pufi'4 

Paul J. Maher 

127 ColiU-iEh Str<-<-t 
\ f<K)l Mill lost" toniorntw reaching hack for vesterdav 
Haul I'- Mail. Oscar. Lopcmaii VG H Likes track, 

strawlnm J<llii, (iiiamcs. cinls. fnslxv. Ixiiii; there I'et 

l'ee\ t-s si.(M»ter\ & \ ups, the Gack. heinR I(»st in East B F , the 
Ncirth Cdiiwav Bhies "W A-H()()'". More JeHo ", "You 

niailcloK. Dcmlan ". "lyet's hiist some heads Favonte .\c- 

tiMlii s plaMiit; tennis at LaRennxiit. heme a Golden Bov. domg 
the While Mountains Friends (Jolden Bovs. Wolf Pack. 

Klin. Mare. Mo. Tres. and Jo who' Jo N<ama 

SpriiiK Track 2. Cross-countn :i.4 Winter Track 2.3.4 


Judith A. Mahony 

151 Nahatan Street 
Keep your heart young and your expectations high and never 
allow your dreams to die. 

Judie, Oodie . , , tall, blue eyes, preppy . . . Likes: summer of 82, 
Saranac. Club, dancing. Kissin' cousins, N.S.W., T & B". Joey 
. . . Pet Peeves: boring weekends. SATs . , . Favorite Activities: 
being with friends, L.T.W.S-, H-nabbing -- "I'm so psyched!" 
. . . Found: Bergson's, Norwood, witn Moe, cheering . . . 
Friends: family, ML, LB. M,C . KS , SB., NY. Babel 
Boys, W. Crew, others . . . Thanks Mom and Dad . . nursing. 
Spring Track 1.2. Football Cheerleader 3,4. Basketball Cheer- 
leaders, capt. 4. Green Years Staff 4. Powder Puff 4. 

Rita Mandolesi 

25 Marshall Street 
We live to nourish the future. 

Rita . . . sympathetic brown eyes, soft brown hair . . . Likes: old 
movies, Italy, the beach, summer '80. sports cars . . . Dislikes: 
chemistry, homework. SAT's, college applications, coke 
machines that eat money . . . Pet Peeves: gumchompers. F.R & 
B.R., snobs. 'Herb", noisy sneakers in rain . . . "What?". "Are 
you serious?"', "'Lisa!', "Oh my God!", Tm so psyched!"". 
"You're kidding! ' . . , Favorite Activities: tennis, biking, travel- 
ing, partying, drawing . . , Found: Star. Faneuil Hall. North 
End, Braintree - Friends LB, M.D,. L.G . the gang , . . 
Ferrari, college, architect, my own business. 
AFS Club 3,4. Green Years Staff 4; Senior Class Play 4. 

Robert Manning 

228 Oak Street 
Standing on the hill in my mountain of dreams telling myself it's 
not as hard as it seems. 

Bob . . , thin, brown hair, blue eyes . . . Likes; Led Zeppelin, 
traveling, art. politics, humour . . . Dislikes: prejudiced people, 
guns, math . . . Pet Peeves: people with pet peeves ... * Sorry." 
. . . Favorite Activities: going to concerts, swimming, golf, listen- 
ing to music, drawing . . . college, law school. 
Chess Club I; Swim Team 2.3.4; Golf 4. 



^^^^^^^^^^KPK' ' '^'Silt'^M 

m 1 

^^^^^^^^^^^ ''"^^ 

^ ' 


^^^H[Bi^^^^ ' 


m^ ' "^ 


> / 




Judith Anne Manton 

127 Phillips Brooks Road 
Live your life so that if someone speaks wrong of you. no one will 
believe him, 

ludee. Jude. Who-deet ... big brown eves, preppette, alwavs 
late . Likes: S.D S.W.. sunsets. L. B F M , I4K . Pet 
Peeves:W.A.M .AIRHEADS. J, B 'With what, my looks?" .. . 
Favorite Activities: swimming. A. P. I & II, being chased by the 
'BZ 'copter , Friends; family. Debbo, Karen J. Trish. Smitta, 
Golden Bovs Found, in the cream puff, M D C in Brighton, 
PH. (S.R !). Poppy. "The Locker" , . college, very rich, enjov 

Girls' Swim Team 1.2,3. capt. 4. Powder Puff4; Green Years Staff 
4. AFS Club Spanish Club 1.2,3, Drama Club 1.2.3; 
Musical 3. Senior Class Play 4. Student Announcer 4. 

June Patricia Marshall 

460 Pond Street 
Don't stop believing. 

June, Junie P. . . . hazel eyes, brown hair, alwavs laughing . . . 
Likes: Canada. #22. jr. year, chamois shirts, blue, clogs . . . 
Dislikes: indifference . . . "I'm only kidding." . , . Pet Peeves; 
■Junie". physics labs, college apps . . . Favorite Activities: V- 
ball. working at J.A 's w/M.B & Beth, staving w/the Maguires 
, , . Friends: Stephen. Marybeth. Kath. Beth. Karen. M.S.T., 
L, . M 6:S . LM . KM , Mom. lane and Tommy, boys of "81. 
teammates, the FalKins, class of 82 . - Found: on the court, 
w/MB. 6c Beth . . . college, accounting, happiness. 
Volleyball 1,2.3,4. Girls' Basketball 1.2. manager 3. Softball 3,4. 
AFS Club 3.4. National Honor Society 4; Green Years Staff 4. 

Francis J. Marston 

378 Pond Street 
Don't regret growing old. its a privilege denied to many. 
Frank . . . brown hair, green eyes, 5'9 ". 170 lbs. Likes: good 
friends, good food, good parties, fast cars, girls . . . Dislikes: 
small. noise\' dogs, possessive drummers , . . Pet Peeves; Mike 
Altebello. Chris Peterson . . "Goof" . . . Favorite Activities: 
collecting, running, swimming, watching people, sleeping, eat- 
ing . . . Found: music rooms . . . college. 

Band 2.3,4, Concert Band 2.3.4. Spring Track 1.2.4; SkiTeam 1. 
Chess Club 1. Photography Club 4; Swim Team 2,3.4. Hoop 
Band 2. Senior Class Play 4, 


Catherine E. Marvel 

94 Briar Lane 
Coals give direction, dreams give hope, 

Cathy . . . green eyes, blonde hair . . . Likes; music, snow, 
dancing, ice cream, fog, new wave . . . Dishkes; insincere peo- 
ple, hot weather, disco . . . Pet Peeves: being called Cath, green 
iello, John Travolta . , . "You've got to be kidding". "Give me a 
break!" . . . Found: the Cape, the rink . . . Friends: B.T,. R.C., 
T.A., S.S. ... college, law school, 

Chorus 1; Sacred Cheese 1. One Act Play 2. Musical 3.4, Thes- 
pians 3,4; "No Parentheses" 1.2, Editor-in-Chief 3.4. Drama 
Club 1.2.4. Vice-Pres, 3. Green Years Staff 4. 

Carolyn E. Mason 

31 Wuislow Road 
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is 
no path and leave a trail- 

Cal. Mase curlv top, spaz , Likes 108. HrO'ET^/PR/CTM/ 
M^ RHPS. The List. A N s at P s. 5 am Pet Peeves 

glamour girls, lectures. PC's on Fri , 10/11/12 . "HevChick- 
thie!", "We got P B s ■, "Gout " Friends CCC/B-ites, 

J CT , M D G.. D,T., KB. MP, K W.. P V , J S ^ PA's & 
Co . 10 lO's, Mrs Murphy, swimteam . . . Found. Loaf, CCC/B, 
Nana's - . . college, doctor 

Musical 3. Class Secretarv 3. AFS 3.4. Girls' State 3, Spring Track 
1.2. Ski Team 4. National Honor Society 3.4, Ski Club 3.4. Girls' 
B-Ball 2. Prom Committee 3. Student Council 3.4. Swim Team 
3.4, Senior Class Play 4, Soccer 1,2. 

Scott Maxwell 

43 Greenacre Road 
When too much reality dims your eyes, spark the flames, and 
consume no shame. 

Max . . Hair , . , Likes Road trips. Rt. 24S. weekends, all 
nighters. Echo Beach. Burger King, stealing Nerd's food. Sugar 
Loaf . . . Dislikes: raggv' people, rest areas, waiting on Mac 
Pet Peeves: partying animals, Clapboardtree St , dull happen- 
ings - . . "Cool Out'' . "Let's go to Larrx's '. "Hey Pap, slap one 
on me", "Oh, Murph "', "Hey, What's Up?". "Oh really Mac", 
"Whaaaa '. 'Have no fear, we'll do it here ' , Favorite Activi- 
ties partying, football, laughing, g v.. rolling Friends: BZs 
and others Found in car. on beach, ski slopes . . . college. 

Football 2.3,4, Spring Track 1. Ski Team 2. 

Christopher Andrew Maynard 

90 Wildwood Drive 
How everyone sees me is in their own fancy 
Nerd, Chris . , , straw-blond, blue eyed man. a true mod 
Likes: hoop, partying, conspiracies, 2:15, sowing. Echo Beach, 
all mods, trash sessions . . , Dislikes: little green men with 
wands, girls with moustaches . , . Pet Peeves: Dick Brown, 
reality stare, Fred . dinger manuevers, surpriseguest at Greek's 
house . . . "Cxm\ out", "Then we sowed.', 'Nadsv , , Fav{)rite 
Activities: Echo Beach weekends, concerts, dancing, and ves — 
eating . . Friends: Zombies, Mafia, Bubble Bros,. McGillaand 
Pinch . . , Found with Zombies, in bed sleeping, Mac's on 
Simday for trash. Echo Beach . . college then reality. 
Boys' Basketball 1,2.3. capt, 4, 

Karen Anne McCafferty 

94 Fearing Drive 
Do not go where the path leads; rather, go where there is no path 
and leave a trail. 

Karen. Mc<'aff , tall, lazy, distinctive laugh, sense of humor 
, . . Likes junk food. Woody Allen movies . . . Dislikes; Y,L. . 
Freds . . . Pet Peeves taking the bus. allergies , , . "Hey Spam, 
what's up';*" . . . Favorite Activities all nighters at the wharf, road 
trips to the Cape . Friends Mom & Dad, JAB. RJS, JRS, Pam. 
TA. Maudia. volleyball seniors, S P . K S . M B , B.C , G G . 
class of "82 {and Ned) . Found, in the Regal, college. 
Volleyball 1.2.3. captain 4, Spring Track 1.3,4. Winter Track 3.4, 
AFS 3.4. Student Council sec 4. Natnmal Honor Society 4 
Green Years associate editor 4 

Denise Marie McCambly 

19 Warwick Drive 
You will do f(H)lish tinngs, but do them with enthusiasm 
DenLse slK>rt, slK)rt dark \m^w^^ liair, blue eves, alnxwt alw-a\^ 
happv Likes, weekends. In-ingwith friends, talking, smiles, 
pav ^ay, Robby Pet Peeves, being interrupted. "Mr J ". 

Monday mornings, curfews. m<H>dv people, braces senior year 
. , "Without a doubt ". 'Do ninety"'. Idont know ".'Hev you". 
"Yabut ', '"What's happening'-*"", "Smile and In* happv' Favor- 
ite Activities something, being Mthjav. weekends. part\mg 
Found an\-where but home-* Friends Ja\, Muff. .Angelica. 

Imelda. Laurie, ("hns, Johnna college 

Softball 1, Drama ( lub 1. Powder Puff 3. 


Kathleen Marie McCoy 

100 Locust Drive 
Savour each hour, dwell not in the past. Live each day fully, for it 
may be your last, 

Kathy, Kath, Crazy . . , Likes: hiding the riverboat. #86, #13, 
concerts at LBE , pulling all-nighters, S.T Y P ! Pet 

Peeves, clone sisters, oroken clocks, O.T. syndrome. Tripod, 
F.E.K.S,, braces . . . "I'm serious! ", "Hey, kids!" . . Favorite 
Acbvibes partying, going to the beach, basketball, voUeybaU . . . 
Found at LB . m K5 w/M.A , Red's apt., by the piwl ... 
Friends: Mike, Lvnn (Scoop), "D", Cav, L. B., McCaff, class of 
'82 . . . college- 

Vollevball 1,2,3,4, Girls' Basketball 1,2,3,4; Green Years Staff4, 
Fowcler Puff 4, 

Niel G. McDevitt 

86 Lakeshore Drive 
Don t walk in front of me, I may not follow. 
Don't walk in back of me, I may not lead 
Walk beside me and we II be one 

Niel . , quiet, skinny, black hair, green eyes , . Likes hockey, 
driving . . . Pet Peeves: red lights, tail-gaiters, A.M. practice, 
running out of gas, pencil and money beggars . . "Ya right.", 
"Oh. sure. ", "Tell me about it." ... Friends J L. hockey team, 
class of 82 . . . Found: at the rink. B. K-, with mends . . college, 
travel, make a million. 
Boys' Hockey 1,2,3,4, 

Karen McDonough 

39 Peartree Drive 
Nothing succeeds like hard work. 

Bunky . . shy, nice, a hard worker , . . Likes: getting good 
grades and being on the Honor Roll . . Dislikes, a lot of home- 
work , . . Pet Peeves: slow walkers in front of me, gum chewing, 
waiting for buses . . . "Will I make the Honor RoH'r* ... Favorite 
Activities: tennis, badminton, swimming, shopping . . . junior 
college, good job with high pay. 

Robert F. McKelvey III 

60 Stanford Drive 
You only live once, but if you live it right, once is enough. 
Bob, Bobby . . . Hght hair, green eyes . . . Likes: Kurt's Pad, Vt. 
ski trip, baggv knees. Echo Beach, Cape Cod summers . . . 
Dislikes: 1980 New Year s at Ks P . radical groups, Fred . Pet 
Peeves MiMis. Camp Monomoy. SAT's, Murphs albums ... 
"Don't worr>' about it". "Cool out," . . . Favorite Activities: 
football, being with LB,, going to the Cape, skiing . - . Friends; 
B, M, K, and the Z 's, LB, all people with positive attitudes, 
football crew, all night people . . college. 
Football 1,2,3,4, Spring Track 1.2, Ski Tram 1.2.4, Ski Club 3.4, 
Boys' Tennis 4. 

Douglas Anthony McKenna IV 

101 Cloverland Road 
Life is like a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. 
Dolphin, Gator, Dougie, Mtxise. D.M , , . loud. 6 , 215, f(K>tball 
shirt . . , Likes: all nighters, cx>rned beef, football games, good 
hits in games . . . Dislikes, losing one point games, runnmg with 
c<H)ler . . Pet Peeves: Hog, Leo, Flipper, Sid. Millis . . "I'll kill 
vou!' . Favorite Activities plaving football, bending forks at 
Bickfords , Friends: TA, J K , R.B.. TL, ]G. O.B.s. 
B M . Pinch. Super Star Found: fishmg at SB at 2:00. 

herdin' cows at B B.. Pop Warner games . . . playing football 
F(K)tf)aIl 1.2,3.4. Powder Puff Coach 4. 

Eric McKenna 

101 Sunrise Road 
I am a study of a man in chaos in search of frenz>'. 
Rick, Raven, Cramps , . . blue eyes, loud, rowdy . . . Likes; Elvis 
Costello, good times and tunes, Bucky the goat Dislikes, 

everything about Holliston, snide remarks, false starts , . Pet 
Peeve, yup festivals . . . "You're a chillogered buddy ". "Jello ' 
. . . Favorite Activities: singalongs, commando raids . . . 
Friends: anyone who is anybody. Mexicans and Wolf packers 
alike. Golden Boys (Y'GH). joe Gcaron . . . Found, worldng 11 
hrs , LagerwtKid, on the roads nmning . , , college. militar>'. 
Cross-countr^ 1.2,3, capt 4, Winter Track 1,2,3, capt, 4. Spring 
Track 1.2,3.4. Powder Puff Cheerleader 4. 

Richard A. McKenna 

88 Lyons Drive 
Laughter is my object; 'tis a property in man essential to his 

Rich, Rick . . . 5'ia'. brown hair, blue eyes . . . Likes: FSFF. 
sleeping, food, dumbjokes . . . Dislikes: seafood, mumps, prac- 
tice Pet Peeves: committee meetings, bubble heads, school 
"TTus is no social area". "Who are you trying to bd?" . . , 
Favorite Activities: swimming, sleeping . . . Friends Pope, Jim, 
Bob. S.R., K.F,. D.S. ... Found: Farmstand. movie theatre, 
S.D. ... college. 

Band 1,2,3.4. Concert Band 1,2,3,4, French Club 1,2. AFS Club 
3,4. Photography Club 3.4; Student Advisory Board 3.4, WHS 
Dance Band 4, Musical 4, "No Parentheses" 4. Green Years Staff 

Michael Joseph Melanson 

604 Dover Road 
Mike . . . quiet, reserved, but smiling and friendly, helpful, easy 
to get along with . . , Likes: work, study, hockey, travel, animals. 
math . . , Dislikes: school in general, getting up early . Pet 
Peeves; a lot of homework, English assignments, spelling, "Why 
Me?" . . . Favorite Activities: fishing, bike riding, meteorology, 
coin collecting, dancing, bowling . . . working at Damon. Inc.. 
Electronics Division. 
Special Activities Play 1. 

Robert Joseph Messina Jr. 

99 Cobleigh Street 
The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. 
Bob . . blue eyes, brown hair . Likes; Ziggy. Red Sox, 
Americana, computer math, railroads. DEC tape, Christmas, 
movies by Alfred Hitchcock, Tom Baker, editorial cartoons, 
snow . , Pet Peeves: potato salad and cole slaw, the Rubik's 
cube, lunch block physics, rainy Sundays, no, 2 pencils, com- 
mercials , , . "Pretty good,", 'I don't know." , . . Favorite Activi- 
ties; photography, astronomy, the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre, 
bowling, delivering newspapers before sunrise, reading a good 
book . . . computer science, engineering. 
Astronomy Club 1.2, "No Parentheses'" 4. Green Years Staff 4. 

Christopher Mitchell 

171 Lakeshore Drive 
If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I 
must be travelling on now. 'cause there's too many places Tve got 
to see. 

Mitch . . . crew cuts . . . Likes: loud tunes, the Doors, parties . . . 
Dislikes: punk, reality, getting pulled over at 5:00 AM . Pet 
Peeves: puppets, working. Fred, making subs ... "I didn't do 
it!". "Do it up" . . . Favorite Activities; parties, cruising in the 
Cutlass, fishing, golfing . . Friends; Butt. Thynian. Gordo. 
Papa, Ditter, EC. Denny, class of '82, members of the "zoo"' 
club . . . Found: Geno's, Lake Shore Drive . , . a)llege. 

Jane Elizabeth Mitchell 

Robert Morrison 

47 Bonncv Street 
viiig what vou want, but wanting what you 

Happiness is not h; 

Janie, Jem . . , big bine eves, blond hair, laughing. Likes; 
peanut, donuts. music, that laugh , . , Dislikes: Monday morn- 
ings, STRAIGHT hair Pet Peeves: speed workouts, bald 
spots, sore throats, rni so bummed." Favorite Activities: 
being with friends, buying clothes, eating . . Friends. Bill. 
R.S.C.Dor.Jen.KB.^PB .Julie, Mare Mutha. the Fischlers, 
Lady Di Found, on the track, stxxer field college. 
Girls" Glee Club 1. AFS Club, Spring Track 1,2.3.4. 
Winter Track 1.2,3,4, Soccer 1.2.4. Chorus 2. Strut 3,4. Powder 
Puff 4. 

49 Peartree Drive 
We all know sucx'ess. when we all find our owii dreams. 
Rob. the phantom Likes, girls, cars, music, camping Pet 
Peeves: BB. dishmg the bucks, slime dogs "So. how are 

you?"'. "Whats new? ". "S'up?" . . . Favorite Activities, track, 
cniising with tunes, talking to girls , Friends, the gang. 1 R . 
F M. . . Found: with girlfriend, at track, in car . college, 

Ski Team 1, Ski Club 1.2. Spring Track, Winter Track 
2.3.4. Cross-Countr\' 4. Powder Puff Cheerleader 4 


Douglas Mills Morse 

392 Oak Street 
If life is but a game and we are merely players, then why is it 
taken so seriously? 

Bug, Dougie, Doug . - . blond hair, green eyes, serious . . . 
Likes: Stones, Sk>'nyrd, sports, beating Medfield and HolHston, 
winning Tri-Valley League, GPITWWJ, "QT", getting tans at 
Horseneck . . . Dislikes: Bun's shadow, Tri-Valley teams, doc- 
tors, 2 faced Freds, M . F. and Co. . . . Pet Peeves: Johnos voice, 
getting mono, bad ankles, J"s rental units . . . "Ah, yes.", "Los- 
er," , . . Favorite Activities: puzzles, soccer, hoop . . . Friends. 
J,D.,K-G.,B.B ,J.L..B D. , Found: YRDEWJ, soccer field. 
playing hoop, in the wagon . . . college. 

Boys' Basketball 1,2, Boys" Soccer 2.3,4; Winter Track 4; Spring 
Track 4, Senior Class Play 4. 

Elizabeth Anne Mullen 

1591 High Street 
Everything's nicer when shared with a friend. 
Liz, Lizzie . , . brown hair, blue eyes, petite, always smiling, and 
gullible , . . Likes; cruising, friends . . . Dislikes: mumps, snobs, 
SATs, Mrs. P.'s surprise quizzes . . . Pet Peeves: cliques, owing 
Mom money, vandalized vans, XB.H.S. cheerleaders . . . "Shut 
up!", "Wicked. ", "You think so? ", "Stop it!" . , , Favorite Activi- 
ties: writing, calling B.S, in PA, danceaerobics ... Found: 
Hazels, Burger King. XB.H.S,, driving the red van ... 
Friends: M.O", KG. the gang, D.S., Vic, A.P., J.D., the little 
muffins, J.S,, J.C.. B.S. . . . college, nursing. 
Football Cheerleader 2, Basketball Cheerleader 2, Girls" Swim 
Team 1,2, Powder Puff 4. 

Beth Ann Mullin 

44 Coach Lane 
No road is long with a friend at your side. 
Beth . . . strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes . . . Likes: working 
at J.A.'s with M.B. and June, summer of '81, joking with Mom, 
trips with Dad . . . Dislikes, telephone pwles. reality . . . Pet 
Peeves: applications, SATs, Boo Boo ... "'I can't relate."' . . . 
Favorite Activities: field hockey, beating Keith at tennis . . . 
Friends: Keith, MB., June, Kate. Jen. Spam. Bobby. McCafF. 
Mom, Dad, Stephen 6: Meg, selected graduates, class of "82 . . . 
Found: field hockey field, in ambulances, everywhere with M.B. 
and June . . . college, happiness, success. 
Girls' Basketball 1; Student Council 2. AFS 2,3.4. Field Hockey 
2,3,4; Winter Track 3; Powder Puff 4; Senior Class Play 4, Green 
Years Staff 4. 

Brian Thomas Murphy 

57 Stearns Street 
Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me. other times I can barely 
see; what a long, strange trip it's been. 

Murph , , sarcastic, well-spoken , . Likes; The Dead, parties. 
Anns, B.C.N. ., Dislikes: bad knees, Holliston ... Pet 
Peeves; tying shoes . . "Fred, you're hatin' it today." . . . Favor- 
ite Activities: Dead concerts, parties, sports, dinner at Amv's . . . 
Friends: WBZs, boys of '81, senior F-ball players. Bubble Bros., 
C.J.O.. Fearsome Foursome. F. Alexa . . . Found: on the field 
. . . college. 

Baseball 1,2.3,4; Boys' Hockey 1.2.3, capt. 4, Boys Soc-cer 1.2.3. 
capt 4. Sr. Class Play 4. 

Deborah J. Murphy 

147 Lakeshore Drive 
You are never given a wish without being given the power to 
make it come true. 

Debbie. Debbo, Deb , , a prepette, short brown hair . . . Likes: 
S.D.S W., preps, flymg pigs, people watching . . Dislikes: 
flashlights, the funny farm. L.TC's, living on (he other side of 
town . . . Pet Peeves: airheads, accu-weather, "Ya know';* ", chas- 
ing "people" . . . "You're bouncing off walls." . . . Favorite Ac- 
tivities: being chased by the "BZ "copter, sailing . . . Friends: 
Who-deet, Karen J.. Trish, Smitta, Nance C. Golden Boys . . . 
Found: pool hopping, at the Manton's for dinner, at Gack's . . . 

Musical 2,3,4; AFS 3,4. Girls' Swim Team 2.3,4. Powder Puff 4, 
Senior Class Play 4. 

Lisa Virginia Murphy 

152 Birchtree Dri\ e 
Time for me to fly. 

Curly brown hair, brown eyes . . . Likes: parties, the beach. 
friends, talking on the phone . . Dislikes: rain\ weekends, work 
. , , Pet Peeves: snobs, phonies, slimes, jocks . . . "My God!", 
'Slime. ' . . Favorite Activities: partying, laying out in the sun, 
eating, tennis . . . Friends: Angelica, mv family. Gregg. GRG, 
MR, Mr D. ... college. 
AFS Club 2,3,4. 


Jennifer Ellen Murray 

128 Highview Street 
If music be the food of love, sing on. 

Jennie, Jen , . , Likes: mellow music, Bridgemen Shuffle, sun- 
shine. Cheetos . . . Dishkes: chemistry, bad judges, mornings 
. . . Pet Peeves: cold comps, late people . . . "Give me heart 
failure!". "We are not Devo." . - Favorite Activities: band. 
singing, being with friends, bells. Chink food runs with Lizzie 
. . . Friends: Shell, D.K., L.L., family, Mr. Mark . . . Found, in 
the bomber with Shell, room 101, on the beach . . . marketing. 
Musical 1.2,3,4, Chorus 1,2.3,4. Glee Club 2,3,4, Double Quar- 
tet 3,4. Thespians 3.4. One Act Play 2,3, Drama Club 2,3,4, 
Color Guard 3, capt. 4; Senior Class Play 4. 

Anthony Musto 

95 Arcadia Road 
Wasted steps are like wasted thoughts, just as empty and just as 

Tony, Espo . . . brown eyes, brown hair, built . . . Likes: 
weekend parties, hockey, weight lifting, loud stereos . . . Dis- 
likes crowded parties, nothing to do, school lunches, getting 
bagged for leaving school . , . Pet Peeves, getting up in the 
mornings, penalties, back stabbers. boring weekends, hockey 

f)ractic^s. snobby girls. . . , "What's up?"', "Take it easy ,". "You 
ose." . . . Favorite Activities; hockey, Sunday football games, 
going to beach parties . . Friends: P.B., R.J . W.C , A. A., LB., 
Gav. Wizzy, AW. J.D.. J.C. . . Found: EC, parties ... 
Boys' Hockey 3,4; Baseball 4. 

Sandra Ann Nastasi 

24 Woodridge Road 
The differenc-e between existence and life is the intelligent use of 

Sandy . . . dark eyes and hair. Italian, always late Likes: 
S.D.S.W., M & Ms, summers on the Cape, shopping. 
L.B.F.M., Saturday nights with crew ... Dishkes: SATs, 
searching for party . . . Pet Peeves; airheads. JR.. W.A.M. . . . 
"Really"? . "Can I use your brush, Trish?" . , Favorite Activities; 
Aunt Pattie s and company minus 1, partymg . . . Friends; Trish, 
Who-Deet, Cal, Lisa, and everybody else , . . Found; at Trishs 
house, high school parking lot. swim meets . . college, law. 
indulging in life s pleasures. 
AFS Club 3,4. Powder Puff^4, Green Years Staff 4. 


Steven Nazzaro 

145 Elm Street 
The war's all over for the unknown soldier. 
Steven . . . Italian, brown eyes, dark wavy hair . . . Likes; fast 
cars, airports, going over 160 mph . . . Dislikes: arrogant people, 
snobs . , . Pet Peeves; working Sunday morning, flying in the 
clouds . . . Favorite Activities; flying, scuba diving . . . college. 

Janica Margaret Nieh 

395 Wt-atherbee Drive 
Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime; 
wr 11 take the best, forget the rest, and someday 
well find these are the best of times 

Jan. Jani . . . long, blonde hair, blue eyes, insane . . . Likes: 
cheering. Marshfield Fair, (^.A.P. Squadron ... Pet Peeves; 
"the tough crowd '. ex-lM)y-friends . . . "'Outrageous! ", "Mon 
petit chien " . . Favorite Activity; being a cheerleader on the 
nin . Friends:M.A.,C.C..T.P..(Susier.the"*Mag". Wolver- 
ine crew . , . Thanks Mom & Dad. I love you , . . college, law 

Musical 3,4, Chorus Glee Club 1.3.4; Ftwtball Cheer- 
leader 2,3. capt. 4, Basketball C^heerleader 2.3. capt 4. Green 
Years Staff 4 

Brvan O Brien 

111 Lake Shore Drive 
You can take the lx)y out of the city, but you can't take the cit>' out 
of the lK)y, 

OB's . . big. loud. Iaz>'. crazy, always laughing, cit>- boy. wild! 
. . . Likes, mad parties, road trips, all weekends, rats. Rolling 
Stones . Pet Peeves: broken windows, finks, fakes, flashing 
blues ... "1 swear, 1 didn't do it ". "Hey. what are you crazv? '. 
"You rat " . . , Faxonte Activities chewing straws, fixitl>all 
Friends; Beans. Crop. B M , B 2 s, D M .T A . K C; .Chuck. 
K.K., \'eto. Bndge Boys. Kim (^ Found the bridge, Rossie, 
P Station, clubbing in Boston, with Kim undecided 

F(x)tball 4. 


Lauren Leigh O'Brien 

30 Putting Drive 
The hardest illness to cure and the one most likely to leave its 
victim a chronic invalid is adolescence. 

Lau, Ester. Lulu . , . blonde hair, green eyes . . . Likes: whales 
tales at Dux, F H Team, skiing, #22, R H P S., PR 81 . . 
Dislikes: rumors, ragging with K.P., operators of NC . . . Pet 
Peeves: USMC, hills, walking, petty weekend -.. "C.A.U." 
"Shuutuup!" . . . Favorite Activities: field hockey, weekend caps 
with L.F., BSWK, summer of '80 Friends: Tommy Mc, 

K.P,, L.F.. L.S., '82 gang, T.L . Found: NC. walking with 
T' . . . college. 

AFS 1,2,3.4; Spring Track 1, Ski Team 2.3. National Honor 
Society 3,4; Drama Club 3; Ski Club 2,3, Field Hockey 1,2,3, 
capt. 4. 

John F. Ogden 

133 Farm Lane 
No bird soars too high if he soars on his own wings. 
Johno. Yon ho. Windy . . , tall, fake hair . Likes; care atti- 
tudes, strange personalities, soccer, hockey games . . , Dislikes: 
SATs, plastic people . . Pet Peeves: Captain Dissention. little 
red hght. party at Johns house . . "E-R-R-R-B-O-O-M-P-E-K- 
H-H. . . Favorite Activities, eating, pizza runs, sleeping . . 
Friends. Lynn, the boys of '82, God, T.L., Capt. Dissention II, 
you too Ned. M.G., the Block and so on ... Found: with my 
other half , college. 

Boys' Hockev 1,2, 3. capt. 4; Spring Track, Boys' Soccer 
1,2,3, capt, 4. 

Margaret O'Hara 

145 Stanford Drive 
People who like others are the people others like 
Meg . . . brown hair, hazel eyes, long fingernails , . Likes: 
weekends, the beach, Scituate. dances . . Dislikes, mornings. 
saving money, homework, G.S. meetings ... Pet Peeves: 
chipped nail pohsh, cliques, phonies, busy phones . . . "What a 
cracK-up. ". "Oh. my Gtxl' ", "Youre kidding." . . . Favorite Acti- 
vities: dancing, tennis, boating, bike riding, camping, shopping 
... Friends: T.A,, L,M., Mat K., T.H.. girls at J, HA. . "The 
Girls". Good luck class of '82 . , . college. 
Musical 2, Drama Club 1. Powder Puff 4, Hockey Cheerleader 4, 
Color Guard 2,3. 

V. ^^^-^^ 

Carol L. O'Malia 

51 Dover Terrace 
One day you find I was the one, but tomorrow mav rain so I'll 
follow the sun. 

The tall blonde with naturally curlv hair , Likes: B-ball, V-ball, 
winning, drawing. Tree, Muff, J'L., Eth. Kate & team. Cape 
Cod, bts of greyhounds . . . Dislikes: those things under 30 sec., 
hammer eyes, losing. N.H, intersections on rainy nights, alliga- 
tors "That drives me crazy if vou know what I mean, you 
know what I mean':' " . Favorite Activities: art. B-ball. V-ball. 
good times at good parties . , . art, to be famous, 
Volleyball 1.2.3,4, National Honor Society 3,4; Green Years art 
editor 4. Girls" Basketball, Student Council 4, Powder 
Puff 4. 

Chris Oppedisano 

41 Lorraine Road 
If life was a play we would all have leads and perform to standing 
ovations from the universe. 

The Chrisco Kid . . . Likes: Fleetwood Mac, classical piano 
music, theatre, girls . . - "Lord, it's hard to be humble, ... 
Favorite Activities, write plays, poems, and sing 
Musical 3.4. Chorus 4; One Act Plav 3.4, No Parentheses " 4, 
Drama Club 3.4. 

Susan J. Padell 

71 Fearing Drive 
^'our dreams remain dreams until you takeachancf with people. 
Sue. Super Dell. Pads . . too late, too mixxiy. and too gullible 
. . . Likes: volleyball. Spnngsteen. a good laugh . Dislikes: 
bugs, confusion, bemg embarrassed Pet Peeves: Janet's 

"Doors" attacks , . , "Terrific! . . . Favorite Activities: water 
skiing with Ed. E B 180"s . . Friends: Ed. Karen, Kaths. Lynn. 
Peeps. V-ball team, class of "82 . . . Found, id Horton with Lynn 
and the P.O.V . cxillege. 

Volleyball Orcfiestra 1.2,3. Softball 1.2, AFS 3, One Act 
Play 3.4, Student Announcer 3.4. Musical 4. Photography Club 
4. NHS. 4 


Annette Marie Palermo 

1320 High Street 
All things work unto good for those who love the Lx)rd. 
Annette, Amp . . . long, brown hair, green eyes, smiling . . . 
Likes: frienas, 10/5/80, piddidles, roses, tinka-toy. green 
M&M's , . . Dislikes, phonies, waiting for people, smoking . . . 
Pet Peeves, busy signals, #215. spotlights, cliques. Mr. B.'s 
math language, pushy people , , . "What's up?' , No way." . . , 
Favorite Activities: Y.L., talking. long rides , . . Friends; Ron, 
Julie, they know who they are . . . Found: O. S. S. W. R. . Sky- Way 
. . , college. C.PA. Luck to '82. 

Softball 1. Pep Club 1; Football Cheerleader 2. Basketball 
Cheerleader 2; AFS4. Green Years Staff4, Powder Puff4, Senior 
Class Play 4. 

Ronald Mark Parker 

215 Weatherbee Drive 
Take oflF your headphones, hear what s going on. You can t live in 
a time zone, you ve got to move on. 

Ron . . , non-conformist, individual, procrastinating, one-liners, 
boots . . . Likes: New Wave, soccer. Rav Davies. vid games, 
"WKRP", "SCT\' ■. Duane Glasscock . Dislikes: preppies, 
R.L , work, repair bills . - Pet Peeves: alligators, snobs, moody 
people ... "Wicked good." .- Favorite Activities, music, 
sports, cars , , Found: in theCamaro, record stores. Stoughton 
. . . major in engineering in college. 

Spring Track 1.2, Winter Track 2, Math Team 3.4. National 
Honor Society 3.4. Musical 4, 

'Lisa Ann Patterson 

7 Webster Street 
I believe you can't be happy unless you take some emotional 
chances and come face to face with your real feelings- 
Leese. Lee , , , tight worn-out jeans, long finger nails, brown 
eyes ... Likes: M D.'s fingernails, PCs spiderman. Doug's 
corned beef, honesty . - - Dislikes, rumors, ego trips, cruising 
. . , Pet Peeves: cold rinks, Jr. F.F , slow drivers, organizing, 
(L&J)^ , .. "Willya?". "Hey kids!", "C. ALL". ""You Animal." 
. . . Favorite Activities: kitchen table talks, 5 a.m. road trips, 
driving with M D in the Datson Friends: D.PG., The Sr. 

C 6r jr. C , , . Thanks to ever>'one! 
Powder Pufi" 4. Hockey Cheerleader 4. Senior Class Play 4. 

Kristin Marie Penza 

296 Farm Lane 
Don't surround yourself with yourself, move on back to square. 
Penza, K.P. ... brown hair and eyes, always late . . . Likes: 
Nubber Squad, the Riff-RafT, #32 . . Dislikes: reality, Freds 
... Pet Peeves: Crichow O.T.R. paranoia, smoke ... "You 
faggot". "I'm in love!' . , . Favorite Activities: toumev action, 
going sideways ,. . Friends: Johnny. Lau, Spam. Orms .J.C.T.. 
Dinger. M.M,. J.C, T, Grinchand thegang. 'BOand ■82mcl , . . 
Found; Rocky Horror P.S.. soever field, slopes . . . college, 
AFS 1,2,3,4; Girls' Soccer 1.2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3; Winter 
Track 1.3; Ski Team 2,3; Ski Club 2,3; French Club 3; Powder 
Puff 4, Photography Club 3,4; Sr. Class Play, 

Glenn Petersen 

2(Mi Conaiit Road 
I've been dazed and confused lor so long it s not true, 
Pete doing my own tlung, wliatever it mif^it l)e . . . Likes: 

individuals Dislikes, clones, stereotypes Pet Peeves: 

"society's way '. bando buggies . . "Insane individuals 
"Smooth ". 'You're crazy, man " 
ing, beach trips . . . college 
Ski Team 1. Bovs" S(xx:er 1.2.3 

Favorite Activities: travel- 

Christine A. Petrucci 

474 Canton Street 
Into each life some ram must fall 
Tina short, bniwii hair, brown eyes, nttx- smile, always 

laughing Likes, funny (K'ople. winter, laughing with Kelly at 
practice. C^hinese ftxxl. night competitions Dislikes, getting 
up earK . rainy competitions . - Pet Peeves working at 500 
AM,, typing. l>eing asked why my nickname is Tina "You 

crack me up ' Favorite Activities txtlorguanl. shoppmu. 

listeningto the radio Friends: Cindv, N J . Babs. Meg. Kellv 
C.. MP, J P , Mom and Dad Found at the Uxker with 

(-indy. Dip-n-Sip , . , junior tx)llege. dental hygenist. 
Pep Club 1. Band 1.2.3,4. Dnil Team 1.2.3,4. Color Guard 


Johnna Petrucci 

26 Lull Street 
Your hands can only be filled when they are opened. 
Mouth . short. bLtL-k hair, bniwn eyes, big moutli . . Likes: 
shopping, pay day. cruising, gold, clubbing . . . Pet Peeves; 
Pam, Gordie in English, being told what to do . . . "But will ya 
hsten?", "Just relax ' . . . Favorite Activities; riding, clubbing 
. . , Found: at G.R . HP Friends: ORG. Jan. MoUe. 

KG,, P W . Charlie. Denise. C.F . Mom and Dad. M.L.C , 
P.F. ... college. 
Spring Track 1,2. Powder Puff 4. 

John William Pinciaro 

11 Wagon Road 
Living life uith a smile and good friends leaves pleasant memo- 
ries for the future 

Pinch . . . Likes, old cars, talknig boxing with J.M., teasing La 
La, grey horses, high tops. Nicki s boots . . . Dislikes: Saturday 
morning practices, pulling splinters, dirty white walls . . . Pet 
Peeves: "Pine", "I just sowed , "Lets munch.'. B-zombies 
attitudes, TTP" . . "I never laughed so hard." . . Favorite 
Activities: playing hoop, going to the races, cruising in the bomb- 
er with Pattie . Friends, family. Pattie. the boys, class of 82 
. . . Found: Bella's Friday nights, on thecx>urt. S.D, ... Thanks 
Ma and Dad . . college. 
Football 1. Boys' Basketball 1.2.3. capt. 4, 

Sandra L. Polechronis 

21 Wells Avenue 
To attam all of your goals in life, is a well formed dream. To reach 
out and grasp just a few is greatness that too few realize thev have 

Sandy. Polo , . , a shortie, big brown eyes . . . Likes; sunsets, 
G. B. ... Dislikes: moving from 444 , , , Pet Peeves: the glamour 
chicks, my hearing , . . "Whaaat, popcorn in your ice cream? ' 
. . Favorite Activities; singing, acting . . Friends; Jack. The 
Who, Dude, Wonkers. Jen S.. Jen B . Sue D . B.C., L.G. . . . 
Found; in my "car ", catching the worm . . . college . . . 
Band 1.2.3; Concert Band 1.2.3; Musical 2.3.4; WHS Dance 
Band 2,3,4; Chorus 2.3.4; Band Officer 2,3; Thespians 4. 

Daniel Pond 

136 Lake Shore Drive 
Pondo . . . blond, blue eyes . . . Likes: going to parties and 
football games . . . Dislikes, getting up on a Monday morning, 
P.T., eating lunch in front of G.L. , . . Pet Peeves: not having 
monev . . Favorite Activities: playing football, baseball 
Friends:G.S.,C R D.. Mitch. J. S.. MR., P.T., G.I, ... going 
to school, moving to California, and getting rich. 
Football 4; Spring Track 4; Weight Lifting 

Maryellen Power 

Deborah A. Pratt 

30 Palomino l>ane 
Friendship improves happiness and abates miser\'. by doubling 
our joy, and dividing our grief. 

Mare, "P" . . short and small, a spaz , , . Likes; MI., BT.'s. 
S.B. s. A . the spaz words, silver jewelr>'. kneesocks . . . Pet 
Peeves; slamming doors, ducks, one-way street. H-Block. wait- 
ing for the phone , , •'TET^III'ToKB and R KB.!', 'Foom! 
(Poof!) " . , - Favorite Activities: Gouting'. weddings with K,B.. 
A.N.'s, 5a.m, withCal!. A W ing . Friends: KB ,T , P , Gal. 
G. Tose Gang, class of '82 thanks to the family . . . college. 
Spring Track 1,4, "No Parentheses" 2,3.4. Band 2,3, Concert 
Band 2.3.4. AFS 3.4, National Honor Swiety 3,4, Winter Track 
4, Green Years Staff 4. Powder Puff 4. 

91 Alder Road 
Love one another, 

Deb. Debs . . . "baby blues". longhair, always in fashion, always 
smiling . . . Likes: fashionable clothes. New Year s Eve. summer 
of '79 . . . Pet Peeves: jealous people, empty gas tank . . . "Hey 
baby! " . . . Favorite Activities. g\mnastics. skiing traveling . . . 
Friends; G.R.. ME. ED. PC . V,A . "the guys " . . . Found: 
chuckling with Chris, with the guys , , . Thanks to Mrs, Stacy. 
Mom, and Dad . , . fashion, ct)Mege. 

Gvmnastics 1,4. Pep C:lub Powder Puff 4, Hockey 
cheerleader 4. 


Robert J. Prevett, Jr. 

25 Eldridge Place 
Success, remember, is the reward of toil. 

Bob, Prev . . . 5 10' . short hair, shm . . . Likes: Led Zep.. food. 
M I.T,. Blues, Bigmouth, V H 's , DisHkes; Roches, disco. 
the "Boss" . . . Pet Peeves: hberals. J.B,, Shakey, Matta . . . 
What?" . . . "Ummm. what was I going to say? - Favorite 
Activities: track. Swim Team, M.T., saihng, sleeping ... 
Friends: B.B,. J.F., D K.. R.L,, DM,, P.U, S.U.. B W, ... 
college, engineering. 

Swim Team 1.2,3, captain 4. Chess Club 2. Spring Track 2.3,4. 
Cross-country 3,4. National Honor Society 3.4, Math Team 3.4, 

Susan Elizabeth Randall 

27 Greenacre Road 
To worry is to put todays sunshine behind tomorrows clouds. 
Susan , conscientious, blue eyes and brown hair Likes; 

cats, Fridays. chcK-olate, Italian food, musicals, "Boots" . - . Dis- 
likes: people who judge too soon, innexible people, not having 
enough time - . . Pet Peeves: ^m, fakes, tests, driving - . 
"Really?". "Shunt'ov'", "What?" . . Favorite Activities: bowl- 
ing, sewing, horseback riding, volleyball, swimming, cooking, 
G.L., sleeping . . . Friends: M.D,. B,T. , R.C., rest of the gang. 
K.C, and all the C's - , . college. 

Volleyball 2. Musical 3. Green Years Staff 3.4. AFS 4, Senior 
Class Play 4. National Honor Society 4 

Eugenia Renzi 

31 Sterling Road 
And so my friends we II say gtxid night . - . For time has claimed 
its prize But tonight can always last as long as we keep alive 
the memories of paradise , , 

Renz. Gine Fest. Dude #5 . . . "Cosmo-Girl" . . . Like: partying 
. . . Dislikes mind games, obsessions Pet Peeves TGroun- 
chers scurry cat. 'Pugs . Chinese redlights . . 'But the thing 
is ... - Favorite Activities: shopping, college life 

Friends: class of 82, Edward-Jay. Dudes. Florida Gang, "the 
Men , ".Mad-dog Steve Found bouncing off the walls. Ft. 

Lauderdale . Many thanks to Mom and Dad , college, rich, 

Field Htxkey 1.2.3. Spring Track 1, Winter Track 1. Powder Puff 
4. Hocke\ Cheerleader 4 

John Ripley 

124 Mill Street 
Life is a Ripper, 

RipperT , , . brown hair. 5'8 Vfe". medium build . . , Likes: music 
(basically all kinds), playing trombone in Dance Band . . . Pet 
Peeves; AM, radio, Wednesday night Marching Band practices 
. . 'What good are ya?" , . Favorite Activities: running, read- 
ing, building radios, listening to shortwave broadcasts , . . col- 
lege, travel, broadcasting. 

Band 1,3,4. Concert Band 1,3.4; Orchestra 4; WHS Dance Band 
1,2,3,4; Chorus 4; Spring Track 1,3,4; Pit Orchestra 3.4. 

Jane Rizza 

26 Beverly Lane 
It is a smart person who always tries to make new iriends. for it is a 
f(K)l who thinks he has enough. 

Jane . . , big green eyes, always smiling . Likes, long sum- 
mers, Fioruccis. Vespas, Italian guys . Dislikes: being late for 
homer(K)m, acting your age . . . "That's debatable, ' Favorite 
Activities mooching money, playing cards m the media center, 
going to the Marina for icecream . Found: Bergson's. Italy , . 
Friends M.G.. A,P , E.P,. lazia, lo/io, Mark. Marc, (Jink, and 
"family" , , , college. 

Spring Track 1. Powder Puff 4, Student Council I. Student 
Advisory Board 1. 

Sheila Marie Roach 

lOH Parker Street 
Beyond obeilience is freedom Irom fear and l>eyond fear is ojx'n- 
ness to life and be\'ond that is love 

Sheila. Roaehie . !)lue eyes, blushes. bandana.s Likes 

Olts, B ("N . sincerit\', running slowly Dislikes moniings. 
pigging out. confusion, math. Pet Pee\es softltall splinters, 

speedwork. C; (i talk, depression "(mvc inea break . I m 

hungn' " . . Favonte Activities, S.D.Y (.i . Irish nighthfe, ,\FS 
Friends Eileen. D \' H . T C . Po|>e. M &D Found 

Ireland, wrong place at right time, math eenietarv ixillege 

Girls" Basketbiilll.Vollevball 1.2.3. WmterTrmk 2.3.4, SoftMl Powder Puff4. Chorus 1.2, Musical 2.3.4. AFS2.3.pres 
4. Grtren Years Staff 4 


V "- Ji f . 

Christine Elizabeth Roberts 

48 Wessex Drive 
To know is nothlDg at all, to imagine is everything, 
Chris. Robbie Roberto . . . tall brunette, blue eyes, friendly . . . 
Likes; 8/22/81, New Year's Eve, discussing details with Alexa . . . 
Dislikes: M.E.'s squeakmobile . . . Pet Peeves; "Fred, you're 
hatin' it today", moments of silence . . . "Hey baby!" . . . Favor- 
ite Activities; laughing uncontrollably . . . Friends: Steve, Deb- 
bie, Alexa, Eike, Marg, Cheryl, "Fearsome Foursome", "the 
roofing crew", "Florida crew" . . . Found: with Steve, chuckling 
with Deb at the Pratt's . . . Thanks to Mom, Dad, and the whole 
family for all their support . . - college. 

Powder Puff 4, Cheerleader Hockey, Football 4. Green Years 
Staff 4. 

Norman Rorrie 

924 Clapboardtree Street 
Norman . . . Likes; apple pie. going out on weekends - . Pet 
Peeves: low on gas in car. brothers borrowing my car, getting up 
early in morning "What s new '" , . Favorite Activities: 

bowling, roller skating, riding my bicycle ... 2 year college, 
business management. 
Green Years Staff 4. "No Parentheses" 3. Senior Class Play 4. 

Michael Ruggiero 

208 Weatherbee Drive 
Mike . quiet, brown hair, brown eyes, sincere 
baseball . . college 
Baseball 1,2,3, capt. 4, Football 1.2.4 


Lisa Marie Russo 

155 Woodland Road 
If you see someone without a smile, give them yours. 
LaRue. Fand .. nice smile, sensitive Likes: F.FS, SU- 
PREMES, Jimmy baby, shopping . Dislikes; jealousy, gla- 
mour girls . Pet Peeves; rumors. MR.. AM., pretending. 
"Lunatic fringe", telephones, being considered rich, smiling- 
faces, 9/19/81. 3/20/82 "Hi kids". Tncognito ", "He was 

nice ', "Oh ure. . Favorite Activities; spving, vellow lights, 
goosing . Friends Joev. B A . LarkA'MR, S L . S R,, G.K.. 
family .. Found: Tahiti. DA, Endicott. BB. OF, J.B.. 
S.C.P., AD, . , Thanks Mom and Dad' . ctillege. marriage. 
money, children. 

Field Hockey 1,2, Basketball Manager 1.2, AFS 3.4. National 
Honor Society 4. 

James C. Rudser 

60 Spruce Drive 
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times It was the age of 
wisdom. It was the age of ignorance 

Tex, Jim . . . tall, blond, serene . . , Likes: Buzz, icecream. #23 
. . . Dislikes; J. Bronowsla. Flip. James . . - Pet Peeves: basic 
care attitudes. W. P. D.. throats . . "No, seriously '. "What a 
drag." . . . Favorite Activities: soccer, skiing, tennis, deathrides 
. . . Friends. Dan. Pope. Bio. Squat, Tom. Dr. Bill, Reg 
Found: in A J.'s green bug . . Notre Dame. 
Ski Team 3, capt. 4, National Honor Society 3.4. Boys" Soccer 
2,4, Boys' Tennis 1,2,3, capt. 4, Powder Puff Cheerleader 4, 
Senior Class Play 4. 

Kevin J. Saccone 

189 Porter Street 
Many of life's failures are men who did not realize how close they 
were to success when they gave up. 

"Ba" . , . Likes: good times with friends, skiing, oldies, being 
outdoors . . . Dislikes: people who stop on yellow lights. West- 
wood lingo . . . Pet Peeves, fakes, stopped school buses, staying 
in one place too long, intellectuals, homework . . Found: with 
Beth, at Anne's, cruisin' . . . Friends: Beth, KB.. J. P., PC, 
V.A. ... four year college. 
Pep Club 1. Football 1.2. 


Glenn Santarpio 

61 Lorraine Road 
See you on the dark side of the moon. 

Likes: Pink Floyd, parties, weekends, Rush, Yes . . Pet Peeves; 
Monday mornings, disco . . . "What a rush.' . "Fly by night." . . . 
Favorite Activities; parties, soccer, frisbee, concerts . . . college, 
stairway to heaven. 

Karen F. Scott 

51 Hawthorne Street 
Karen, Karen J,, Jack . . radical unintentional hate faces . . . 
Likes: S D-S-W , Neil Young, blue eyes. M'A*S*H and B B 
. . . DisHkes: PREPS, the reality patrol . . Pet Peeves: broken 
dates, LP., sharing glasses in math .- "That's hysterical. ", 
"Run that bv me. one more time. ' , Found: Baybank, any- 
where but art. Gaks . Friends; PC, jcKjde^. Debbo. Dan. 
Tom. Trish. and the Rolling Stones . . college . - . thanks to Mr. 
Milan and family 

Spring Track 1.2, AFS 4. Green Years Staff 4. Girls Soccer 1,2, 
Senior Class Play 4, Short term Exchange Student 4. Doughnut 
Committee 4, Powder Puff 4, Hockev Cheerleader 3 

William Seward 

20 Loring Street 
Im getting ready for the Judgement Day! Are you ready? 
Bill - . friendly smile, happy-go-lucky, tall, brown eyes 
Likes: people, music, dances, food, dates, summers on the Cape 
. . Dishkes: math, homework, rain, empty gas tanks . . , Pet 
Peeves; no money, Norwood after 11,30 p.m , cigarette smoke. 
DISCO . . "Oh no ', "I didnt forget my homework, my cat ate 
it!!! ' . . , Found; with friends . Favorite Activities; singmg. 
collecting glass, bemg outdoors . Friends: AD. N R , B M,. 
CO . j R-. E J .S B , M.G. AND — SU— many others' 

Musical 1.2,3.4, Chorus 1.2.3,4. Double Quartet 2.3.4. Swim 
Team 3.4, Spring Track 1.2. AFS 3. 

Dale Suzanne Shanning 

161 Pond Plain Road 
Happiness is found in simple thmgs — a sparkling laugh, a 
refreshing tear, an understanding smile. 

Dale , , , big blue eyes, preppie , , . Likes: Preppies, little 
doughnuts, popcorn, a certain Walp«)le boy . , Dislikes; cur- 
fews, homework, snobs, veggies . . , Pet Peeves; parking lots, 
slow drivers, pitchforks, hospitals . , , '"No biggie, ". "NO 
WAY! ", "Really though * , . , Favorite Activities: skiing, golfing, 
going to Faneuil , Found: the Halfway. B,K,. on the slopes, 
with the "girls" , , , Friends: Deb, Sue, Gina, Kim, Becky, LB.. 
J.M,, DM.. Paul . . college . THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!! 
Spring Track I. Green Years Staff 4; Field Hockey 1.2.3, capt. 4, 
Girls' Basketball 1.2. manager 3. Powder Puff 4, Senior Class 
Play Staff 4, 

Pamela Shippey 

100 Oak Street 
When in distress, weep with one eye, wink with the other. 
Pee, Pam, Ships , . , short brown hair, brown eyes , Likes; 
giKxl times, eating out, A.N. s, M.L.s. meeting people . . Pet 
Peeves; busy signals, domineering [X'ople. Monday mornings 
. "QaxA out "'. "Hi cutie '". "What's up chicks? " Enjoys 

gouig to F.B games and parties Found: S M.. LB., Berg- 

sons. P (; s, with friends Friends. T . P . L.J. J. C. Y.B., 
R A . P W,. N B . S M Crew, and others , Bentley College, 
accounting Thank s Mom and Dad 

Band 1.2.3; Concert Band 1.2,3.4. Orchestra 1.2, Pit Orchestra 
2. AFS C:lub 1,2,4. Powder Puff 4: 

Diane Lisa Simpson 

16 Linden Street 
Eat. drink, and be merr\ for tomorrow you have to face reality. 
Dee curl> hair. prett> smile, nice laugh, hypo. Likes club- 
bing, camping, caps, riding motorcycles Pel Peeves: Freds, 
slamming d(X)rs. loud mouths. Ih>ss\ people Fd\orite .Activi- 
ties: skiing, dancing . . . "Leave me alone "1 know what I m 
doing,"". "Poor excuse." . , . Police Academy. MARRI.\GE OK 
Powder Puff 4. Field H(Kktv 1 


Tracey Lee Simpson 

16 Linden Street 
Do to others as you want others to do to you. 
Trace . . . wild, crazv, different, wavy blonde hair haze! eyes . . . 
Likes; U.V.M., food fights, B cruisin* in Scit. getting on stage, 
crazy people, being with the gang . , . Pet Peeves: Monday 
mornings, sitting Cnuck's office, paying for Bermuda, snobby 
people . . . "Hey kids. ", "Cool out." , "Go for it," . . . Favorite 
Activities: dancing in Chattum's raquetball. swimming, playing 
cups ... Friends: Sue^, M.O.. K.A.. D.C., class of '82. Scit 
people . . . Found: working, Boston, always mobile, in the bird 
. . . unknown. 
Softball 1.2.3, Powder Puff 4. 

Lisa Marie Singer 

William Singer 

102 Croft Regis Road 
High winds do not last all morning, heavy rains do not last all day 
— If heaven and earth can not make things eternal — how is it 
possible for people? 

Dude #4. Linda Zamer, Dinger. Lees . . . brown eyes, machine- 
gun laugh, never on time . . . Likes: bad jokes, kitchen table talks 
. . . Dislikes, sharks, snow banks , . . Pet Peeves: stage fright, 
choking . . , "Only kidding", "Fluff?" . . . Favorite Activities: 5 
A.M. road trips, playing detective . , Friends: '82 gang, the 
Dudes. "80" guys. Studio Gang . , . journalism, blackbelt. 
Drill Team 1, Spring Track 1, Winter Track 1,2. Field Hockey 
2.3.4. AFS 2.3.4. Photography Club 2.3,4. Class Play 4, Powder 
Puff 4, Hockev Cheerleader 4; 

100 Croft Regis Road 
Live some, love some, and have a lot of fun. 
Dinger . - Likes, parties. B.T.s, snow, cars, lifting, food, all- 
nighters, B-Z's. tunes, running . . Dislikes: no tunes, home- 
work. Fred. Exxons . . . Pet Peeves; cops, fines, seeds . . . "Why 
not? " . . Favorite Activities: lifting, running, partying . . . col- 
Cross-country 2, Winter Track 2. 

a ft a\- 

Joseph X. Smith 

59 Lakeshore Drive 
Joe, Smitty, Xoey . , . tall, blond hair, blue eyes, cute, sneakers 
and jeans . Dislikes, Bergson's . . Pet Peeves: puppet power 
"Yeah right'. "WRONG! " . . . Favorite Activities: partying 
... Friends: G.L.. CR.D., Pond, Mitch, Thyman. Rugger. 
Judie, Shiney . . . college. 
Football 4. Spring Track 4. Winter Track 3, Boys' Basketball 1 

Kathleen M. Smith 

5 Centennial Drive. Norwood 
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential 
is invisible to the eye. 

Kathy, Smitta. Shrimpy , . , red hair, green eyes, "Irishy" . . . 
Likes: yellow, #4. arg\'les. T, B. - - , Dislikes: Jackie O", cx>llege 
apps,. cabs . , . Pet Peeves; Myron, commuting , . , "Awesome 
wishes Trish , "EB, , . . Favorite Activities; vollevball. A. P. 2. 
Fnends: McCaff, Sue. Who-deet. Trish, Debbo. Blais. Eddie. 
Nanc". Lynnie. Junie P,. Mrs. H,. Soph buddies, family ... 
Found: gym, J,H., "the locker", Hardiman's. 
Softball 1,3.4. Basketball 1.2, manager 3,4. Volleyball 1.2,3. 
captain 4, Green Years Staff 4. 

Susan Smith 

54 Beechnut Road 
Now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are 

.Sue . . . Likes: the Kinks, spring, Saturday momiups , . . Dishkes: 
Physics, finals , . Pet Peeves; not being able to get into the 
librar\\ writing essays, buying gas , . , "Get this", "Guess what I 
didn't do?" , Favorite Activities: swimming, skating, gomg to 
the beach, spending all my money on records, books and movies 
, , Found; at Skyway Cleaners , . . college, making a lot of 
money and building a real dream house, 
"No Parentheses" 3.4. Green Years Staff 4. 


Gordon H. Snyder III 

24 Linden Street 
Man should live by his own principle and never by someone 

Hogan . . . Likes: cloverlanders. 3 lunches . . . Dishkes: disco, 
punk rockers, Monday mornings . . . Pet Peeves: being late, 
fleas, puppets, plastic people . . . "Born a cloveHander, always a 
cloverlander."" .-. Favorite Activities: hocke 
Friends: CD. DP, ,. U.S.M,C, 
Football 1, Boys' Hockey 1,2.3.4; Boys" Soccer 2, 

key, partying 

Elaine Spirounis 

110 Endicott Street 
Live times to the fullest, for they beome memories too fast, 
Elaine, Lainc . . brown hair, brown eyes, gigglv. friendly . 
Likes: weekends, beach. C.A., chocolate sjiakes. Dedham. 
dreaming, Debbie 6c Alice, parties (9/4/Sl), showcase, summer. 
drive-in, Lincoln Park, concerts , . . Pet Peeves; Monday morn- 
ings, snobs, rainy days, "Vogue" models . . . 'CS.A.D ", 'Meg- 
gal". 'Right! ', "You're young, you II get over it." "No problem! 
. . . Favorite Activities: going out. listening to the stereo, talking 
on phone . . . Found; at Johns parties, uith AC. D D.. ML. 
AD., P F., AS,, J,S.. L-R.. M & M. any-where but Westwood 
... jr. college. 
Chorus 1, Drama Club 1. 

Janet Elizabeth Steeger 

30 Spnng Lane 
Ever\ man has a place, m his heart there's a space, and the world 
can t erase his fantasy 

Jant, Ruby T tall, long blonde hair, ^llible . . . Likes; the 

Doors, volleyball, white convertible TR7 s. Doritos and dough- 
nuts . . Dislikes, getting caught, SAT's ... Pet Peeves; navy 
bluestationwagons, the ■■[X)pular"' crowd, turning red, stretchers 
"Oh my God!"'. "You're kidding! ", "Jim Mornson is alive." 
, Favorite Activities: volleyball, death ndes with KG., lunch 
nms with Bill, being a scientist Fnends Kath. Bill. C N.. 

S.M., everyone . LA. woman . . cx>llege 
Chorus I; AFS 4, Softball 1, \ollevhall 1,2,3.4. Green Years Staff 
4; Powder Puff 4, Photography Club 4, "No Parentheses" 3.4. 

Jennifer Anne Sterling 

41 Wessex Drive 
Happy times may come and go. but memories last forever. 
Jenna . . . long hair?, preppie . Likes; summers in Maine. 
O.E,I,B. and Fred, Pooh Bear, cookie batter, little kids ... 
Dishkes; good-byes . . Pet Peeves: a certain red bead, flat tires 
in S,C, , , "Roll cups!", "As if , , . , Favorite Activities; 

searching for prom dates with J B.. cruising on the QE2. long 
talks with Willie , , Friends, Jenna B, and the girls. LB,, 
Burgs, other summer buddies . . Found: Maine, Spin Off . . . 
U M O 

Musical 2,4. AFS 2.4, Spring Track 1. Winter Track 1, Green 
Years Staff 4: Ski Club 1.2. Powder Puff 4. Girls' Soccer 1.2. 

Daniel C. Stockford 

25 Reservoir Road 
The difference between genius and stupiditv is that genius has its 

Dan. Stockv. A, J. , , . 60 ", brown hair and eyes , . . Likes: 
Oscar, devil dogs. V'W's, Nantucket. C'hinarama , , . Dislikes; 
Yearlwoks. NBF D,. Moral Majority Pet Peeves: J B . air- 
heads, people breaking into my house. FK^ Republicans . . . 
"What a drag, ' . , . Favorite Activities: death rides, acting. Bur- 
ger King runs .. Friends; SB,. DC , T,(; . P A' . J R , B.C. 
J.C. P&thc D S . K S , C & J,, the bellringers Found; in 
green bug, with Scott . college. 

Musical 2.3,4, Thespians 4. One Act Plays 3,4. National Honor 
Society 3.4; Drama Club 3. Sr. Class Plav 4. Student .\nn()uncer 

Carrie E. Sullivan 

53 EUis Street 
Wherever you go and whatever you do voull find a special magic 
in just being you. 

C'are* . . tall, dark browni hair, green-l>lue e\es Likes: 

beach, vacations, long weekeiuls. rap sessions with girls, riK-k, 
disco, animals. 2(K) Dislikes being t(K) tall, work, snobs , . 
Pet Peeves: getting up early, late people, Mondays. S.M B.'s, 
working weekend nights. lH>ring weekends "I'm 5 ft, 10 in., 

not 6 ft- ', "Just leave me alone' '. "U'icked gtxxl . "That s mean, 
terrible, and awful ' . Favonte Activities traveling and l>emg 
with fnends and familv , Friends; J M . PC. D K . R C . 
R I) Foun<l beach, work, anv-when* with the girls of R D, 

eollegc, work. 


Paul Lawrence Sullivan 

37 Meadowbrook Road 
It's safer to fall short than go beyond. 

Sully . . . brown hair, green eyes, bowlegged . . Likes: music, 
good chops , - , Dislikes: cola Sundays . , Pet Peeves: out of 
tune wcK)dwinds, unclosed doors "Help me'". "Goof", 

Whaaatt! , , Favorite Activities; band, band parties, trumpet, 
sleeping . . . Friends: the Band, ■"Moses", J.T. . . college. 
Musical Band 1.2,3.4. Concert Band 1.2,3.4. Orchestra WHS Dance Band 1,2.3.4, S E District Band 3.4. Band 
President 4, Hoop Band 2, Senior Class Play 3. 

William Sweeney 

15 Lea Road 
A man chooses his friends not by whether they can make him 
laugh, but by whether he can make them laugh. 
Will. Wahoo. Wilbo . waves a lot. smiles a lot, a million and 
one excuses . . Likes quarries, capouts. Beachboys. F-ball. 
hamburgers w/extra everything . . . Pet Peeves; singmg the side- 
line blues. Camp Monomoy, "Cute", H.D.'s & B.W.'s singing, 
being called Willow . . "Wahoo", "EEK-EEK." . Favorite 
Activities; W. track, commando raids, R M s&HD. s. Maine, 
skin-diving, getting chased, skiing . - . Friends: the beachbums 
'81, the card sharks, M , Preppettes . , , college 
Football 1.2.3,4, Winter Track 1.2,3.4. Spnng Track 1,2.3,4, 
Green Years Staff 4. 

Martha Rose Systrom 

64 Edgewood Road 
A little bit. O God. goes a long way 

Muff> , , . green eyes, blonde hair, messy appearance . . . Likes; 
Mr. Jagger. Saturdays, going away, Coca-Cola. St, Louis. Ogun- 
quit, Mr Bunny and Secret Kitt\ . Pet Peeves; Mr J-. the 
Lodge, pushy men. labs, French V' . , "Don't worn,- about it.". 
"Who cares:*' , . . Favorite Activities: skiing, calligraphy, pho- 
tography, reading, going out . , . Friends: Mo, OO. Bozo. Bo. Jo. 
Dennis P.. Eric . . college, engineering. 
Girls' Softball manager 1, Ski Club 2, Powder Puff 4. 

Rebecca Louise Taber 

1689 High Street 
To love, one must let go of fear. 

Tabes, Becky-Lou, Mafia . . , skinny, beautiful brown eves and 
hair, classy, elegant, independent Likes: BERMUDA' The 

Cape! Vermont' Pet Peeves; snobs, flirts, fake people, com- 
petition . "Hi kids!", "You goof" , . . Favorite Activities; 
ballet, skiing, cruising in Daddvs red bird, partying on Ladies' 
Choice Friends Michael. Mafia, Kevin, W H S.S.. TL. 

KB , college, lawyer 

StudentCounciIi.2. Basketball Cheerleader 1.2. Drill Team 2,3. 
Musical 2.3. AFS 3, Prom Committee 3, Hockev Cheerleader 
3.4. Football Cheerleader 1.2,3.4. Ski Team 4. Powder Puff 4, 

Bernadette Marie Thie 

240 Oak Street 
Man was given two eyes and one mouth, therefore, he should see 
twice as much as he says. 

Bern. Berns . . . black curly hair, quiet, glasses . . . Likes: Buffa- 
lo, Red Sox, lasagne, snow, soaps. Christmas . . . Dislikes: mud. 
Yankees, new wave . . , Pet Peeves: driving, indecisive people. 
Favorite Activities: bicycling, going to 
idminton. being outside , , . Friends; 
S C . CM, relatives, others . tx>l- 

sneezing. the D K 

Fenwav, ping-pong, b; 

Rita. S R . M D.. t A 


AFS Club 3: "No Parentht 

3,4, Green Years Stiiff 4 

Micheal Sean Thiel 

286 Nahatan Street 
Mickey . . . tall, big brown eyes, brouTi hair, well-dressed . . . 
Likes: CHnt Eastwixxl, Ladies' Choice, disco, my grand prix . . . 
Dislikes: pressure, tying shoes . . Pet Peeves: rock and roll. 
school, homework . . . "Hey toots '. What's up^ '. "Cool out " 
. . . Favorite Acti\ities: water skiing, driving fast , , . Found. 
Cape cx)d, on Ladies' Choice . . Friends: Rebecca. W.H.S.S.. 
MM. J M . TL. BM . KM 6c M OBs. K.C.. F.B. ... 
college, dentistr)'. 
Bovs Soccer 4, 


Julie Cray Thompson 

10 Pear Tree Drive 
The road was long but I ran it, 
The river was deep but I swam it. 

Jul, JC.T. . . . Likes: #7, Montawk races with Pam, Nubber 
Squad. Mellow Yellow, 108. lawriders, ski bums. Rocky HP S. 
. . . Pet Peeves; no license, lacking Efg, ski bunnies - . . 
"C.A.V.", "Fox!" . . . Favorite Activities: skiing, sailing, couting, 
soccer, beingabeach bum , , . Found: Sugarloaf. U.S.A., Rocky 
Nook . . . Friends: Cav, Cal, Pam, Jay and David, I.L.S.. class of 
'82 ... college, medicine. 

AFS Club 2.3.4, Band 1, Concert Band 1. National Honor Society 
3,4, Green Years Staff 4; French Club 3, Girls" Soccer 1,2,3.4. 
Powder Puff; 4, Photography Club 4, "No Parentheses" 2,3. Ski 
Team 1,2. captain 3.4, 

Peter L. Thurmond Jr. 

67 Cobleigh St, 
Let people tell you what to do and you are a follower, tell people 
what to do and you are a leader. 

Thydog, Thunder. Thurms . . , tall, funny, sometimes silent . . . 
Likes; sports, parties, work — (S.M.), The Dead. The Pats & 
Celtics, Boston College & Curry College . Pet Peeves; knives, 
fake people, green cars after parties. Cape Cod night at the 
movies . , , "Get out of here." . - , Favorite Activities: sports. 
weight lifting, good card games , . . Friends; CM.. DP.. M.C.. 
A A. JT, DC. C W ; G L,. JS. G S,, EC, ... college. 
business, marketing, multi-millionaire. 

Leo Daniel Topjian Jr. 

68 Alder Road 
An archer is measured not by the arrows which he shoots, but by 
his aim. 

Toppy . . . curly brown hair, brown eyes, short, wide shouldered 
. . - Likes: weekend parties, being crazy, girls . . . Dislikes: 
snobby girls, being pulled over by police . Pet Peeves: Camp 
Monomoy, smudges on my art work, those that touch my stun 
. . "Help me." . . . Favorite Activities: practicing karate on my 
friends, doing outrageous artwork, going to gymnastics, playing 
h(Kkey . . . Friends Rob M., Howy, Kano. Bones. Bubba. class 
of '82 . . . college 

Boys' Hockey 1. Spnng Track 1, Photography Club 1, Football 
1,2,3, Green Years Staff 4; One Act Play 4. Boys' Diving 4. 

John P. Trainor 

21 Sycamore Drive 
Fools take chances, the wise follow a steady path to perfection. 
Johnny, J.T., Rhino, "53" . . , brown hair, blue eyes, stocky. 
never preppie . Likes: football, hockey nights. C.T . Slim 
Jims, snowfalls. 3C,B snoM. winning - , Dislikes: homework. 
B.F.,'s Mexican food, long waits . . . Pet Peeves; the Sled, losing. 
especially to Millis, boring summers, D.F, and C.J "Huddle 

up." . Favorite Activities: skiing, golfing, skating, harvest 
time. F B, parties . . Found over the ball. Sammy White's. 
B K.. Quarries. M C . . . Friends; class of '82 and others . . 

Football 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 2 AFS 4; Ski Team 4; Golf 4. 

Ehzabeth Anne Tschirch 

31 Millbrook Road 
A smile relieves a heart that grieves. 

Tschirchie, T.. Liz, Como-T . , , long blonde hair . . . Likes: C , 
SB's, and BT's, zz top. Heavy Metal m&m's. (GRB)^ Saturday 
nights . . Pet Peeves; car #1. stone walls, mint shamp(x> in the 
back seat, parallel parking , "O.K, , 'You rat.". "What's up 
chicks?", "P.R." . , . Favorite Activities: skiing, tennis with P, at 
M J , "stating facts" ,. Friends: Ships, Mare. C.C.. Janie. 
B C . G R.B Gang, class of '82 . . Thanks Mom and Dad . . 
Found H I at4:(K)a m .StarM andPG .G R B college. 

St: District Band 1, Orchestra 1, Musical 2. Band 1.2.3. Con- 
cert Band AFS 4, Ski Club 4. 

Francis Turner 

40 Parker Street 
Fran . . , 510", blonde hair, blue eyes, mustache, dark glasses 
. . . Likes; carport , , Dislikes: court\'ard . Pet Peeves, going 
to referrals first thing in the morning when vou have a stud\, 
Monday mornings There is alwa\s a wav to get out of the 

carport. , . . plans to write music m a riK'k and roll band 


Ethel Twomey 

42 Lorraine Road 
Once I rose above the noise and confusion just to catch a glimpse 
beyond this illusion. 

Eth, Wompka, Ethski, Wombat, Syphony . . , long strawberry 
brown hair, pug nose, blue eyes, seasonal freckles . . . Likes: Egg 
McMuffins, free blocks, family. Coca-Cola, weekends, Nell 
Young, J.T. . Skynyrd, workmen's food . . DisHkes; cold feet, 
blushing, being late . . Pet Peeves: homeroom. Spanish, gym 
. . . "Really?", Sleep come free me", "Have you seen Jeanne?", 
"What block is this? . . . Favorite Activities, sleeping, dancing, 
laughing, pulling the snag . . . Friends: J.L., M.S., CO., M.S., 
J.H., GRG, PC, many strange acauaintances . . . Found. Youl- 
dens, Jeanne's, Dedham, among tne missing . . . college, per- 
sonal success. 

Pamela C. Ubillus 

79 Gloucester Road 
We have tomorrow bright before us like a flame, 
Pam, Pammy , , curly top, mellow is nutt>' , Likes: Oreo ic( 
cream, phone calls from Miami, Florida, Sams spaz words , . 
Pet Peeves: when people ask for medium with jimmies, J.B, 
12:00 curfew, Latin II, Bio. notes . . "EBU ". "Shut up!" . . 
Favorite Activities: sailing, tennis, LNOC. crazy talks with L, M 
S . , Friends Westwood gang. The Brookies. Dad and family 
Miami gang . Found Bubbling Brook, D.D., G.R. . . . col 

Musical 3.4, AFS 3.4. National Honor Society 3.4, Drama Club 
3.4, Green Years layout editor 4, Powder Puff, "No Parentheses" 
3,4. Student Director of Senior Class Play 4. 

Susan Margaret Umscheid 

124 Briar Lane 
If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. if you dream it, you can 
become it. 

Sumscheid. Umpy . . curls, too short! . . . Likes: M.V,, serious 
discussions with MDG. and Li, diet Pepsi, sincerity, unicorns 
. . . Pet Peeves: schedules, parking, the "B's". D.I L., being 
sick, W.PL . "OK. fine". "Oh my gosh!" .. Favorite 
Activities: having fun. keeping busy . . . Friends: Mom. Dad, 
N C . MDG.. Li^ P U , Mo, Dana. etc. , college. 
AFS 2.3.4. One Act Plav 3. National Honor Society 3.4. Drama 
Club 3,4, Green Years Staff 4. Powder Puff4. Prom Committee 3; 
Swimming 3,4. Senior Class Play Dir. 4. Musical Dir 3, Girls' 
Soccer 1.2. Doughnut Committee 4. 

Paul Valentine 

182 Birchtree Drive 
Love is a value expressed by some people and received by others, 
but the best person is one who can both give and receive love. 
Val, #15 . . . 5'6". 145 . . Likes: QT. Garden, slapshots, N.U. 
dorms. New Years, Wheaton, Nantucket . , . Dislikes: Tabor at 5 
am, M.P.D., Hartford St, ... Pet Peeves: partially unrolled 
windows, space cadets. Logan heads . . . "No problem.", "Yo.", 
"Oh well." ... Favorite Activities: hockey, bells, BYF. De- 
Molay, library, training, R-Ball . Friends: Lisa, Etc.. Dan. 
Tom. Dave, Wacky. Bug. Mike. CfitB. Mr, Val. Sunny. Bell 
Ringers, Wolverines . . Found: N U.. rink. Mustang, Medfield 
. . . computers. 

Boys' Hockey 1.3,4; Green Years Staff 4. Senior Class Play 4. 

Frances Ventresca 

192 Canton Street 
Only the good die young! 

Francie . . . quiet if you don't know me. brown hair, brown eyes, 
short . . Likes: music, traveling, snow. Paris, cafes. Saturday 
nights. P,D., K.S.. R.R.. payday, the beach, Hanover Street, 
the Cape, cars . , . Pet Peeves: Joe. A.F,, stuck up people, 
moving . . . "What's he talking about?". "Hi, hun!" . 'Totally 
N.C.". "What are we doing this weekend?". "! m so embar- 
rassed!' . - . Favorite Activities: bike riding, long drives, playing 
pool, Christmas shopping, picnics, Italy, clubbing pharmacy 
at Mass. College of Pharmacy of Northeastern. 
AFS 4. Powder Puff 4. 

Ted Vozella 

98 Hemlock Drive 
Life is worth living! 

Ted . . . hazel eyes, blonde hair. Italian . . . Likes: late nights, 
going out on weekends, vacations. KISS 108 . . , Dislikes: Mon- 
day mornings, boring weekends. SMB . . . Pet Peeves: getting 
up for school, going to work . . . 'How's the car?". 'What, are you 
crazy?"* , . , Favorite Activities, hoc-key. footl>aIl. baseball, bas- 
ketball, partying . Found: in a white Cougar, courtyard . . . 
Friends: C.B.. G.L.i. G.L.z. J B., M.S.. B.B.. P.B., V.G.. 
(RN)^ college, local school, construction business. 


William John Ward 

98 Forbes Road 
Make these days, the good old days. 

Wardo, Wah-doo, Bill . . . tall, blue eves, laughing, thinking, 
(Y.G.H.) ... Likes: beach trips. gooJ tunes, smiles, frisbee, 
good talks, running, chess , , . DisHkes: waiting, boredom, cur- 
fews . . . Pet Peeves: warwagon worries, busy tone, plastic peo- 
ple, solutions, liars . , . "Hey now!". "Yea. really." . . Favorite 
Activities: cashing in chips, dropping the eight ball, being with 
the guys . . . Friends: You all know who you are.. S.P.C. . . . 
more school, the Nationals. 

Spring Track 1.3,4, Boys" Basketball 1.2, Winter Track 3,4. 
Cross-countrv 4, Powder Puff Cheerleader 4. 

Nancy Elizabeth Warren 

176 Strasser Avenue 
A smile costs so little, but means so much. 
Nance blue eyes, friendly, cute . . . Likes, sweaters, junk 

food, driving, the Cape , , Dishkes: working weekends, snobs, 
living in Dedham, homework , Pet Peeves: being called a 
prep, busy phones, "Nan ". SATs, phonies, G.L. ... "Be se- 
rious. . "You'll get over it! ', "Des Colores. " . . . Favorite .Activi- 
ties: P.R, '81, fainting, basketball, shopping . . Friends; Kevin, 
M G., IV1.J O , L F , K J , M.M , D.L . ED, T L . KB. .. 

Girls' Basketball 1.2. Powder Puff4. Green Years Staff4. HiK-key 
Cheerleader 4; Senior Class Plav 4 

Sarah Weinstein 

48 Weatherbee Dnve 
Friendship is a horizon which expands when approached. 
Sarah . . brown hair, brown eyes, always wears high heels 
Likes: facial expressions, being on time, working, being in large 
groups, going out Saturday night , , . Dislikes: oeing fat, back- 
slabbers . . Pet Peeves cheerleaders, snobs, freshmen, BFs 
. . - "Be a friend. , "'Might , "Sanks , "What sup?" . . Found: 
Cincinatti Time Recorder, Cindv s house . . . Friends: C.B.. 
PC . PC . KB, R F. IC. MAW., the Gang .. Favorite 
Activities: partying, weight lifting, discus, jumping on a trampo- 
line . . . college- 
Chorus 1,2, Spring Track 1,3. 



Maureen Ann West 

92 Pond Plain Road 
What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us. 

Moe . long, light brown hair, blue eyes, big smile Likes: 
weekends, Friday 2:15. late nights, spending money, sleeping, 
snowfalls , . . Dislikes: good-byes, messed up plans, snobs, work- 
ing weekends . . . Pet Peeves: pep rallies. SATs, college applica- 
tions. CDE blocks, rainy Monaay mornings . . . "No prob "", 
"What's new,", "Huh?", 'Noway!" ... Favorite Activities, par- 
tying, going to the beach, talking on the phone, being with Scott 
... Friends; Scott, MS, JL, C O , , , college. 
Softball manager 1. Green Years Staff 4, Powder Puff 4. 

Dorothy Marie White 

213 Whitew<K)d Road 
The language of friendship is not words but meanings 
Dori, Dor ... blue eyes, friendly ... Likes; swilling DP., 
mellow music, nubber squad, rainbows, tots, openness . . . Dis- 
hkes: insincerity, acid roc*k, embarrassment . Pet Peeves; hard 
guys, diets, math, brains, chicks. B.A.s . , "How a ya?"' , . . 
Favorite Activities: S(Kxer, chatting Found: D D "s. Swen- 

sen's, BC 211, on the phone, on the track . Friends, family, 
Janie, Trace, KB. C;. Jr. B . track team, others . . a>llege, 
AFS 1.2,3.4, Spring Track 1.2,3,4, Winter Track 1,2,3.4, Girls' 
S(Kver 1,2.3, capt 4. Student Clouncil 2.3. VP 4, Class Pres. 3. 
Exchange Student 3. National Honor Society 3. Pres. 4. 

Kristen Marie Williams 

UKS Weatherl>ee Drive 
If you really want something, let it go, if it doesn t ct>me back to 
you, then it wasn't yours, if it comes back, then love it forever! 
Kristen, Willie blue eyes, big smile . Likes; talking, 

hiK-key, lefties. part>'ing Pet Peeves: glamour girls, busy 

signals "You g(K)i!" . "Wicked g(xxl. " , Favorite Activities: 

swimming, ractiuetball. skiing . Found Hoche Bros . wnth 
John . Friends John, Soull, C^ai. Judes, J + J. Richie. .\ N , 
family. Law. Skip, M Ac D B (^ for nursing. Thanks Mom' 

Spring Track 1.2. Girls" Basketball 1,2. Girls" Swim Team 1.2.3. 
Winter Track 3. National Honor StKiety 3.4, AFS 4. Powder Puff 
4. Senior ('lass Plav 4- 


Mary-Ann Winkelmes 

55 Kingswood Road 
The secret of happiness is not in doing what one hkes, but in 
lildng what one has to do. 

Mare - , sincere, persistent, dependable, usually late . . . Likes. 
vacations, D. and M.s "Ascent ', ice cream, pullover sweaters 
. . , Dislikes: getting up early, smoke, deadUnes . . , "It's freez- 
ing in here! ', Tm starved! ' . . , Favorite Activities: playing 
piano and oboe, orchestra, plays, traveling . . . college 
Musical 4, Orchestra 1,2,3,4, AFS 3,4. Thespians 4. Volleyball 2; 
One Act Flays 3. Sacred Cheese 1, National Honor Society 3,4; 
Spanish Cluo 1, "No Parentheses " 3,4; Foreign Language Club 
3. Sr, Class Play 4 Green Years Editor-in-Chief 4, Tri-Valley 
Band 4. Drama Club 3, secretary 4. 

JeflFrey T. Winslow 

53 Crystal Hill Terrace 
Man is the hunter, woman is his game. 

JeflF. Winnie, Led. Bubba . . , tall, dark and crazv. shy. blue eyes, 
slim . . . Likes; large screamers, big crowds, when Nerd s 
grouchy, Jamie s big smile . . Pet Peeves: bemg grounded, 
snobs, backstabbers, clown faces . . "Hey, big guy, what's up?" 
. . . Favorite Activities; playing all sports, listening to music, 
boxing lessons from Ed . . Friends; Laurie, MA. & family. 
Wizz, Willard, Lyncho, D.T. &e Grand Prix, L.O., class of '82, 
family . . . millionaire, college. 

Band 1,2.3,4, Concert Band 1,2.3,4, WHS Dance Band 2,3.4, 
Swim Team 1,2, Spring Track 1,2. Winter Track 1. 

Edward Wisialko 

60 Olde Carriage Road 
Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. 
Wiz, Wizmo . . . tall, green eyes, brown hair, casual Likes; beach 
parties, card games. F.R W & B W.T B. . . Dislikes: the 
destroyed at Wahoo's, Monday, trips in the crankmobile . . . Pet 
Peeves: being alone, snobs, waiting . . . "She's %fif*$#! '. "Tm 
serious!" , Friends: The Golden Boys. Prepettes, Hoss. S.F.. 
Rhino, Bubba, Buck, Papa. C.S.G.. Mrs. C. . . . Found: Berg- 
sons, campouts. S D.Y.G. , . . college, 

AFS 3.4. Spring Track 4. Cross Country 2,3,4. Winter Track 3,4; 
Boys Basketb^l 1.2, Green Years Staflf4. 




tjr / 


i / 



'■7 \ 

Christopher Charles Woicik 

520 Canton Street 
If you're going to play with the big boys, be prepared to pay the 

Buck, Chris, Rock . . . brown hair, brown eyes, always tanned 
Likes; Gav's party. 36-0 routs, pumping iron. New Hamp- 
shire . Dislikes; Mondays, game films . . Pet Peeves: "But 
only if we won the first two games." . . . "Hey, how's it goin'?" 
Favorite Activities; football games, track meets, most sports, 
gambling Found; in a weit^troom. behind a rat^form . . . 

Friends: loyal card players, sled team, various tracksters. many 
more , . . college. 

Football 1,2,3.4. Spring Track 3.4; Winter Track 3.4; Doughnut 
Committee 4. Green Years Staff 4 

Nina Sunita Yalla 

85 Locust Drive 
Life is half spent before we know what it is. 
Nina . . . short, black hair, brown eyes, very quiet . , . Likes: late 
nights, amusement parks, loud music, money, love stories, slow 
dancing . . Dishkes: rainy days, cars breaking down. SAT re- 
sults, punk rock, disco, fresh boys . . . Pet Peeves; immature 
boys, school librarians, preps, slow drivers, money moochers. 
curfews . . . "Really?" . . . Favorite Activities: talking on the 
phone, eating, watching T.V. . . Friends: M.M.. S.B.. V.C.. 
L.G., C.B. . . . college. 
Green Years Staff 4, Powder Puff 4. 

Dana Elizabeth Zalkind 

130 Briar Lane 
If you're living up to your ideals then they're not high enough 
D Z.. Banana , , big hazel eyes, 5 min late, not preppv . 
Likes: yellow pants, apres-le-ski. suntans, Chinese food . . . 
Dislikes: mornings, blue hands . . . Pet Peeves: SATs, W B. 
deadlines . . . Favorite Activities: dancing, skiing, travelling, art 
. . . Friends, class of '82. CC. "Red Dots" , , Found: lost 
somewhere in the Mediterranean, on the slopes . . . college, 

Ski Team 1.2.3,4. Soccer 1.2. Swim Team 3. National Honor 
Society 3,4, Drama Club 3,4. Ski Club 1.2-3.4. AFS 3,4. "No 
Parentheses " 3.4. Sr. Class Play 4. Green Years art editor 4. 


Camera Shy 

Glen Bothwick 

29 Wentworth Street 

Beth Nash 

193 Winter Street 

Edward Buonato 

24 Sunrise Road 

George Savary 

53 Burgess Avenue 

Ronald M aloof 

48 Juniper Ridge Road 

Charles Whelan 

12 Dean Avenue 


In Memorium 

To Danny, 

a remembered friend:^ 
our paths will cross again. 
So dear friend, until then 

Kurt Kendrick '82 

Daniel Mulgrew 




Junior Class Officers (left to right): Secre- 
tary Diane Walsh, Treasurer Charles 
Foehl, Vice-president Joe Gallagher, Pres- 
ident Trese LaCamera 

Room 24 — Mr. Nolan 

Front row, (left to right): M. Benincasa, M. 

Arute, M. Borden, D. Albanese, M. 

Antonellis, D. Barry, P. Baggeroer. 

Second row: D. Babineau, B. Abel, W. 

Bent, L. Banker, B. Allman, S. Ambrose, 

L. Becker, A. Arakelian. 

Missing: B. Aho, A. Albrecht, R. Babcock, 

S. Bardzilowski, L. Barry, J. Boland. 

Room 45 — Mr. Thwing 
Front row, (left to right): P. Brady, P. Col- 
ella, O. Bregianos, L. Chapin, L. Both- 
wick, R. Buchmueller. 
Second row: E. Brown, M. Clarke, E. Cof- 
fin, S. Carreiro, J. Cavanaugh, P. Bre- 

Missing: J. Brawley, C. Breese, B. Brown, 
C. Bruno, J. Bruno, E. Bryan, K. Cariani, 
S. Carrabis, M. Cavanaugh, J. Cloney. 



Room 110— Mr. Stack 

Front row, (left to right): A. Dalton, C. 

Coleman, M. Connelly, R. Collette, M. 

Darcy, J. Collins, G. Cornacchio, V. 


Second row; N. Crawford, M. Commane, 

W. Conley, H. D'Angelo, J. DeAngelis, 

L. Crowe, D. Coughlan. 

Missing; C. Connolly, K. Crabtree, R. 

Crowe, L. Darcy, S. Davenport, K. Der- 

vin, G. DeSisto. 

Room 111 — Mr. Davis 
Front row, (left to right): R. Ferzoco, S. 
Fitzpatrick, J. Gearty, D. Dowd, T. Di- 
Giufio, C. DiPietro. 

Second row: J. Foxx, P. Fallon, J. Gal- 
lagher, P. Duray, S. Galberg, K. Finneran. 
Third row: D. Ganem, V. Devlin, J. Fitz- 
gerald, J. Dullea, C. Dickey, M. DiTullio, 
C, Ford. 

Missing: E. Fitzhenry, C. Foehl, C. Fox, 
M. Frain, M. Gardner. 

Room 112 — Mr. Avakian 

Front row, (left to right): A. Haddad, C. 

Hallow, J. Kalfopulos, P. Goodale, D. 

Ihnatko, G. Harakas. 

Second row, (left to right): Mr. Avakian, D. 

Granese, J. Henderson, A. Giiarino, L. 

Giierini. P. Giamhanco, E. Gundal. C. 

Goebel, J. Greely. 

Missing: L. Giberti, K. Gillis, D. Griffin, 

E. (;rube, 1. Hallion, M. Healy, A. Het- 

fron, S. Hoban, P. Hurley, D. Kane. 



Room 113 — Miss Congdon 
Front row, (left to right): L. Lodge, D. Lo- 
wery, M. Macari, G. Keller, J. Lynch, M. 
MacDonald, A. Lynch. Second row: S. 
Manton, M. Kelly, M. Mancinelli, D. 
MacKinnon, D. Malloy, H. Mansiir, T. La- 
Camera, M. Magri. Missing: A. Kelly, L. 
Kirbv, T. Lane, V, Lane. 

Room 120 — Mrs. Hanlon 
First row, (left to right): D. Mather, J. 
McGinnis, S. Masison, K. Moriarty, C. 
McLellan, J. Morrison, D. Melia, K. Mar- 
tin. Second row: ]. Monaghan, J. Mc- 
Cusker, K. McDonald, P. McDonough, P. 
Melanson. Missing: R. Masiello, J. Mason, 
P. McCarthy, D. McCoy, S. McElroy, M. 
McGee, M. Mclnnis, J. McNamara, S. 
Merrill, E. Moloney. 

Room 125 — Mr. Hancox 
Front row, (left to right): S. Moses, T. 
O'Toole, M. O'SuUivan, M. Munroe, C. 
Murphy, R. Nazzaro, P. Murphy, F. 
Murphy. Second row: W. Petersen, C. 
O'Reilly, S. Murphy, J. Murray, B. Pal- 
leiko, R. Murray, M. Padovani, ('. Peter- 
son, A. Pecararo. Missing: C. Mosca, K. 
Nash, R. Nazzaro, C Ormsby, J. Panagos. 



Room 126 — Mrs. Malm 
Front row, (left to right): D. Rago, L. 
Priore, L. Rabatsky, L. Pratt, T. Rinaldi, 
C. Rorrie, G. Russo. Second row; N. Pe- 
trucci, M. Petrucci, L. Robinson, D. 
Prevett, R. Romaine, R. Roach, R. 
Reissfelder, R. Quigley, D. Rorrie, A. Pe- 
tronis. Missing: M. Quinn, J. Rines, T. 
Russo, L. Rzucidlo. 

Room 141A — Mr. Marx 
Front row, (left to right): E. Sugrue, H. 
Stone, B. Shain, K. Sheingold, D. Salis- 
bury, J. Spinale, D. Susi. Second row: H. 
Talty, M. Shafto, M. Shea, G. Shaughnes- 
sy, F. Thie, P. Sicard, J. Schiavo, P. Shu- 
tack. Missing: M. Smith, N. Steere, E. 
Sullivan, R. Swartz, D. Tahmoush. 

Room 14 IB — Mr. Van de Workeen 
Front row, (left to right): E. Towne, K. 
Welling, C. VVentworth, C. Washburn, C. 
Yphantes, D. Walsh, P. Toland, M. Zizza. 
Second row: R. Webber. C. Tosi, P. Web- 
ster, W. V'arian, J. Trigilio, S. Traylor, P. 
White, K. Cariani, M. White. Missing: D. 
VanZile, W. Wonson, H. Williams, A. 



Sophomore Class Officers (left to right): 
Treasurer Annie White, Secretary Laura 
Beltramini, Vice-president Mariann Rice, 
President Use Sigmund 

Room 23 — Mrs. Delaney-Smith 

Front row, (left to right); B. Boland, G. 

Beattie, A. Brown, J. Bride, M. Altohello, 

E. Aquilio 

Second row; C. Ayoub, P. Bennett, L. 

Aymie, E. Boehl, L. Beltramini, A. Abel 

Third row; Mrs. Delaney-Smith, M. 

Brooks, L. Boucher, S. Besser, R. Buono- 

pane, P. Baggeroer, J. Biggs, B. Brooks, 

D. Blumenthal, A. Arrigo 

Missing; K. Badessa 

Room 30 — Mr. Dhimitri 

Front row, (left to right); P. Catanesc, T. 

Colbert, J. Consoli, H. Chen, R. Creasi, J. 


Second row; M. Casey, M. Carreiro, T. 

Colbert, B. Collins, J. Conley, C. Burke, 

L. ('appucino 

Missing; P. (Cameron, J. Cardinale, B. 

Carey, E. Carlson, L. (^arrabis, J. CMoher- 

ty, L. Cohen, R. Commane, J. Coppa, R. 

Cossette, C. Crabtree 



Room 46 — Mr. Nelson 
Front row, (left to right): C. DeSimone, G. 
Daher, P. Follett, G. Fiola, D. Dratch, P. 

Second row: D. Dion, B. Delaplace, K. 
Cusack, D. Fleming, A. Crowe, S. Fal- 
lon, J. Delapa, J. Dalton. 
Third row: B. Ferraro, C. Doherty, P. 
Cummings, P. Eramo, P. DiCenso, C. 
Duray, C. Dillon, D. Ferry, Mr. Nelson. 
Missing: T. Curtin, G. Dew, P. Dwyer, A. 

Room 4SA — Mrs. Thwing 
Front row, (left to right): P. Ganz, M. 
Glynn, S. Hallow, K. Gattozzi, A. Gold- 
faro, G. Frye 

Second row: P. Fuller, L. Gerulskis, M. 
Germaine, K. Haley, D. Gerlach, D. 
Gradv, ]. Fulciniti 

Third row: M. Ganem, L. Friedl, P. Han- 
nigan, K. Hall, A. Fritsch, K. Goldfarb, S. 
Gallagher, B. Gagliard 
Missing: K. Galvin, A. Gilmore, P. Girl- 
ing, D. Grokulsky, D. Guindon. 

Room 101 — Mrs. Rosengarten 
Front row, (left to right): G. Howe, J. Har- 
ris, K. Keefe, K. Hansen, K. Harrington, 
S. Katler, K. Irvine. 

Second row: J. Howley, D. Hegarty, M. 
Hutnyan, S. Jones, T. Jenkins, C. Jur- 
kiewicz, S. Keefe, B. Hill, T. Henderson. 
Missing: C. Hasiotis, J. Homsey, R. Hom- 
sey, J. Hubbell, L. Ihnatko, L. Jenkins, S. 
Jones, P. Keating, R. Keating. 



Room 122 — Mr. Harvvood 
Front row, (left to right): M. Lazzaro, J 
Libitz, E. Keyes, L. Longtnoore, M 
Lynch, J. Lindgren, V. Keyes. Second 
row: K. Kruger, L. Kelle> , T. Lanzillo, R 
Lund, S. Lowell, K. Lundherg, A 
Lookner, D. Kelley, Mr. Harvvood. Mi.s.s 
ing: B. Kirkham, J. Kirrane. T. Kostigan, J 
Lane, K. Larson, G. Lassen, R. Leveckis 
P. Lozier, M. L\nch. 

Room 123— Mrs. O'Brien 
Front row, (left to right): K. Mazzarella. S. 
Lynch, C. Maguire, P. .MacDonald, J. Mc- 
Cusker, S. Mackay, L. McDermott. Sec- 
ond row: Mrs. O'Brien, C. McCusker, C^. 
Malloy, K. Margeson, \V, Lynch, (". Mac- 
Intyre, M. McKenna. Missing: L. Mac- 
Donald, J. Mackey, G. MacKinnon, NL 
MacKinnon, N. Macris, S. Magri, D Ma- 
her, \'. Marani, VV. Mayhew, B. McCiillis, 
C. Mclnnis. 

Room 127 — Mr. Earls 
First row, (left to right): R. Messina, D. 
Morrison, Mr. Earls, M. O'Brien, L. 
Mundt, M. Nandi, G. Moriarty, L. Mosca, 
K. Morse. Second row: D. Mullallv, S. 
O'Rourke, S. Nolte, G. Ormshy, M. McSo- 
ley, P. Nixon, J. Murray, A. Morrison, T. 
Nee, D. Mullen. Missing: A. Megley, M. 
Michael, A. Mirsky, G. Monaghan, T. 
Nader, J. Najjar, C. O'Brien, A. Orphanos. 



Room 129B — Mrs. Hayes 
First row, (left to right); N. Richards, E. 
Page, M. Rice, R. Roth, M. Perrv, J. Ro- 
senkaimer, K. Rosenblad. Second row; C. 
Rabatsky, R. Saccone, C. PoH, E. Pappis, 
B. Palleiko, E. Romaine, C. Ruggiero, D. 
Peirce, S. Rzucidlo. Third row; D. Peters, 
W. Palhs, K. Pindel, S. Rich, C. Riley, R. 
Rudser, J. Procaccino, L. Riordan, L. 
Quinn. Missing; J. Ripley. 

Room 144A — Mr. Keegan 
First Row, (left to right); J. Smith, J. 
Schock, B.J. Swartz, L. Smith, V. Spakevi- 
cius, I. Sigmund, J. Sweeney. Second row: 
P. Strack, D. Sicard, D. Sheppard, S. 
Simms, S. Thiel, R. Shea. Missing; W. Sal- 
lale, S. Sareault, R. Sayers, D. Sesnovich, 
J. Shepperson, L. Simpson, G. Smith, J. 
Smith, K. Starratt, L. Stivaletta, D. 
Strauss, K. Subacs, E. Sullivan, S. Sul- 
livan, T. Sullivan, R. Swartz. 

Room 153 — Miss Maruca 
Front row, (left to right); G. Ale.\, C. Thur- 
mond, A. White. K. Verdi, M. Ward. N. 
Umscheid. Second row; D. Valentine, B. 
Zieper, K. Welbv. J. Thornton, A. White, 
P. White, R. White, V. White. Missing; J. 
Tunney, M. Weinstein, D. West, J. 
Youlden, C. Zizza, M. Turner. 



Freshman Class Officers, (left to right): 
Secretar> L. Thornton, Treasurer J. Dion, 
Vice-president L. Losardo, President J. 

Room 33 — Mrs. Gray 
First row, (left to right); K. Breen, J 
Bruno, T. Banker, C. Abel, M. Barry, ] 
Bent. Second row; J. Brooks, C. Bean, T 
Bennett, T. Aaron, D. Brown. Missing; S 
Ackerman, C. Antonellis, J. Barrett, P 
Barrington, M. Basch, K. Bier, W. Brown 
C. Bruno, P. Bruno, A. Buechler, P 

Room 34 — Miss Tieri 
Front row, (left to right); W. Carlson, C. 
Crowe, T. Cashin, D. Carey, A. Christen- 
sen, P. Capobianco. Second row; R. Bier, 
K. Colbert, L. Coppolino, J. Conley, S. 
Callaghan, S. Coughlan, W. Cass. Third 
row; A. Collins, J. Carter, N. Cohen, J. 
Casey, R. Ciampa, M. Collari, J. Cronin, J. 
Conway, B. Cox. Missing; F. Cochrane, S. 



Room 35 — Mr, R. Burke 
Front row, (left to right): M. Doursounian, 
J. Doherty, M. Daley, J. Crowley, C. 
DelConte. Second row: M. Cummings, S. 
Darcy, L. DeAngelis, J. Dion, M. Davis, 
P. Dakin. Third row: J. Dervin, P. Dre- 
sens, ]. DeSisto, B. Davis, R. Dacey, L. 
Dickey. Missing:]. Cummings, L. Curley, 
P. Danna, K. Dramis, D. Eosco. 

Room 36 — Ms. Adams 
Front row, (left to right): M. Ford, T. Fer- 
zoco, ]. Griffin, G. Fontecchio, L. Eglitis, 
R. Federico, G. Fox, G. Flahive. Second 
row: P. Friedman, J. Goebel, M. Giam- 
banco, M. Ford, S. Grey, S. Fitzhenry, M. 
Eldridge, L. Fitzhenry, C. Granese, Ms. 
Adams. Missing: ]. Faiara, M. Filippone, 
P. Foehl, M. Gattozzi, J. Gobbi. 

Room 43 — Mr. K. Burke 
Front row, (\eh to right): T. Hogan, S. Ha- 
beeb, ]. Guindon, J. Hansen, R. Gunder- 
sen, A. Gundal. Second row: P. Haley, S. 
Henderson, C. Harrington, L. Hood, E. 
Holderried, S. Grokulskv. Third row: Mr. 
Burke, B. Hagberg, P. Hardiman, J. Hall, 
B. Harrington, E. Haines, D. Hart, H. 
Harrington, W. Hayward, K. Hanley. 
Missing: R. Higgins. 



Room 51 — Mrs. Runcie 
Front row, (left to right): L. Lambert, W. 
Jenkins, L. Jacobs, L. Hurney, R. Locke, 
L. Lane, E. Levine. Second row: J. LaVita, 
K. Kiely, D. LeBlanc, J. Laham, J. Kava- 
naugh, K. Leary, L. Lennon, T. Hunt. 
Third row: C. Lawless, S. Kallenberg, C. 
LaCamera, T. Kane, J. Howley, D. Lane, 
R. Kippenberger, S. Kruger, M.J. Kre- 
mer, Mrs. Runcie. Missing: J. Hurley, A. 

Room 115 — Mrs. Cummings 
Front row, (left to right): M. Mancinelli, H. 
Maynard, A. McCusker, P. Martin, D. 
MacWhinnie, K. Lynch. Second row: M. 
Lookner, L. Losardo, B. McCarthy, E. 
Maxwell, I. Lin, J. Madge, H. Maki. Third 
row; J. Maranjian, D. Maus, C. Malout, K. 
Malloy, S. McCoy, J. MacDonald, E. Mc- 
Carthy, M. Luke. Missing: A. Linville, G. 

Room 128 — Miss Rice 
Front row, (left to right): C. McCrath, K. 
McSoley, C. McCrath, J. McKenna, S. 
Morrison, M. Mosca, M. Morritt. SecoTid 
row: M. McDermott, H. Narayanan, J. 
Murphy, A. Musto, P. Mullen, S. Mullen, 
M. McDonald, J. McDonough, L. Nader, 
P. Nee. Missing: S. McCillis, R. Mclnnis, 
M. Montella. E. Murphy, D. Nastasi. 

^ ^r^ III ^r^ Ot 




Room 144B — Mr. Topalian 
Front row, (left to right): S. Renzi, P. 
Quinn, J. O'Malley, E. Papetti, M. Rago, 
K. O'Rourke, P. Petrucci, D. Pecararo. 
Second row: Mr. Topalian, J. Petrucci, G. 
O'Brien, J. OToole, C. Priore, A.M. 
Peavey, V. Petronis, S. Penza, R. Reardon, 
R. OToole, A. Power. Missing: K. Nelson, 
K. Nolte, P. Padovani, K. Page, B. 

Room 144C — Mr. Luther 
First row, (left to right): J. Shepherd, D. 
Sanford, C. Rosenblad, K. Seward. Second 
row: S. Stapleton, K. Russell, K. Strana- 
han, D. Spinale, M. Stone, L. Savary, S. 
Sudduth. Third row: H. Reynolds, K. 
Silva, K. Sareault, M. Skelly, T. Singer, T. 
Shea, A. Smith. Missing: S. Rines, L. Sha- 
hidi, N. Smith, K. Spelhnan. 


Room 152 — Mr. Hargreaves 
First row, (left to right): J. Williamson, M. 
Varian, J. Travlor, M. Sweeney, D. Talty, 
R. Susi, S. Wood, J. Thie, L. Whalen. Sec- 
ond row: L. Thornton, R. Totino, A. Won- 
son, D. Tavalone, C. Sullivan, G. Topjian, 
K. Toffoloni, W. Wilen, S. Weber, Mr. 
Hargreaves. Missing: J. Thurmond, W. 
Walsh, D. Watson, S. Wilmot. 









This year the SAB, under chairperson Mariana 
Giovino, inspected the prospect of a fast food lunch 
program, reviewed student rights and incorporated 
meetings with the School Committee and members 
on an informal basis in the school atmosphere. Senate 
members Rick McKenna and David Callaghan at- 
tended meetings for Massachusetts Regional Board of 
Education which gave the board insight into new aca- 
demic ideas and solutions to pending problems at the 
high school level. 


Once again, Westwood High School's Student 
Council had a busy year organizing many projects to 
benefit the school, the student body and organizations 
outside of the school. 

President Sean Fitzpatrick, Vice-president Dori 
White, Secretary Paula Ballantine, and Treasurer 
Lauren O'Brien started the year with the fourth an- 
nual Homecoming Week, which was a tremendous 
success. The officers also supervised the writing of a 
Student Council Constitution, the delivery of car- 
nations at (Christmas and a Bloodmobile. 

Thanks to the invaluable guidance of Dr. Fendell 
and Mr. Baker, the Student Council was able to pre- 
serve traditions and set new trends for the future at 
Westwood High School. 

First row, (left to right): i\. Coiit-n, K. Haley, H. D'Angelo. Second row: L. Darcy, D. Callaghan, M. Giovino, G. 

Student Council OHicers 

(left to right): President Sean Fitzpatrick, Vice-president Dori White, Secretary Paula Ballantine, Treasurer 

Lauren O Brien. 

First row, (left to rieht): 1'. Hallantinc, LO Brien, S. Fit/patnck, 1) Wliit.-, f L..C aiiu i.i, I lo.lil. C. Conser, 
C. Norton. Second row: J. Gallagher. J. Dresens, H. D'Angelo, M Anloncllis, L Hcltrannni. M Rice. C. 
Cavanaugh. Third row: J. Gearty, J. Howard, I. Thornton, J. Procaccino, A. White, A. White, A. Hart. Fourth 
row: K. Cariani, A. Guarino, L. Thornton, J. Shepherd, S. Penza, C. Ma.son, S. Magri, D. Kelliher. 



(left to right): G. Gonser, A. Antonellis, K. McCafFerty, M. Giovino, C. Mason, A. Hart, E. Lane. 

Boys' and 
Girls' State 

Student representatives to Boys' and Girls' 
State spend a week at local colleges studying 
state and local government. Participants are or- 
ganized into towns, countries and political par- 
ties. Mock elections are then conducted to set up 
complete executive and legislative working bo- 
dies. Students gain a greater understanding of 
the mechanics of government by actually carry- 
ing out its daily functions. 

National Merit 

Robert Prevett 


National Honor Society 

Memhers of the National Honor Societ\ are select- 
ed for exemplifying ((ualities of scholarship, leader- 
ship, character and service. 

This year. National Honor Society members served 
the school as tutors, hall monitors and office helpers. 
In addition, the group sponsored various dinners, 
held a reunion tea, and sang Christmas carols in the 
children's ward of Mass. General Hospital. 

All the members would like to thank their advisor. 
Miss Dillon, for her continued dedication to this or- 

Seniors. First row (left to right): C. Coggins, D. Zalkind, S. Umscheid, R. Ciampa, E. Lane, M. W'inkelmes, 
E. Tschirch, J. Thompson, J. Dresens, A. Hart. Second row: C. Ca\anaugh, L. () Brien, S. Curwen, K. 
Burke, J. Mitchell, C. Mason, M. Power, L. Eglitis. Third row: J. Howard, K Burke, S. Hoach, S. Randall, 
P. Lawless, J. Sterling, L. Brooks, M. (iiovino, .\L Dainia, P. L'billos. D White. Fourth row: 1). Beltra- 
mini, R. Prevett, J. Rudser, R. Leveckis, S. Padell, K. McCarterty, P. Fritsch, J. Frew, I). Kelliher. 

Juniors. First row, (left to right): J. Kalfopulos, L. Robinson, L. Becker, D. (iaiu'm, J, Collins, J. Spinale, H. 
D Angelo, G. Ormsby. Second row: J. (ieartv, C. Murpln, 1). Melia, P. Baggeroer. G. Cornacchio, L. 
Bothwick. Third row: E. Coffin, K. Welling, W. Wonson, A. Vessaillian. Fourth row: I) .\lbanese, L. 
Guerini, H. Stone, E. Grube, B. Brown. 


American Field Service Club 

A.F.S. First row, (left to ri^t): K. Penza, J. Thompson, L. O'Brien, K. Williams, E. LeCesne Byrne, R. 
Carter, C. Mason, S. Roach, D. White. Second row: L. Banker, C. Cavanaugh, M. Winkelmes, C Aaron, T. 
LaCamera, M. Magri, P. McDonough, M. Antonellis, J. Collins, D. Barry, D. Rago, D. Melia, A. Yessail- 
lian. Third row; D. Salisbury, W. Petersen, L. Priore, G. Moriarty, R. Buchniueller, L. Crowe, K. 
McDonald, J. Henderson, G. Ormsby, R. Roach, J. Monaghan, J. Howard, M. Joyce, A. Harakas, L. 
Murphy, K. Gennis, J. Steeger, L. Lane. Fourth row; B. Brown, K. Welling, G. Cornacchio, L. Bothwick, 
W. Wonson, J. Gearty, J. McGinnis, M. MacDonald, R. Nazzaro, E. Allman, C. Murphy, B. Palleiko, E. 
CoflBn, J. Murray, J. Spinale, L. Robinson, G. Gonser, C. Norton, K. Scott, S. Lynch, K. Smith, J. Dresens, 
A. Palermo, J. Dramis, S. Doull, J. Manton, D. Murphy. Fifth row; R. Brazier, J. Frew, E. Wisialko. 

A.F.S. First row, (left to right): S. Hallow, M. Germaine, J, Rosenkaimer, N. Umscheid, M. Glvnn, B. 
Delanlace, E. Page, M. Barry, M. Barry. Second row: D. Peirce, A. Megley, S. Palleiko, J. Lindgren, K. 
Lundberg, R. Kruger, K. Gat'tozzi, S. Coughlan, Third row: S, Sudduth, R. Folev, K, KieK-, J. Crowlev. S. 
Magri, M. Rice, J. Procaccino, T. Henderson, A. White, P. MacDonald, D, Grady, K. Lvnch, R. White. 

Under the outstanding supervision of Mrs. Virginia 
McCoubrey, the AFS Club has had a fun filled year. 
The oflFicers were Jim Frew, David Kelliher, and 
Sheila Roach. They did a wonderful job coordinating 
two short-term exchanges, a festive Christmas party, a 
very popular international dinner, and many more 
worthwhile activities. The club membership was one 
of the largest ever, indicating the popularity and suc- 
cess of the club's efforts. One of the club's most pop- 
ular members was Edward LeCesne Byrne, our AFS 
exchange student for the year from Ireland. He spent 
the first half of the year with the Babineau family and 
the second half with the MacPherson family. The club 
also welcomed Mimia Fuentes from Costa Rica and 
Beatrice Knobloch from Germany. We hope these 
members and all of the club enjoyed the year, and we 
hope next year will be as profitable and as successful. 

Beatrice Knobloch 

Edward LeCesne Byrne 



Christmas Concert at the State 
House . . . "You kids did a terrific 
job!" . . . Christmas performance at 
Westwood High . . . "Altos, don't 
shout!" ... Pops Concert . . . 
"Cobbler's Jig " . . . "Sopranos you're 
flatting! " . . . "Seconds, don't you 
know your part by now? " . . . 
"Thanks for the instruction, Mr. 
Markarian, now we won't settle for 
anything less than perfection. " 

First row, (left to right). .VI. Gattuzzi. D. Carey, K. Brooks, C. Mosca. C. .\bel. J Murra\. J I.mkIi, V Hiad\. M Stone, J CumniinKs. K Gattozzi. Mr. Markanan. 
Second row: C. Coleman, M. Mosca, C. Hallow, M. Eldridge.J. Nieh. J Traylor, J Madgi* i^ Kussi'll, B Sliain. J McGinnis, K Dfniii, M Kremer, D Priore. L 


The Westwood High School Chorus en- 
joyed a successful year. The Christmas 
Concert was outstanding as usual with the 
spectacular finale, the "Hallelujah 
Chorus". The chorus went on to perform in 
an exchange concert with Old Saybrook 
and won the hearts of many when both 
choruses sang "Ride the Chariot ". 

The Chorus would like to thank Mr. 
Markarian for his many hours of dedicated 

F.rstn.w. llffttcirml.ti | LmkI, I, Kiiln.M Kldr idu. , S II.,IIm« I I l,.l,l, ,, „ ,1 S l',.l,,. hiuiiis ( \lu-l \ Cund.ii M (...11..,/, M IX.l.^ M | 
Murray Scciindn.w L Dick.x C ll.llli.w.C ( :,.l<-jn..ii, ( Opii. .Iis..n.., K S.w.u.l I, k.■^,■^, S M.iplili.ii | < ninininils, I) Salivl.uix | Null, S (iimi-ii 
K Gattozzi. P Webster. K Keefc, P Girli.ig. Mr Markarian Third row K. Brooks. P Dakin. J Uvita. J \Ud#v. L H.K)d. K Bur. G Hahn.-. I. I'.ipms 
A Abel, B Shain. M Monroe, M Darcy. M Barry. E Page. M Perry Fourth row D StiKkford. J King. W Coiiwii\. J Conies. M Morritt. K Kiissell. J 
Henry, K, Cariani, J. RipleJ', W Seward. 


Double Quartet 

(left to right): L. Robinson, W. Conway, M. Macari, T. Glynn, L. Kirby, G. Gonser, J. Murray, W. Seward. 

Pam Baggeroer, piano accompanist for Double Quar- 
tet and Strut 

This year the DQ continued the tradition of bring- 
ing music to local nursing homes. Rotary Clubs, and 
women's groups as well as performing at the State 
House. The group also traveled to Connecticut for an 
exchange concert. The members were Laurie Kirby 
and Lisa Robinson, sopranos; Jennifer Murray and 
Michelle Macari, altos; William Conway and William 
Seward, tenors; George Gonser and Thomas Glynn, 
basses; and Pamela Baggeroer, accompanist. The 
group would like to thank Mr. Markarian, their direc- 
tor, for his many hours of dedication to this select 
singing group. 

The Westwood High School Strut was a self- 
directed group this year. The Strut performs hit songs 
from the forties. This year, the group entertained at 
the A.F.S. International Dinner and at the annual 
Pops Concert. 

The members of the Strut should be commended 
for their showmanship and talent. 


(left to right): Jane Mitchell, Bill Conway, Jennifer Spiiuile, Joe Murray. 


Concert Band 

The Concert Band had an- 
other excellent year, perform- 
ing in several concerts 
throughout the winter and 
spring seasons. Under the baton 
of Director John Markarian and 
the leadership of Concertmis- 
tress Lynda Cappucino, the 
band delighted audiences 
everywhere with its thrilling 
performances of classical, jazz, 
and popular works. 

The band would like to thank 
Mr. Markarian who returned af- 
ter a two year absence from the 
podium to make this year one of 
the best ever. 

First row: (left to right): L. Cappucino. A. Buechler, M. McKenna, E Delaplace, M. Ford. W Mahew, L Holderried. L. Priore. R Roth. A Megley. L. Tschirch Second row; 
S. Palleiko, M. Giambanco, K. Gattozzi, F. Marslon. P. Duray, E. Gundal, ]. Winslow, P. Giambanco, E. Murphy, D. Lowrey. C. Rosenblad, J Murphy. P Shippey. Third row: 
John Henry, D. Devhn, R. McKenna. C. Ford. B. Palleiko, W. Carlson, J. Ripley. J. Murray. M. McGee, S. Sullivan. W. Gagliard, S. Priore. Fourth row: Mr. Markarian, W 
Conley, P. Toland, T. Aaron, J. Traylor, R. Follet, R, Brazier, G. Russo, P. Sullivan, N. Cohen. 

Mr. Monaghan. director. First row (left to right). G. Gonser. P. Baggeroer, K. Glynn, T. Glynn, J Rules, J Spinale. J- Wu)slow. E. Gundal, 
Polechronis, Second row: R, McKenna. B. Palleiko. D. Devlin. J, Henr>'. P, Sullivan. M. Ciardi. P. Toland. J Riple\ Not shown: J. Murray. 
McGee, S. Sullivan. 

Dance Band 

The Dance Band had an exciting year, playing in a niunber of 
concerts across the Northeast. The group appeared on cable televi- 
sion while playing at a cancer telethon. This years spring tour 
brought the band to the western part of the state to perform in 
concerts and jazz competitions. 

The group would like to thank Mr. Monaghan, who is retiring this 
year, for all his hard work and dedication over the years, creating 
what has become an institution in Westwood for over 2.5 years. 

Concert Band 

The Tri-Valley concert Band was a new musical activity this year. 
Students in high school music departments of Westwood, Asiiland, 
Bellingham, Dover-Sherborn, Holliston, Medfield, Medwa\ and 
Millis were selected to play. The students, directed by the re- 
nowned Walter Chesnut, rehearsed all day Saturday and per- 
formed in an afternoon concert on Sunday, March 14. The 
experience was enjoyed by all students involved and main hope to 
participate again, next year. 

First low. lleit to right): A. Buechler. L. Cappucino. A. Mt 
W Mayhew. P Duray, J. Henry. P Sullivan, J Murra\ 

glcx, M WiiiLlnirs, 1, Ivlnnli, M I', 

S.o.n.h.m I U,|il.- 


First row. (left to right): T. Cashin. K Rosenhiad, K. Subacs, M. Germaine. D. Gerlach, V. Keyes, K. Bier, S. Curwen, R. White. Second row, (left to nght}: Mr. Markarian, K. Lean,', K 
O'Rourke, L. Priore, A. Megley, E. Holderried, C. Duray. M. Winkelmes, E. Page, M. Glynn, L. Thornton. Third row, (left to right). G. Russo, J. Traylor, P. Toland, C. Ford. D. Devlin. 
P. Sullivan, L. Cappucino, S. Sullivan, j Ripley, F Marston. 

The Orchestra had a fine year as 
it performed in .several concerts 
throughout the winter and spring, 
playing arrangements of both clas- 
sical and popular works. Under the 
direction of John Markarian, the 
group highlighted the year with a 
thrilling performance at the annual 
Pops Concert. 

All-State Southeast District 

First row, (lef^ to right): Lynda Cappucino, Anne Megley, LizTschirch. Second row, (left to right). Susan Curwen, Anne Buechler. Third 
row. (left to right): John Henry, George Gonser, Paul Sullivan. 

George Gonser, who sang bass in 
the chorus, and John Henry, who 
played trumpet in the band, under- 
went rigorous auditions to earn high 
positions in their respective groups in 
the All-State Festivad this year. 

The Music Department sent the largest group of students in 
several years to the S.E. District Festival, In the band were Anne 
Megley, Liz Tschirch, Lynda Cappucino, Anne Buechler, John 
Henry and Paul Sullivan. George Gonser sang in the chorus and 
Sue Curwen played in the orchestra. 

This large showing was a credit to the Music Department, the 
students and their private instructors. 

The Color Guard had its most successful season ever, winning 
best Color Guard trophies at four out of six competitions. The 
Color Guard was led by (Captains Cindy (.ollins and Jennifer 
Murray and instructor Chris Raitcble. This year has seen the 
culmination of years of hard work that produced a champion 
Color Guard. 


Marching Band 

The Wolverine Marching Band had its most successful year ever as it dominated the New England 
band circuit and won the hearts of audiences and judges across the country. Under the direction of 
Director Paul Pitts, Drill Instructor Paul Byrne, Drum Major John Henry and color guard captains 
Cindy Collins and Jen Murray, the band won an unprecedented 27 out of 30 possible trophies and 
performed at the Disney World Theme Park in Florida. The band would like to thank the officers for 
all their hard work and dedication. They are President Paul Sullivan, Vice-president Shelly Macari, 
Secretary Karen Gattozzi, Treasurer Paul Toland and Publicity Manager Joe Murray. Thanks are 
also due to the Parents' Association and everyone who helped with the fund-raising for the trip. 


Dance routine . . . "Be true to your school. " . . . "Hail to the 
victors!" . . . soccer cheerleading . . . the long Homecoming 
Parade . . . "How are we going to get there?" . . . munchies 
. . . uniform problems . . . checking out other team mem- 
bers . . . "Let's do SUCCESS" . . . Thanks to Alexa, our 

Varsity Basketball 

First row (lelt to riKht): K. SheiiiKold. S, Hard/ilowski. Si'cond row: M 

O'Sullivan, Captain J. Maliony, M. Munrotr. 



No Parentheses 

No Parentheses 
i am the desert 

spread barren beneath a starry sky 
with me you can remember your 

secret dreams 
and i will keep them forever 

beneath my shifting sands 

i am a mountain peak concealed by 
grey clouds 

with me you can cry out your sor- 

to have them whipped into 

by the swirling winds 

i am a piece of paper 
stretched blank before mankind 
with me you can pour out your 

deepest feelings 
unrestricted . . . 
with no parentheses 

Cara Coggins 

'.:; / 

"No Parentheses", Westwood High School's 
literary magazine, was a sensational issue this 
year. Mr. Michael Milan, in his second year as 
teacher-advi.sor, provided valuable guidance to 
the fifty meml)er staff. Contrihutions troin stu- 
dents ranging from freshmen to seniors flooded 
the staff, giving them a wide variety of poems 
and stories to choose from. 

Many thanks go to all who helped make this 
year's issue of "No Parentheses" one of the best 

First row: C. Marvel. Second row, {lelt to n^ht}: S, ('owurd. (i. Lassen, K. C^ariaiii, W Wodsod, P. Kntseh. T .fillers. S ll.illo\\ . C Jurkiewuv. M (iermaine. 
L. Longmoore, C-. Wentwortli. Third row (lel't to ri^ht); I), Stoeki'ord. I). Ganein. J. Spinale, \'. Spakes icius. I*'. Pane. I* Dil'u-tro. H Tine Kointli i-ow. deft to 
right): C. CoRKins, M. P{)wer. K. MeKeniia, S. Um.seheid, C. Norton. (;. (ionser. D (^allaKlian. T (;l\iin, I. Kirh\.I* H.ivy;rnK-r , P I'lnllos K Martni K 
Lane, A. CoakU'y. K (Jennis, K. Messina. J. Sleeger. N Cohen. 1) Zidkind, M Ciovino. M W'nikehnt ■^ 


Student Announcers 

At Westwood High School, students are 
responsible for keeping the student body 
informed. This task is performed by dedi- 
cated student announcers. Each morning 
and afternoon, a student announcer reports 
to the office to read the notices. Our thanks 
go to these seniors for their valuable ser- 

First row, (left to right): S. Padell, S, Bernstein. Second row, (left to right): G. Gonser, D Stockford Missing: J Manton. 

Mathematics Team 


5 .l_ 





^ ^ -tan 3Le 



^ a.fc "^ 

Despite the loss of many talented members of last 
year's group, the Westwood High School Math Team, 
under the dedicated guidance of Coach Pender, had a 
fine season this year. Strong performances were made 
by Beth Allman, Liz Grube, Deborah Ganem and 
Captain Bob Prevett. instrumental in this year's 
consistent showing were underclassmen Paul Fried- 
man, Laurie Quinn, and Herb Chen. 

With a majority of members returning to compete 
next year, the Math Team can look forward to an 
outstanding 1982-83 season. 

Left to right: Mr. Pender. D Gancm. R Prevett, E Grube. E Allnian. L Quinn. P Friedman 


Once again, Westwood High School students and faculty displayed their pride and enthusiasm 
during the fourth annual Homecoming Week. 

The class competition began on Monday, Hat Day. Preliminary elections for the Homecoming 
Queen and her Court were held. On Tuesday, Pajama and Teddy Bear Day took place for the first 
time. The halls of Westwood High School were filled with color on Wednesday, Clash Day, as 
students and faculty wore mismatched clothing. Thursday brought another new addition to the 
fun-filled week. Toga Day. 







Friday, Green Pride Day, finally arrived and the 
winners of the Homecoming Competition were 
announced. Tlie seniors won, and were awarded two 
pounds of M&M's. Second place went to the freshman 
class. Alexa Davis was crowned Homecominj; Queen. 
The two senior court members were Katie Eflgen and 
Dori Whtie. Tracy I^Camera represented the junior 
class, Liuira Boucher the sophomore class, and Laurie 
Losardo the freshman class. 

Both the football and soccer teams won their home- 
coming games. 

Saturday night, the Halloween Dance took place. 

The fourth annual Homecoming Week had been a 
great success, thanks to the Student (Council and Mr. 





Green Years 

Under the direction of a new advisor, Mr. William 
Ducheneau, and Co-Editors Mary-Ann Winkelmes 
and Kathy Burke, the 1982 Green Years was well 
under way early in the year. The many hours of hard 
work contributed by all involved certainly aided in the 
production of this book. 

Several money-raising events held during the year 
helped supplement the yearbook funds. The raffling 
of Christmas stockings filled with Hershey Kisses was 
a popular fund raiser as was the yearbook photograph 
sale. The most successful event was the yearbook 
spaghetti dinner which attracted hundreds of people. 

In this book, we have endeavored to capture the 
memorable events of the 1981-82 school year. We 
hope these pages bring you happiness when,. in the 
future, you look back and reflect upon your "green 
years" at Westwood High School. 

Advisor William Ducheneau, C^o-Eciitors-in-(,'hief Marv-Ann Wiukeimes and Kath\ ISmk' 

Copy Editors Karen MeCafferty and Mariana Gioviiio. 

Art Editors Carol () Malta an<l Uaiia Zalkind 

Business Editors Hnii Lrvrckis and Liana E^litis 



Sales. First row, (left to right): N. Rorrie, S. Polechronis, D. Ambrose, M. Joyce. 
Second row: M. Luke, J. Leon. Third row: K. Hansen, D. Gavin, P. Lawless. Fourth 
row; C. DeAngelis, N. Cappello. 




C. Mason 

Write lips. First row, (left to right): S. Polechronis, J. Thompson, S l)( 
. Second row; J. Rudser, J. Henry. 

\^ / 

Advertising. First row, (left to right): P. Valentine, T. Albers. Second row: A. Palermo, 
S. Curwen, P. DiPietro, S Coward Missing; D. Callaghan. 

Sports Write-ups. First row, (left to right): C. Aaron, K. Smith, L. Brooks. Second row: 
T. Lynch, G. Gonser, T. Kerrigan, D. Beltramini, M. Devlin. 

^ ^'^^^A 

Photography, (left to right): W. Conners, J. Cook, M. Costonis. Missing: D. Kelliher, 
R. McKenna, G. Hamblen. 





Patrons and Sponsors, (left to right): W. Seward T l.oiigmoore, G. Hamblen. P. Fritsch. 

Typing. First row, (left to right): N. Yalla, B. Thie, S. Haiidall, J. Nieh, S. Roach. 
Second row: J. Marshall, J Steeger, M. West. 

Art. (left to right): VV. Sweeney, K. Scott, K. Cariani. 

Class Histories, (left to right): D. White, C. Cavanaugh, P. Shippev , K. Burke. 

Biographies, (left to right): L. Lane, C. Norton, S. I'nischeiil. 

Geft to right): C. Mosca, C. Wentworth, R. Kruger, C. Hallow, K. Gattozzi, J. Murray, J. Murray, J. 


The International Thespian Society can most easily 
be described as the National Honor Society of drama. 
Its purpose is to improve the theatre arts program in 
secondary schools worldwide. Thespians work both 
on and off stage for their 10 point gold stars. The 
highest award, an honor bar, is given for 500 hours of 

Drama Club 

This years Drama Club was advised by a new faculty 
member of the English Department, Mr. Craig Har- 
wood. Under President Mariana Giovino, Vice- 
president Christine Hallow, Secretar\' Mary-Ann 
Winkelmes, and Treasurer Liz Lane, the members 
learned about acting, lighting, stage make-up and 
other aspects of the theatre in a series of workshops. 

The Valentine cookie-gram sale was a successful 

Many members participated in the school musical 
and the senior class play. The senior members wish 
next year's Drama Club a very successful and active 


"Damn Yankees 



Westwood High School's spring musical, "Damn 
Yankees ", was a ver\- successful and enjoyable show. 

Many thanks are due to the cast members who be- 
gan practicing in February for the May 13th, 14th and 
15th performances. The many contributions to the 
musical by all those who worked on props, make-up, 
publicity, costumes and the set were greatly appre- 

The cast is especially grateful to Jane Swanson, 
director, and Mr. Alfred Mannino, music coordinator, 
for the many long hours they devoted to make the 
show such a success. 









First row (left to right); J Steeger. Captain K Smith. Captain K 
McCafferty. D West, L Mackev Second row: C O'Malia, J Marshall 
D McCoy. S. Padell, K. McCov Missing: Coach J. Uxk 


The Girls' Volleyball Team ended another siicces.s- 
ful sea.son this year with a 13-1 record, and tied for the 
Tri-Valley League title. The girls placed third in the 
Central Mass. Tournament. 

Co-captain Karen McCafferty wa.s selected for Cen- 
tral Division, Tri-Valley and Patriot Ledger All-Star 
teams. Kathleen McCoy and Sue Padell were also 
selected as Central Division and Tri-Valley All-Stars. 
Co-captain Kathy Smith wa.s selected for the Tri- 
Valley All-Star team. 

Junior Varsity 

First row (left to right): E. Levinc. S, Mackay. S. Lynch. C Foli. M Kii-e, L Kiordan SeiH)iid niw: M Krcincr. S Fallon. S Kich U ScsuomcIi 

Ma//.arclla, C Riley. 


Field Hockey 

Junior Varsity 

First row (left „,. ., „ „. .. ,.- 

Ihnatko. Third row. Coach M.B. HoUingsworth, S. Callaghan, J. Hall. L. Hood, K. McSoIey. J. Cummings. D. Barry, Coach M. Procaccino 

First row (left to right): Capt. C. McLellan, Capt. D. Raeo. Second row: C. McCrath. M. Rago, C. Antonellis, C McGrath, D. Carey, Coach j. 
" natko. Thii ' " ......... ■ „ „ .. „ . . „ „ „ „ 


First row (left to right): Capt. K. Effgen. Capt. D. Shanning, Capt. L. 
O'Brien. Second row: Coach M. Proccacino, L. Becker. K. Burke, K. 
Burke, I. Sigmund, M. Cavanaugh, D. Prevett, D. Barry, D. Ambrose. 
Second row: Coach M.B. HoUingsworth, M. DeSimone, L. Bothwick, 
L. Robinson, B. Allman. L. Singer, H. Stone. K Welling. J. Cloherty. 
D. Rago. Coach J. Ihnatko 

Under the dedicated coaching of Mrs. Mary Procca- 
cino, the Girls" Varsity Field Hockey Team had an 
improved season. The highlight was tying Medfield, 
thus preventing their entering the state tournament. 
The team was led by Tri-Captains Katie Effgen, 
Lauren O'Brien and Dale Shanning. Daily Transcript 
All-Stars were Katie Effgen, Sue Ambrose, Lisa Both- 
wick and Lauren O'Brien, who was also chosen as a 
Tri- Valley League All-Star. 

The team would like to thank Coach Mary Beth 
HoUingsworth and former W. H . S. field hockey player 
Janice Ihnatko for their dedicated coaching and sup- 
port. Special thanks go to Mr. Gearon for being a 
constantly encouraging fan. The graduating members 
wish next year's team the best of luck. 


Ace, Mad-dog, Dude, T. K. Mountain, Wizmo, Jav, Hogan, Blue Lou, Welbs, Yappa, Lopey . . . "Where's 
Paul?" . . . team madness . . . the magic bus . . . Jello and Costello, 

Led by Tri-Captains Mike Devlin, Eric McKenna and Ed Wisialko, the Boys' Cross-country Team finished 
with a 4-3 record. After a mediocre league finish, the team bounced back in the State Divisional Meet. Aided by 
the 13th place finish of senior Bill Ward, the team placed a strong tenth. 

Other senior team members were Jeff Draper, Paul Maher, Rob Morrison and Bob Prevett 

The team would like to thank Mr. Hargreaves for his outstanding coaching and wishes next year's runners good 

First row (left to right): P. Dorr, S. Wood. K Breen. P Duray, K. Welby. G McKiiinon SeixHid row: L Gucrini. B Prevett. E Coffin, P Mt-Carthv 
C. Trussel. J. MeCusker, P. Maher. Third row: C'oach R. Hargreaves, T. Kostigen, R. Morrison, K. Galberg, E. Wisialko, E. McKeniia, M. Devhn, B 
Ward, J. Draper, D. Grokulsky, R. Williams. 



, Irl • ^ ' 


First row Oeft to right): Coach H. Fischler. C. Murphy, M Ward, E Papetti. L Lambert. Second row: P White, C. Maguire, A White. J. McCusker. 

The Girls' Cross-country Team, under the leader- 
ship of Captain Cindy Murphy and Coach Harvey 
Fischler, finished the season with an impressive 5-1 
record and won the league meet. 

Both Cindy Murphy and Elise Papetti were chosen 
as Tri-Valley League All-Stars. 

The team would like to thank Coach Fischler for all 
his time and support. 




First row (left to right): M. Ruggiero. J. Trainer, P. Hanley, D. McKenna, B. O'Bnen, Captain J Kane, Captain T. Antonellis. Captain R. Bradley. B 
McKelvey, J. Barry, C. Woicflt, S. Bernstein, C. Whelan. Second row: S. Maxwell. M Cummings, D Gavin, M Arute. J. Howard, R. Bryan. D 
McKtnnon, J. Cook. W, Sweeney. Third row: B. Brooks, M. Mancinelli, P- McDonough, H Talt>. S- Fitzpatrick. R. D'Angelo, K Cariani. M 
MacNamara, K. McDonald, J. Gallagher. Fourth row: G, Shaughnessy, L. Crowe. M. Kelly. A. Guarino, D. Granese. R, Furzoco, J Smith Fifth row: 
Co^h J. Finn, Coach M. Mucciarone, Coach J. Diatelevi. 

The Varsity Wolverine Football Team, led by Tri- 
Captains Tony Antonellis, Jim Kane and Rich Brad- 
ley, had a very successful year. Sean Fitzpatrick broke 
a high school record and was selected to the Patriot 
Ledger, Daily Transcript and Tri- Valley League All- 
Star Teams. Other All Stars included DougMcKenna, 
Bryan O'Brien and Jim Kane, who was voted the 
team's most valuable player. 

The team would like to thank their coaches, cheer- 
leaders and fans. 

Junior Varsity 

First row (left to right): J. Carlevale. T. Sullivan, B. Cochrane, C. Crabtree, M. McSoley, S. O'Rourke, C, Dillon, P. Dwyer. P. Dresens. Second row: 
Coach E. Huber, P- DiCenso, V. Marani, S. Rines, P. Cummings. J. Harris. G. Dew, M. Sweeney, J. Murray, L. Kelly. Coach V. Scarlata. Third row: 
J. Cronin. B. Lynch, C. Malloy, R Shea, D. Guindon Fourth row: B Walsh. T. Ferzoco, S. Fitzhenry, R. Susi, A. Mirsky. G. Topjian, D. Spinale, C. 
Bean. J. Laham. 



The Girls' Varsity Soccer Team, under the leader- 
ship of Tri-Captains Dori White, Donna Losardo, 
Caroline Cavanaugh and Coach Niles, had an out- 
standing season. The team ended up with a 12-3-3 
record and finished second in the Southern Indepen- 
dent League. 

Representing the team as S.I.L. All-Stars were 
Maureen Magri, Marianne MacDonald, and Lisa 


Girls' Varsity 

First row (left lo right) L Btltramini, M McDonald. Captain D Losardo, Captain C Cavanaugh, Captain D. White. E. Sugrue Second row: J 
Dresens, M. Mclnnis, T Henderson, B J Swartz, K Penza, L. Banker. J Thompson Third row: Manager L. Chapin. L. Darcy, T. LaCamera, M 
Magn. L Brooks, J Mitchell. A White, E. Moloney, Coach Mike Niles. 

Girls Junior Varsity 

First row (left to right): L. Losardo, S. Penza, Captain M. O'Brien. 
Captain S- Magri. Captain J. Procaccino, B Hill. L. Mundt. Second 
row:C, LaCamera. C, Granese, S, Katler. M Cummings. J Conley, G. 
Flahive, M. Barry, B Farara, K Toffbloni Third row: K Dramis, M. 
Glynn, L, Thornton, R. Rudser, D. Grady, C. Thurmond. A. Musto. S. 
Coughlan, Coach M. SuHivan. 


First row Oeft to right): Captain B. Murphy, Captain T. Lynch, Captain J. Ogden. Second row; B Conway, D. Beltramini. J, Gavin, A. Hart. G. Gonser, 
B. Carter. H, Donlon. J. Rudser, K. Glynn. Third row; Coach E. Rock, T. Lanzillo, T, Lane, M Antonelhs, M. White, D Morse, R. Murray. G. 
Ormsby, Assistant Coach J. Henderson. 

>r 7.^ 

Joe who? . . . We re twenty minutes late . . . Don 
Shanklon . . . How does it go, Johno? . . . the creation 
of toastback . . . start running. 

The Boys' Varsity Soccer Team had its work cut out 
for it this year. Faced with a new coaching situation, 
the starting goalie out with a broken hand, and a 
reputation to uphold, things certainly looked difficult. 
The team, however, rallied around tri-captains Tom 
Lynch, Brian Murphy, and John Ogden, and pro- 
duced the best season in Westwood High School his- 
tory. Only a heartbreaking triple-overtime loss to 
Bridgewater-Raynham in the state (juarterfinal match 
tarnished an otherwise outstanding season. 

Junior Varsity 

First row (left to right); T. Colbert, T. Thornton, Captain S. Merrill. C. Sullivan, M. Padovani, Second row; R. Buonopane. K. Finneran. (Captain P. 

Fuller, J. Bruno, C. Zizza, D. Hart. Third row; Coach J, Henderson, D. Dratch, T. Colbert, P Baggeroer. S Sudauth. D Morrison, T. Banker 


The 1981 Girls' Swim Team saw a much improved 
season this year. Under the new direction of One great 
coach and friend, Ms. Liz Duval, the girls were able to 
improve their times tremendously. Although their 
record was 6-6, each meet brought in new personal 
bests. Co-captains Judee Manton and Kim Cariani 
forecast great success for Coach Duval and next year's 


Coach R Clough, C Peterson, B Manning, Captain J Lodge, T Bennett, Captain R, Leveckis, M Skelly, R. Leveckis, B, Prevett, W Mayhew, G, 

The Boys' Swim Team, led by Coach Clough and 
Captains Reni Levekis and Jack Lodge, finished a 
rebuilding season with a 4-9 record. 

Reni Leveckis earned Honorable Mention from the 
Tri-Valley League All Stars and qualified for the state 
sectionals along with Tom Bennett and Warren 

The team would like to thank Coach Clough and 
wishes next vear s teain the best o( luck. 

This year's Boys' Winter Track Team didn't (juite 
follow the winning tradition, but did manage a 
6-1 record, its only loss to Holliston. 

Due to the dedication of Coaches Roger Cum- 
mings, Paul Tucelli and Harvey Fischler, the Wolver- 
ines placed first in the league meet and relays. In the 
state meet Sean Fitzpatrick placed fifth in the 50 and 
Andy Hart placed sixth in the 1000. 

The team thanks its most dedicated fan, Mr. Con- 
drin, for his support. 


tr. \ Hart, R Br\'an. S. Fitzpatrick, Coa^^l K 

M, Padovani, E. Wisialko, D. Cavin, J McDonounli. ( MaliHil, B O IihiU-. I- 


Winter Track 

Under the direction of Coach Harvey Fischler, the Girls' Winter Track Team ended their season victoriously, 
capturing the Tri-Valley League championship title. Captains Dori White, Jennifer Dresens, Marybeth Maguire 
and Jane Mitchell led the girls through another successful year. 

Freshman Elise Papetti had an excellent season in the mile, and was chosen as a league all-star along with Dori 
White, Cindy Murphy, Beth ^elaplace, Pam White, Mary Ward, Andrea White, Mary Mclnnis, Jane Mitchell 
and Jennifer Dresens. 

The girls would like to thank Coach Fischler for his counted support and dedication. 

First row (left to right): Coach R. Cummings. M. Joyce, J. Dramis, J, Dresens, J. Maguire. D. White. J, Mitchell. E. Papetti. M. Barry. M. Power. 
Coach H. Fischler, Second row: L. Bothwick, P. Baggeroer. P. Brady. J. Dion. K, McCafferty, M, Magri, M, Rice. M Ward, D. Flemming. B. 
Delaplace, K, Verdi. Third row: S. Manton, S. Roach, C, Murphy, A. Heffron, M. Mclnnis. P, Macdonald, A White, J McCusker. A. Morrison. S. 
Keefe. Missing P. White. 

Girls' Basketball 


First row (left to riKht), C^ O'Malia. C Cavanau(ih, Captain D Losardo. 
Captain C. Aaron. K Mc-Cov- Second row, manager E. In^raham, 
Coach K.D. Smith, D West, L Boucher. B Fitzhenry. D McCoy. T. 
LaCameia, B. Hill. D Walsh, L. Daicy, Assistant Coach M HoUings- 
worth. Missing: E. Sugrue, L. Banker. 

Guided by Co-captains Cheryl Aaron and Donna 
Lo.sardo, the girls completed one of their finest sea- 
.sons ever. They finished first in theTri-Valley League 
with a record of 16-0 as they continued to strive to- 
wards the national record. The team would like to 
thank Coach Delaney for an outstanding year. 



Junior Varsity 

First row (left to right); P. Nee, K, Draniis. J. Conley. L. Riordan, M (^ummings, L, Thornlon Second row; K. Morse, F. Bennett, C. Granese. S. 

Kallenberg, C. Burke, T. Henderson, J. Procaccino, C. LaCaniera, J. Casey. L. Beltramini, L, Mundt, Coach M. HoUingsworth. 

Season highlights included victories over such #1 powers as Needham, Quincy, and Lincoln-Sudbury. Coach 
Kathy Delaney Smith led her Wolverines into tournament play for the tenth time. After defeating Waltham and 
Bishop Stang, the girls were finally defeated by Wareham, who went on to capture the title. 




;\\\. t: 

(14 'I rr '"T w w I ■''V6~ 

JiiTiuir \'iirsit>' 

Kirvt row (Icrt ((> riKl.l) I' Dwer H <) ■l.u)!.-. J Cnllin, B WaKli. I CollK-it S.voeuI r.iv 

Coaih Ki><)k. S Sar.ault, J B.kk-.. H Hii.wn. K I'liul.l. S MiCov 

I) llarl. J Muria\.J DtSlslo. i; Ormsl>\ lllliil [ 

Boys' Basketball 

Under Coach Peter Geary, in his first varsity sea- 
son, the performance of the Boys' Basketball Team 
was the surprise of the winter. Picked by the league 
coaches to finish last in the league, the team finished 
tied for third. A 10-9 record was the result of much 
hard work led by captains John Pinciaro and Chris 
Maynard. Congratulations to Jim Howard and Chris 
Maynard for being named Daily Transcript All-Stars. 

The team would like to thank Coaches Geary and 
Rook, Don, the trainer, and Joe Gearon for their work 
and support. 


First row (left to right): D. Beltramini, Captain C Maynard. Captain J Finciaro, J Howard. Second row: Coach Geary. K. Buchmueller. C, .Smith. K 

Galvin. B McGilhs. P Cnmniinjis, ] Bruno. G DeSisto. J Henderson. G. Ornisby. 



First row {left to right): A Ayriiir. y Valentine. K. Welby. (' DeSinuHic, H Swart/., (^aotain B, Murphy. E. Buonato. P. Tallon. I) Sheppard. M 
Smith Second row: Coach HognuJ]. Draper. C. Duruy. V. Duray. T. Musto. B. Heissfelder, Captain J, Gavin. E Henderson, ('aptani j Ogden. E 
Brown, G. Snyder, N, McDevitl/j, McCuskcr. Coach Bradley, 

Led by Captains Brian Murphy, Jim Gavin, John 
Ogden and Coach Dick Bradley, the 1981-82 Varsity 
Hockey Team ended the season with a 9-6-3 record 
and placed third in the Tri- Valley League. 

Both Jim Gavin and Brian Murphy set high school 
records. John Ogden, Jim Gavin and Brian Murphy 
were selected to the Tri-Valley League and Daily 
Transcript All-Star teams and played in the T.V.L. 
All-Star game. Paul Valentine was selected for the 
Comeback Award. 

The team would like to thank Coach Bradley for his 
dedication and hard work. 

t-*-'*-<*-»"» ♦ 

Junior Varsity 

First row (lett to right): S Nolte. E Aquilio, J Conway, P. Hardiman, K. Breen, J Doherty, K Finneran. B. Cass, A. Power, J. MacDonald, D 
Pecararo. Second row: D Peters. M Basch. J Petrucci, M White, D. Valentine, ] Foxx. S Rhines, T Curtin, P. Keating, A. Pecararo, P Hannigan 
D, Malloy, C. Sullivan, Coach P. Hogan. 


Ski Team 

The Ski Team had a great season this year, as there was 
plenty of snow. Julie Thompson and Stuart Merrill were 
elected captains of the downhill team, while Lori Brooks 
and Jim Rudser led the cross-country team. 

The downhill team competed in four meets this sea- 
son. The girls' team placed first in two of those meets. 
Julie Thompson held the top place for the girls with 
Carolyn Mason, Pam Casey and Debbie Ganem not far 
behind. The boys' downhill team also did well this year. 
Dave Guindon held the top place with Stuart Merrill, 
Leo Crowe and Chris Goebel also finishing well. 

The cross-country team competed in two meets this 
season. Top finishers for the boys were Stuart Merrill, 
Jim Rudser and Dave Guindon. Carolyn Mason, Julie 
Thompson and Debbie Ganem also finished at the top. 

The state competition was held at Ward Hill in Brad- 
ford. Julie Thompson, Pam Casey, Carolyn Mason and 
Debbie Ganem represented the girls team, while Use 
Sigmund and Anne Crowe were chosen as alternates. 
David and Jay Guindon represented the boys' team at 
the state competition. Westwood didn't win the com- 
petition, but this year's season was enjoyed by all. 

The team would like to thank Coach Colleta for all her 
time and effort. 

In front: Coach Coletta. First row. (left to right): J. Goebel, D Ganem, I. Sigmund, D Zalkind. J. Guindon, J. Thompson S. Merrill C 
Mason, D. Guindon, L, Lambert. Second row; D. Blumenthal. G, Lapham, K Stranahan. M. Kenney. B. Harrington S Mackav I 
Rudser. R. Rudwer, C. Goebel, K. Welling, S Galberg, D Dratch, T Jenkins. P Ganz. 


Golf Team 

The 1982 Westwood Golf Team compiled a fine 12-2 record. High point of the season was a 205-210 
win over first place Medway at the Medway home course. 

Statistician Joe Coppa recorded an improvement in scoring over the previous year's team by 150 
pars, 40 birdies and 2 eagles. 

Outstanding rounds of the year were an even par by Paul Keating, and one over for Charlie Foehl 
and team captain, Jerry Keller. Jerry also did well at Medway, placing second in the League Tourna- 

Westwood was represented at the State Tournament in Boxford by Paul Keating, Jerry Keller, 
Charlie Foehl, Bob Reisfelder, Ross Buchmueller, and Marc Padovani. 

The team would like to thank Coach Raymond Kodzis, and looks forward to a successful season in 

First row (left to right); K. Goldfarb, C. Foehl, J. Coppa, J. Hubl)ell, G. Keller. Second row; Coach 
Kodzis, M. Padovani, P. Keating, J. Murray, C. O Brien, G. Fiola. Missing; R. Buchmueller, R. 


Girls' Tennis 

The Girls' Tennis Team had a very good season capturing second place in the Tri Valley League with 
a 14-2 record. The group qualified for the state competition, but lost in the second round to the 
Pentucket team. 

The doubles duo of Jamie DeAngelis and Laura Beltramiiii was undefeated tor the season and will he 
returning next year. Also returning will be the powerful doubles team of Sheila Murpln and Deidre 
Dowd. Steady playing by the singles team of Sharon Katler, Joy Procaccino and Oo-captain Lisel 
Banker helped the team to finish with such a fine record. 

A great deal of credit for the girls success goes to Mrs. Mary Procaccino, whose outstanding coaching 
was greatly appreciated by all the girls. 

The leadership and ability of Co-captain Pam Casey, the team's only senior, will be greatK missed. 

The girls hope to be next year s Tri Valley League champions. CJood luck, girls! 


.1! "^ !«■#• .• • . y ■«»?. . w <imi> 

Fiislnmili-llt.inKliti, L. baiiki-i. I'.C.asi'v S.-cdnd row; S. Miirpliv. R RudsiT. S K.ilU-r, D Dowd, I) H.iirv.J I'rocaiciiui Third rinv 
Coach Procaccino. E. Allman. A White. E Griibc. J DcAiiKi'lis. I, Eicltr.iniirn, C M;uliit\riM'. Missmu i: M.iluiuv 


Bovs' Tennis 

The Boys Tennis Team enjoyed a very successful season, finishing with an unprecedented three 5-0 
victories. Overall, the team finished with an 11-3 record, taking second place in theTri-\'alle\ League. 

After superstar George Gonser s injury in the first match, the team realK pulled together with 
determination and was led by Stuart Merrill, Ted Jenkins and Dan Hart in the singles di\ ision. George 
returned and was selected an All-Star along with Stu and Ted. Jim Rudserand Dan Hart finished as Tri- 
Valley All-Stars in the doubles division. 

The team wishes to thank Coach Armstrong for her leadership and support throughout this most 
encouraging season. 

First row (left to right): E. Jenkins, R. Brazier, J Rudser, G Gonser. M Mancinelli, T. Banker. Second row: E. LcCcsnc B>Tne. P. 
Giambanco, S. Merrill, D. Hart, R McKelvey, E. Maxwell. Goach Armstrong. 


Boys' Spring Track 

The Boys' Spring Track Team, 
led by Coaches Hargreaves and 
Scanlon, once again had a very suc- 
cessful season. For the third con- 
secutive year, the boys were 
undefeated, winning the Tri Valley 
relays and Tri Valley champion- 
ship. The entire league must cer- 
tainly be envious of Westwood's 
fine track program. 

All-Stars this year were Gene 
Carlson, Sean Fitzpatrick, Pete 
Fritsch, Peter Ganz, Andy Hart, 
Jim Howard, Jim Kane, Eric Mc- 
Kenna, Bob Prevett, Joe Smith, 
Will Sweeney, Steve Sullivan, Bill 
Ward and Ed Wisialko. 

Many thanks go to the coahces 
for their dedication and support. 

FirslrowdefttohKhllR, Follett.P, BaKKfrofr.R. .Murray. M.C;ar(liHT,S OHcnjrk., T CoIIhtI.T Snil.v.ui, R H.ilK-mkS I'll/patruk i (oIIhtI. C Km-no.C For.!, 
J. McDonough Secondrow: C: Dohertv. J C(K)k. B, Cox. P Mulli-n, (■ B.;iii, K M.iisliin | lli.ward \l Cm/. J Sinilli ,i .iplani' C Wni. ik naplam', \\ S«.-<-iu-\ 
(captain). R D'Ang.-lo. G MacKinniin. J Bride. E. Carlson. S Fil/li<nr>, M Filipponc. I) 1' R\riuv Ilind row { oacli llaij;rr,i\rs. 1. Cinl.-v. V Don M 
Devlin. P Fritsch, E McKcnna. R. Prevett. E Coflin. S. Rzucidlo. \V Ward. D (;rokulsk\ . R Mornson ) k.nie .\ Hart. E U isialko. D (;.i\ni 1 Ihornlon V 
Durav B Roach M Kclley. K Sareault, J Howlev. R Mclnnis, L Friedl, C, Malouf. S Sullivan. II ( h.n \sMslant Coach Scanlon MissinR J Bnoiv ( Dui.i\ I 


Girls' Spring Track 

First row (left to right): E^ Papetti, K. Leary, L. Bothwick, A. Heffron, M^ Mclnnis, M, Magri, K, McCalkitv, M Manum J Ui,,<„:. P 
Ballantine, C. Murphy, Second row: J, McKenna. L, Avmie, J, Shepherd, K, O'Rourke, J, DaUon, M Power, H, Narayanan, J Dion, L Pratt, 
K, Dramis, L, Lambert. C. McGrath, J, Fafara, N Smith, D. West, B, Knobloch, Third row: Coach Fischler, S, Morrison. ], McCusker, C, 
Maguire, P. MacDonald, P, White. M. Ward. J. Murphy. B, Delaplace. K Verdi. D Fleming. J. Hall. S. Penza. M. Collari. H. Maki. K 
Colbert, J. Williamson, V. Devlin, K. Lundberg. R. White. E, Levine. E Fitzhcnn,. Assistant Coach Tuccelli Missing M Barr\'. G. 
Comacchio, M. Rago. H. Stone, E. Sugrue. 

The Girls Spring Track Team had another success- 
ful season under the leadership of Coaches Fischler 
and Tuccelli and Co-captains Paula Ballantine and 
Jennifer Dresens. Contributing to this success was 
Jen Dresens, the first girl selected as a Daily Tran- 
script four year All-Star, and Erin Sugrue who fin- 
ished fourth in the state pentathalon after seven hours 
of competition in heavy rain. 

Freshman Elise Papetti set a new school record for 
the two mile run, and other fine performances were 
made by Anne Heffron, Mary Mclnnis, and Lisa 
Bothwick. The girls worked hard to finish the season 
with a 6-1 record, second in both the conference meet 
and the Tri Valley League relays. 

The girls would like to thank both coaches for their 
dedication and hard work. 



Junior \'arsit\ Team. First row (left to nght) M Kremer, C Granese. P. Nee. C, Burke, S. Henderson, K. Morse, N I'liistheui Snoml ro* 
M. Cummings, K, Harrington, ] Conley, L. Mundt. M- O'Brien. Coach Miehalos, Missing: D (lerlach, M GI\nn 

Firstrowlleft longhll Uhile, I. Brooks, I) U>sar(lo, I l.i( '.inui;i, ( Aaron, D Walsh, ( ( .isan.iugh Sivond roi 
Madge. L. Darey, L Cappuiino, A Dalton, S Koaeh, 1. Boniher 

(o.ullNmelstei, J 

The Girls' Varsits Softball Team had a \vr\ ,siic'ce,ssfiil season, finisliiiii; with a l()-(i record, Tlie team 
appeared to he toiirney-l)oiiiid until four tonsil losses near the season's end shattered all hopes of a eham- 
pionship. Led l)\' Captains Domia Losardo, Lori Brooks and Trae\ La( Camera, the j;irls \v»'nt on to heat 
Dover in two ver\ ton^;!) Kii'iH-s. Cood Inek to next year's team! Mneh ^ratitnile noes to (loach Sinelster for 
her dedication and support througho\it the season. 



The Boys' Varsity Baseball Team, led by Coach 
Downes and Co-captains Brian Murphy and Mike 
Ruggiero, finished the season with an impressive 
13-6 record. In the state tournament, the team was 
defeated in the first round by Bridgewater- 
Raynham. Nevertheless, the season had many 
highlights. Brian Murphy was selected a first team 
Tri-Valley League All-Star. Second team selections 
included David Beltramini, Tony Antonellis, 
Kevin McDonald and Joe Bruno. 

With many talented players returning next year, 
the team should have a very successful 1983 season. 

VarsityTeam. First row (left to right): D. Beltramini, J. Gallagher, A. Guarino, B. Murph>. M Ruggiero, J Henderson. G Ormsby. Se 
row: A. Antonellis. K. McDonald, J. Bruno. R. Bradley, W. Brooks. E. Sullivan. Coach Downes. 

Junior Varsity Team. First row (left to right): M. Lookner, P. Dresens. T Ferzocx), J Brooks, D Sheppard. J Guindon, D Gumdon Second 
row: R, Shea, K. Galvin, C. Malloy, P. Cummings, S. Besser, P. Dwyer, P DiCenso, B. Hagberg. Coach Carroll. 






Senior Class Advisors 

We, the Class of 1982, 
would like to express our 
gratitude to the advisors who 
helped make our senior year 
one of the best of our lives. 
The senior advisors spent 
many hours organizing, cha- 
peroning, and supervising 
our various activities. For all 
the help and guidance, we 
thank the senior class advi- 


Miss H. Joan Dillon 

Senior Advisors. First row, (left to right): Mr. Peter C^ase, Mrs. Mary Bishop, Mrs. Mollis Perry, Mr. Michael Milan. Miss Judith BoUes, 
Mr. David Walsh. Second row: Mrs. Joanne Arnold, Mrs. Judith Des Pres, Mr. David Hart. Mr. l^awrencc \'a!Iancourt. Mr liohert 
Dennis, Mr. William Duchcneau, Mr. Harve\' Fischler. 


Faculty vs. Seniors — Softball Game 


Baby Pictures 

Top row (left to right): Jeanne Leon, Debbie Am- 
brose, Everett Henderson, Martha Systrom, Mau- 
reen West, Annette Palermo, Rita Fox, Sarah 
Coward, Dori White, George Hamblen, Jed Draper. 
Second row: Maura (^lynn, Susan Randall, Meg 
O'Hara, Frank Marston, Krislen Williams, Janica 

Nieh, Maryiuui Diuina, Denise Mt<;ainbly, Maurtn-n 
Joyce, Andy Hart, Kathy Burke, Karen Burke, Lori 
Brooks, Patty Casey. Third row: Liz Mullen, (^arol 
Norton, David Beltramini, Christine Roberts, Rich- 
ard (^onlon, Paula Baliantine, Sharon Lynch, Karen 
Hutnyan, MikeCianz, David (iav in, Sarah W'cinstein, 

Kath>' Smith. Fourth row; C'unvcii, Inidda 
Curtin, Liana Kglitis, Sue Doull, Sheila Roach. 
Cher\l Aaron, Lisa Russo, Jim Kane, Dale Shanniug. 
Jeimifer Sterling. Mar\-.\nn \\'ink<-lmes, Ril.i 
Ciampa, Jud\ Mahone\, Jennifer Drescns, Julie 

Fifth row: Scott Bernstein, Tony Antonellis, Dana 
Zalkind, Patty Cashin, Lynn Mac-key, Lisa Ferrari, 
Debbie DiMascio, Kristen Eads, Brian Dalton, Bill 
Ward, Julie Thompson, Jim Howard, Pam Casey, Mi- 
chelle DeSimone, Sandv Polechronis. Sixth row: Tom 

Kerrigan, Judy Engeian, Marvellen Power, Teri Al- 
bers, Ed Wisialko, Jon Cook, Sue Umscheid, John 
Ogden, Karen Scott. Seventh row: Eric McKenna, 
Carolvn Mason, Bernadette Thie, George Gonser, 
Maria Goddard, Cindv Collins, Judee Manton, Jack 

Lodge, Christina Howe, Michael Thiel, Bernaduie 
Collins, Bill Singer, Lisa Singer, Norman Rome, 
Debbie Murphv, Christine Fryar, Doug McKenna. 


Freshman Year 

As seniors, it is difficult for us to recall the feelings that we had as 
we entered the high school; feelings of excitement, of anxiety and of 
fear, as our big-shot days of the eighth grade came to an end. 

We elected class officers: Rich Bradley, Karen and Kathy Burke, 
and Katie Effgen. We joined together with great cooperation in the 
A. F. S. magazine drive. We were active in the first annual Homecom- 
ing Week, edging out the sophomores for third place in the class 
competition. Kim Cecca was our representative in the Homecoming 
Court. No one will ever forget Mr. Fischler's whole-hearted effort to 
show his green pride. 

We were overwhelmed with the diff^erences in our new school: 
unassigned free blocks with music in the mezzanine, those towering 
upper-classmen, the maze of halls, and the variety of activities. Those 
activities did not go without their hassles. We all remember field 
hockey girls in skirts and those goggled bathing beauties. But we 
made our mark. The girls' basketball team, with Cheryl Aaron and 
Donna Losardo, won the state championship. The boys' hockey 
team, with Jim Gavin and John Ogden won the Tri-Valley League 
championship, and the marching band won its first two competitions 

We closed out our year with a class trip to Scusset Beach, putting a 
successful end on a successful year. 

Sophomore Year 

Led by our competent class officers: President, Rich Bradley; Vice- 
President, Karen Burke; Secretary, Kathy Burke; Treasurer, Dori 
White, we confidently began our sophomore year. 

Academically, we explored the world of biology with Mrs. Salt- 
marsh and Mr. Sarris, to whom we presented a stuffed banana, and 
Oral English with Miss Shute. No one will ever forget her 
diaphragmatic breathing exercises. 

One of the major events of the year was the Second Annual Home- 
coming Week featuring such activities as "Hat Day " and "Gieen 
Pride Day". Maria Goddard represented our class in the Homecom- 
ing Court. With an overwhelming sense of sophomore spirit, we 
placed a respectable second in the over-all class competition. 

As Sophomores we were well represented athetically. The Girls' 
Track Team won the League Meet and the State Relays, with our own 
Dori White capturing the state title in the two-mile event. The foot- 
ball team, while playing at Schaeffier Stadium, defeated Foxboro in 
the season opener. The team, with many sophomores earning letters, 
wiped Millis out of the Super Bowl for the second time in a row. The 
Girls' Varsity Basketball Team went undefeated and took the Tri- 
Valley League title once again. Cheryl, Kathy, Donna and Carol all 
saw playing time. 

Socially, some of us fared better than past sophomores and were 
permitted to attend upperclassmen parties much to the dismay of a 

certain group of upperclassmen girls. As a class, we showed our 
innovativeness by holding a banquet-dance instead of the usual semi- 
formal. This was also the year some of us decided to order class rings. 
We had finally made it through our last year as lowly underclass- 
men. We looked forward to our new status as upperclassmen and 
especially to the superiority that came with it. 

Junior Year 

finally approached and although we heard rumors about the diffi- 
culties involved in being upperclassmen, we moved in with pride and 

It all began with those infamous PSAT's, Achievements, and finally 
the SAT's, which some of us loved so much, we took them again. 
Others took the SAT Review Course and, of course, aced them first 
time around. 

Our class was under the leadership of President Dori White, Vice 
President Andy Hart, Secretary Carolyn Mason, and Treasurer 
George Gonser. 

We all understood the work load that was to be taken on as juniors 
and the horror stories that we had heard about it. Miss Congdon's US 
History and Mr. Tosca's AP, with his class performances, all rang 
true. We all took that dreaded chemistry and memorized valence 
charts for half of the year with Mr. Marx or Mr. Van de Workeen. 

Our football team didn't do too well all season but when it came to 
the final game, against Holliston, the Wolverines really showed us 
who was boss. The Girls' and Boys' Basketball along with Girls' and 
Boys' Soccer all played in their perspective tournaments. The March- 
ing Band did an excellent job this year! They placed in every competi- 
tion and even stole the show at Norwood, walking away with first 
place and everything that went with it. The Girls' Field Hockey team 
did pull through for us this year, winning their one game of the season 
— a job well done! 

Homecoming Week had been as exciting as it had been in previous 
years. During Friday's Pep Rally, as we cheered the football players 
on, we chose our representative, Dori, for the Homecoming Queen's 

Our musical this year, "How to Succeed in Business Without Re- 
ally Trying", was a fantastic show. Bill Conway and Sandy Polech- 
ronis had a great time demonstrating their talents as they sang and 
danced their way to stardom. 

The Prom, held at King Philip Ballroom, was a smashing success. 
The Queen's Court was represented by June Marshall, Jane Mit- 
chell, Karen McCafferty, and Kathy Gennis. We danced the night 
away as we awaited the prom theme — "Keep on Loving You — 
which never came. 

Junior year had finally come to an end and senior year was just 
around the corner. We pulled together socially and scholastically, 
and now we were prepared to take on the best year of our lives. 


Senior Year 

As a class, we started our senior year in much the same way as 
previous classes. With apprehension and enthusiasm, we looked for- 
ward to whatever our final year at Westwood High School would 

Our class, led by officers Andy, Tony, Carol and George, was about 
to experience the year at the top. We were no sooner in school when 
we found ourselves off to Amaru's for our first senior class activity. 
The breakfast was a huge success and fiin was had by all at the pow- 
derpuff football game afi:erwards. The cheerleaders were an added 
surprise. Who would have thought there was a group of guys with 
such nice legs right here at Westwood High School. 

We got our first taste of what the number 256 really meant when 
we got our class rank. Well, we know at least one fifth of the class was 
happy. College applications and SAT's were also a big part of the fall. 
Everyone wondered where they should apply and where they could 
get in. 

Homecoming week was a great success this year. Hat Day and 
Clash Day took off in their usual fashion displaying an array of colors 
throughout the school. And then there was that special surprise that 
made the administration a little bit upset. It was called a panty raid, 
and as a result, seventy-five percent of the senior class girls belonged 
to an exclusive club called the ten hour club. Green Pride Day 
capped off the week with the crowning of homecoming queen Alexa 
Davis and her senior court Kate Effgen and Dori White. The Hallow- 
een dance was fun for all making Homecoming Week a tradition once 

Athletics played a major role in the fall too. Both the boys' and girls' 
soccer teams and the girls' volleyball team made it to the tournament. 
Both of the cross country teams were very successful, also. But the 
highlight of the fall was the football team. They had a winning season 
which was quite a change over last year. The perfect ending to a great 
season came the Saturday night parties. Who will ever forget Mike 
Arute's or Rich Bradley's and of course on occasion Tony had a whaler 
or two or three or four . . . 

The winter was cold and long. The mad rush to finish college 
applications was on. Friday nights were usually spent at the basket- 
ball games which always provided exciting action. The track teams 
did exceptionally well as always. The ski team had better luck this 
year due to the snow which happened to be lacking last year. The 
girls' basketball team made it to the tournament only to be plagued 
with chicken pox and some disease Donna had which made her face 
look like one big mosquito bite. 

Just when you thought all was lost the boy-girl hockey game was 
ready to be played. Who ever thought we had our own Bobby Orr 
right in Westwood. Of course his name was John Pinciaro, but he 
skated just like a professional. After the game, everyone headed to 
Bobby McKelvey's house for a warming up party. 

April came along and the inevitable hit, "Spring Fever". Only two 

more months of school left. Preparations were being made for the 
Senior Class Banquet and other activities. The theme for the banquet 
was "Waiting on a Friend ". We had the pleasure of having our own 
Mick Jagger, Bobby McKelvey, sing with his band the "Tumbling 
Dice". Impressions of Miss Dillon and Mr. Milan left the audience 
rolling on the floor laughing. We also had another great surprise. The 
Attemptations sang their rendition of "My Girl". Will we ever know 
who they were? It may be a mystery forever. 

The famous words "tomorrow is not a skip day" were spoken that 
night but no-one payed attention to them because Horseneck beach 
was very crowded the next day. The funny thing was that it happened 
to be all Westwood High Seniors. It was a great beach day but not for 
Al Haddad. He had a hard time finding his car when it was time to go 
home. He knew he was in trouble for skipping school, but a lost car 
wasn't exactly what he had in mind. Al finally got his car back but 
trouble wasn't over. Along with the rest of the class, Al spent an extra 
day in school. But the consensus says it was well worth it. 

Spending a Friday in school was becoming non-existant for many 
seniors, but Mr. Gearon was thinking when he scheduled sports 
activities for teams on Fridays. At least half of the class would be in 
school half of the day. All the spring sports teams did well this year. 
The Softball team made a great improvement over last year, as did the 
baseball team. The boys' and girls' track teams were well represented 
in the state meets and the tennis teams also fared well. 

The next big activity planned was the junior-senior prom. Al- 
though the weather could have been better it was a huge success. 
Carolyn Mason was crowned queen and everyone had fun dancing to 
the music of "the Marsels." The greatest shock of the night came 
when the band actually played the theme song "Wishing on a Star ". 

Finals were over and school was out with only one week until 
graduation. It was the longest week in a senior's lifq. Even though the 
class trip was postponed a day to Thursday, everyone had a great 
time. Almost everyone went in the water whether they wanted to or 
not. Football and volleyball were enjoyed by all between eating 
meals of hamburgers, hot dogs, steamers, and chicken. On Friday, 
we filed into the gym for Class Day. Awards and trophies were given 
out to recognize students' achievements. Afterwards, we filed out for 
our last graduation practice. 

Sunday, June 6, 1982, finally arrived. Despite the rain and over- 
crowded gym, graduation was a memorable event. As diplomas were 
handed out, we walked proudly up to receive them, realizing our four 
years at Westwood High School had finally come to an end. 

As we reflect on the past year, we regret only that it must come to 
an end. Thanks and appreciation are had by all towards the faculty 
and administration for making our senior year at W.H.S. a memora- 
ble one. We can look forward to the future with its commitments and 
challenges. The future is our class of '82 — it will be what we make it. 

Written by Dori White, John Henry, Karen Burke, Pam 
Shippey and Caroline Cavanaugh. 


Senior Class Breakfast 

November 11, 1981, was the day for the Senior Class Breakfast, one of onr first fun-filled activities of the year. 
On the road to Amaru's, one could see a caravan of green and white decorated cars filled with very hungry green 
and white decorated people. 

The aroma of cofiee, ham and eggs greeted us as we arrived. When we had finished eating, awards were given 
out to the Powder PuH coaches and organizers. Amid victory chants and cheers, our caravan departed, psyched up 
for the Powder Puff game and displaying spirit never before seen at Amaru s. 





Powder PufF 

This year's Powder PuflF Football team, led by Tri-Captains Bernie Collins, Trish Lawless and Donna Losardo, 
lost a rough and difficult battle to Dedhain. The game drew the largest crowd ever and the fans were entertained 
by the lovely senior boy cheerleaders. 

The Powder Puff team was coached by Ed Huber, Doug McKenna, Tony Antonellis, Rich Bradley and Jim 

Although Dedham won, 18-14, both teams had a great time. 

The girls would like to thank their coaches and the senior advisors for organizing the game and helping to make 
it a success. 

Lovely Ladies! 


Senior Class Play 

The December 11th and 12th performances o( lially Round the Vluji Boys were living proof that this year's 
Senior ('lass Play was a tremendous success. 

After two months of hard work, (Undo, Maggie, Hoxie and the rest of the gang were able to make the town of 
Putnam s Landing come alive. 

Thanks to Miss Dillon and the direction of MissTrisorioas well as the student direction of Susan Um.scheid and 
Pam Uhillos it was an unforgettable experience. 


Flea Market 

Early in September the senior class began to gather 
items for the Flea Market. 

On Saturday, September 26, 1981, a tremendous 
effort was put forth by Mrs. Perry, Miss Dillon and the 
spirited seniors to make our first fund raiser suc- 


The annual yearbook sponsored spaghetti dinner 
was held on January 22, 1982. 

Many seniors, Miss Dillon, Mrs. Perry, Mr. 
Ducheneau and Head Chef Flalierty worked together 
to make the dinner a great success. 


This year's Senior Boy-Girl Hockey Game was a 
huge success. The girls were coached by Mr. "Juinpin' 
Joe " Gearon. Great offensive plays were made by 
June Marshall and Katie Effgen who each scored a 
goal. The boys, coached by Mr. Hart, .swept in three 

Thanks go to Mr. Flahive, Miss Dillon, Mrs. Perry 
and the teachers who helped to make this senior 
activity successful. 

Senior Class 

On April 30, 1982, the Westwood High School Cafeteria 
was transformed into a banquet hall for the Senior Class 
Banquet. The theme for the event was "Waiting On A 
Friend". The superlatives, presented by Green Years Edi- 
tors Mary Ann Winkelmes and Kathy Burke, provided 
some memorable moments, as did the faculty imitations by 
Tom Glynn, Kathy Smith and Doug McKenna. Musical 
entertainment was provided by the Dance Band and Tum- 
bling Dice, who also performed the theme. Many thanks to 
Miss Dillon, the senior class advisors, the Dance Band, and 
the senior class officers for making the banquet a success. 





Dan Topjian — Carol O'xMalia 


Brian Murphy — Cheryl Aaron 


Dan Stockford — Jenny Murray 


Tom Lynch — Sue Umscheid 


Andy Hart — Dori White 


Will Sweeney — June Marshall 


John Pinciaro — Pattie Ciampa 


Michael Thiel — Bernadine Collins 


Jim Frew — Judee Manton 


Scott Bernstein — Lauren O'Brien 


Tony Antonellis — Carol O'Malia 


John Henry — Liz Tschirch 


Jim Gavin — Karen McCafFerty 


Scott Bernstein — Chris Roberts 


George Gonser — Alexa Davis 


Andy Hart — Dori White 


Marc Costonis — Elke Dratch 


Andy Hart — Mariana Giovino 


Tom Longmoore — Mary-Ann Winkelmes 


Bryan O'Brien — Tracey Simpson 


Reni Leveckis — Mariana Giovino 


George Gonser — Sue Umscheid 


Andy Hart — Dori White 


Marc Costonis — Patty Cashin 


Chuck Whalen — Sue Padell 



Andy Hart — Kathy Burke 



Dan Topjian — Carol O'Malia 

John Henry — Liz Tschirch 

Tom Longmoore — Mary-Ann Winkelmes 

(Icorjjt' (JonsiT — Ait'xa Davis 



Brian Murph> — Chen I Aaron 

Dan Stoclcford — Jenny Murray 

Andy Hart — Dori White 

Tom Lvnch — Sue Uinscheid 

Will Sweeney — June Marshall 

Andv Hart — Dori White 

c:lass DE\ U. 

Bryan O'Brien — Tracey Simpson 





And\ FLiit — Kathv Burke 

Michael Thiel — Bernadine Collins 

Jim Frew — Judee Manton 

John Pinciaro — Pattie Ciainpa 

Scott Bernstein — Lauren O'Brien 


Tonv Antoneliis — Carol O'Malia 

Antiv Hart — Mariana Cicnino 


Scott Bernstein — Chris Roberts 

Marc Costonis — Patty Cashin 

Wdvt Costonis — Elke Dratch 

Reni Leveckis — Mariana Giovino 

Andy Hart — Dori White 

Jim Gavin — Karen McCafiertv 


George Gonser — Sue Umscheid 

Chuck Whalen — Sue Padell 


Lauren O Brien 

On May 28, 1982, the junior-senior prom was 
held at the King Phillip Ballroom in Wrentham. 
The theme for the evening was "Wishing on a 
Star", performed by the Marsels. The deserv- 
ing queen of the prom was Carolyn Mason. 
Her court was well represented by Caroline 
Cavanaugh, Liz Lane, Jennifer Sterling, 
Lauren O'Brien, Jennifer Collins, Terry 
O'Toole, Ann Heffron and Sandy Bardzilowski. 
The seniors would like to thank the junior class 
for providing such a memorable evening. 

Sandv Bardzilowski 

Jennifer Collins 

Ann Heffron 

Jennifer Sterling 

Ten\ () Toole 



After a long graduation practice on June 3rd, every 
senior beach bum at heart piled on the five awaiting 
busses and headed for Crane's beach. Although the 
sun was shy at times, everyone was able to enjoy 

Everyone enjoyed games of volleyball, football and 
frisbee. These activities built up huge appetites which 
were satisfied with clam chowder, chicken, steamers, 
hotdogs and hamburgers. 

A stereo effect was created when many radios 
blared Kiss 108. 

As we headed back to VVestwood we all realized that 
a comfortable sleep was not to be expected — sun 
burn fever plagued us all. We made memories and 
friends which will never be forgotten. 

Senior Class Trip 



^' ^ 



On June 4, 1982, we, as a class, assembled in the gym for Class Day. 
Mr. Kocina, Mr. Flaherty and Mr. Flahive presented awards and tro- 
phies, both academic and athletic, to recognize students' achieve- 
ments. The class history, bringing back memories of our four years at 
Westwood High School, was presented by Dori White, Karen Burke, 
Pam Shippey and Caroline Cavanaugh. Cindy Collins read the class 
poem. Also the 1982 "Green Years " was dedicated, by yearbook editors 
Mary-Ann Winkelmes and Kathy Burke, to Mrs. Hollis Perry for her 
devotion, respect and love for the class of 1982. 

Edward Le Cesne Byrne, our AFS. exchange student from Ireland, 
delivered his farewell speech, expressing his sincere gratitude for being 
able to study in our high school. He also wished the best of luck to the 
class of 1982. 

As we filed out of the gym, we realized our four years at Westwood 
High School were finally culminating. 

-6 - 


9 (S 





Reverend Clergy, Honored Guests, Administration and Fac- 
ulty of Westwood High School, parents, and nienihers of the 
Class of 1982, welcome to this afternoon's Commencement Exer- 
cises. Today is a stopping point in everyone's life, not just for 
those graduating today. In a sense, everyone present is graduat- 
ing, for we all must adjust ourselves and look to the future with 
hope and courage. Today is a day to reflect on the high school 
memories which so often are the highlights of one's life. Each and 
every one of us has much to he proud of Today is also a dav to 
look forward and realize that we must go out into a world that is as 
unfamiliar with us as we are with it. Most of all, toda\ is a da\' in 
which we should all recognize the value the past four \ears has 
had in our lives. It is a day to thank the man\' people in our lives 
who have helped us to this point. 

As I look hack, it seems to me that the Class of 1982 has heen a 
class of tolerance. After three years of freedom during stud\' 
periods, we were gradualK restricted. When we came to this 
school as freshmen, we saw it as a big, heautihil school. In many 
ways this has changed, yet this is our Alma .Mater; it has become a 
part of us. Here, at Westwood High School, we ha\c' gone 
through the most important growing experiences of our lives. 

We are a class with man\ diverse interests. We ha\ e poti-ntial 
dancers, karate experts, businessmen, engineers, fashion de- 
signers, and housewives. Yet, unlike manv classes, we had unit\ . 

President's Speech 

We were quite close academically and socially. But, most of all 
the Class of 1982 has just been a great bunch of people. 

We have made the most of our senior year. You, my class- 
mates, through your response and willingness to co-operate, 
have shown a certain spirit that is rarely seen. You have set an 
example that will be followed by classes to come. 

The present situation in Westwood deserves a re-evaluation if 
future graduates are to have as many good memories as we have. 

Westwood High School has many strengths. Unfortunately, 
some of these good points are overshadowed by a recent low in 
student morale. Many things have contributed to the low mo- 
rale. Some of these can't be helped, like declining enrollment 
and the constant threat of budget cuts, which are often more 
rumor than reality. 

Somehow these deleterious effects must be counterbalanced. 
I believe the best way to start is with greater involvement on the 
parents' behalf Parent support is important, but student com- 
mittment is imperative. Most of all, the underclassmen must 
realize what they have at Westwood High School and take advan- 
tage of it. 

We have much to be thankful for at Westwood High School. I 
have studied in many school systems, but never before have I 
seen teachers who care so much for their students. It is a special 
relationship; the more a teacher cares, the more a student is 
encouraged. It is in this dedication shown by the faculty at 
Westwood High School that there is hope for student morale. 

On behalf of the class of 1982, I wish to thank the administra- 
tion, dedicated faculty and the parents who have made our years 
of fun and achievement at Westwood High School possible. 
Thanks to the parents should not go unnoticed as they are des- 
perately needed to uphold the standards of students in the fu- 
ture. I would especially like to thank my officers, George, Carol 
and Tony, for they have expressed the character of the class in 
their willingness to cooperate and stand by me throughout the 

Fellow classmates, it is a turbulent world we face as graduates. 
The amount of foolish pride some nations exhibit, coupled with 
the growing threat of nuclear war, often make for an unsure 
future. Many people speak of apocalypse, but where does this 
negative talk really get us? We must look to the future with 

Here at Westwood, we haven't given in to the negative. We 
have shown ourselves that difficult situations should be faced 
with tolerance and a positive outlook. It is my hope that we face 
the world, wherever we may be, with this optimistic outlook 
which is so needed if we are to survive as a planet todax . 

We stand here today, on the end of a bridge, read\' to cross 
over. The moment is here — now. We cannot turn back, for 
"yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a \ ision. 

It is my hope that we, the Class of 1982, have taken advantage 
of these past four years at Westwood High School and have 
therefore made the yesterday a dream of happiness. 

We look now on tomorrow with a 'vision of hope . And, with 
our passage from these "Green Years " to our commencement of 
another life, I share the sentiments of the author of "Look to This 
Day ": "Look well, therefore, to this da\ . Such is the Salutation of 
the Dawn. 

Best wishes, 
Andri'w Hart 


Valedictorian's Address 

Thomas Jefferson once said, "The nation which wishes to be 
ignorant and free, wants what never was and never will be. ", thus 
indicating the importance and value he placed on education. It is 
natural to reflect today on the education we have received and on 
the commitments we have made to begin the pursuit of knowl- 
edge again in the fall. 

Since the G.I. Bill was passed after World War II, Americans 
have assumed that higher education is available for anyone who 
desires it. The result of this system is that we have people from all 
walks of life able to pursue their ideals. How can the American 
dream of public education remain the same with all the present 
King and Reagan budget cuts? How many people today can 
choose a college without considering the financial burden which 
accompanies attending college? Many students will not be able 
to fulfill their ambitions or reach their greatest potential. 

Our principles of democracy, advancements in technology, 
and our present status as a great world power are all results of the 
fact that Americans have placed a very high priority on creating a 
nation with a high percentage of educated people. This country 
cannot continue to grow and prosper as it has in the past if its 
future generations are ignorant. 

We have been very fortunate in that Westwood's school sys- 
tem has been rated as one of the top in Massachusetts and a large 
percentage of each graduating class continues on to higher edu- 
cation. Our class, however, may be one of the last to benefit from 
this outstanding system as we have not been affected by.Proposi- 
tion 21/2 as it will affect future classes. The class of 1982 has 
received benefits from 12 years of strong academics, diverse 
extra-curricular activities and a great athletics program. I sin- 
cerely hope that all these qualities which place Westwood above 
other schools, are not lost as a result of the new budget programs. 

If the present price of higher education continues to rise in the 
current manner, how will the average high school senior afford to 
pay for an education? Will the financial problems of today destroy 
our ideals of education and development in the future? Ques- 
tions like, "Which school will give the biggest scholarship?", 
replace the question of, "Where can I receive a top quality edu- 
cation?". College is quickly becoming a luxury rather than a 
guaranteed opportunity in our society. Soaring college tuitions, 
diminishing financial aid, as well as a weak economic system, are 
taking a toll on those aspiring to acquire a higher education. 

Higher education has shaped much of New England's society 
and economy for over 350 years. The unmatched pursuit of edu- 
cation in America is undergoing a crisis of survival between de- 
clining enrollment and escalating cost. There have been recent 
tuition hikes at both the public and private colleges. There is a 
great number of students who can't even afford the present cost, 
and for those students the dream of a college education has been 

As I see it, the quality of education in the public colleges such 
as the University of Massachusetts, is destined to improve as the 
number of applications increase. The caliber of students applying 
to these schools is also higher due to the fact that the tuition is 
considerably lower. 

These financial deficits could have a more serious effect in that 
they could create a socially segregated society. The private col- 
leges for the rich; the public colleges for the middle class; and 
none for the rest. Think what will happen to our ideals of freedom 

and democracy if our educated officials and professional people 
come only from the upper classes. 

In order to regain the harmony achieved in the past, a com- 
bined effort must be made by the government, the colleges, 
parents, students, and even industry. 

Although the present educational opportunities aren't as at- 
tractive as in past years, parents and students must continue to 
demand the education which they deserve. 

I feel that the value of education is so high that everyone of us 
must do everything within his power to preserve and develop the 
present ideal of education. 

What really matters is not only education, but self-confidence 
and belief in yourself How close we come to success is based on 
the limitations we place on ourselves. Ifwe, the Class of 1982, are 
not apathetic, but rather devote our talent to our community and 
the nation, this involvement will help to change the present 
financial policies and insure a better attitude towards higher 
education in the future. I wish each one of you years of success 
and happiness. Walk out in the world ready to dream, explore 
and discover something wonderful — discover yourselves. Most 
importantly, believe in yourselves, as I believe in you. 

Good Luck, 
Dana Zalkind 



Isaiah Chase Award: Andrew Ellsworth Hart 

Rotary Award: John Edward Henry 

Kevin P. Harnett Memorial Trophy Award: Anthony Joseph 

Lion's Club Sportsmanship Award: William John Ward and 

Caroline Beth Cavanaugh 
Robert L. Raymond Memorial Award: Andrew Ellsworth Hart 
George Bader Memorial Award: Brian Thomas Murphy and 

Donna Marie Losardo 
Dr. Alexander N. Fisher Award: Renald Vincent Leveckis 
James McCoy Memorial Award: James Michael Kane 
Naval Reserve Training Corp Scholarship: Robert J. Prevett, 

Jr. and Andrew Ellsworth Hart 
U.S. Army West Point Appointment: James Alex Howard 
Duane E. Kocina Citizenship Award: Kevin James Saccone 
Air Force Academy Appointment; Andrew Ellsworth Hart 


Future Plans — Class of 1982 

Cherv'l Aaron 
Theresa Albers 
Vivian Alex 
Deborah Ambrose 
Anthony AntoneUis 
Michael Arute 
Alan Aymie 
Lisa Badessa 
Cynthia Balabanis 
Rosemary Ball 
Paula Ballantine 
Stephen Bardzilowski 

John Barry 

David Beltramini 
Scott Bernstein 
Patrick Boland 
Kenneth Bosare 
Glenn Bothwick 
Richard Bradley 
Robert Brazier 
Jennifer Broadhurst 
Kelli Brooks 

Lori Brooks 

Edward Buonato 
Karen Burke 
Kathleen Burke 
Ernest Cakridas 
David Callaghan 
Cynthia Calvagne 
Nicholas Cappello 

Kimberly Cariani 
Robert Carter 
Pamela Casey 
Patricia Casey 

Patricia Cashin 
Caroline Cavanaugh 
Kimberly Cecca 
Patricia Ciampa 
Rita Ciampa 
Mark Ciardi 
Alice Coakley 
Cara Coggins 
Bernadine Collins 
Cynthia Collins 
Richard Conlon 
William Conners 
William Conway 
Jonathan Cooke 
Marc Costonis 
Sarah Coward 
Michael Cummings 
Imelda Curtin 
Susan Curwen 
Brian Dalton 
Maryann Danna 
Maureen Dargan 
Alexandra Davis 
Charles DeAngelis 
Michelle DeSimone 
Daniel C. Devlin 
Michael Devlin 
Deborah DiMascio 
Paula M. DiPietro 

Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass. 
Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. 
Boston University, Boston, Mass. 
Stonehill College, North Easton, Mass. 
Wesleyan University, Middletown, Ct. 
Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MSss. 
Plymouth State, Plymouth, N.H. 

Stonehill College, North Easton, Mass. 
Vermont College, Montpelier, V.T. 
St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana 
Mass. Bay Community College, Wellesley, 

Framingham State College, Framingham, 

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
University of New Hampshire, Duram, N.H. 
Butera School of Art, New York 
Bentley College, Waltham, Mass. 
Franklin Institute, Boston, Mass. 
Assumption College, Worcester, Mass. 
University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 
Salem State College, Salem Mass. 
Framingham State College, Framingham, 

Southeastern Mass. University, North Dart- 
mouth, Ma. 

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Simmons College, Boston, Mass. 
Rhode Island School of Trade, Providence, R.I. 
University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

North Adams State College, North Adams, 

Art Institute of Boston, Boston, Mass. 
University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 
Salve Regina College, Newport, R.I. 
Mass. Bay Community College, Wellesley, 

Trinity College, Burlington, Vermont 
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. 

Chamberlayne Junior College, Boston, Mass. 
Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 
Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. 
Massasoit Community College, Brockton, Mass. 
Henry O. Peabody School, Norwood, Ma. 

Stonehill College, North Easton, Mass. 
Villanova University, Villanova, PA. 

Colorado University, Boulder, CO. 
Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. 
University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 
Lasell Junior College, Boston, Mass. 
University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 
Boston University, Boston Mass. 
Boston College, Boston, Mass. 

Mt. Vernon College, Washington, D.C. 
Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 
Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, Mass. 
Boston Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass. 
Boston University, Boston, Mass. 
Mt. Ida Junior College, Newton, Mass. 
Boston University, Boston, Mass. 

Henry M. Donlon III 
Susan E. Doull 

Julie H. Dramis 
Jeffrey Draper 
Elke Dratch 
Jennifer Ann Dresens 
Kristin Eads 
Kathryn Effgen 
Liana Eglitis 
Judith Engeian 
Dennis Feeney 
Lisa Ferrari 
Rita Fox 

Maria Freiberger 
James Frew 
Peter Fritsch 
Christine Fryar 
Stephan Fry 

Michael Ganz 
David Gavin 

James Gavin 
Katherine Gennis 
Laura Gilroy 
Mariana D. Giovino 
Thomas P. Glynn 
Maura Glynn 
Maria Goddard 
George Gonser 
Albert Haddad 
George Hamblen 

Janet Hallion 
Paul Hanley 
Katherine Hanlon 
Kelly Hansen 

Angelica Harakas 
Andrew Hart 

Everett Henderson 

John Henry 
Susan Heyd 
Joanne Holdridge 
James Howard 
Christina M. Howe 
Bruce Hunter 
Karen Hutnyn 
Kathy Jenks 
Edward Jones 
Lynne Joy 
Maureen Joyce 

Christine Kane 
James Kane 
David Kelliher 
Kurt Kendrick 

Thomas Kerrigan 
Jeanne E. King 
Peter Klint 
Beatrice Knobloch 
Elizabeth Lane 
Glenn Lapham 
Patricia Lawless 
Edward LeCesne Byrne 

Providence College, Providence, R.I. 
Southeastern Massachusetts University No. 

Westfield State College, Westfield, Mass. 
Suffolk University, Boston, Mass. 
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass. 
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass. 

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia 
Tufts University, Medford, Mass. 
Stonehill College, North Easton, Mass. 
Henry O. Peabody School, Norwood, Mass. 
Stonehill College, North Easton, Mass. 

Colby College, Waterville, Maine 
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York 

Essex Agricultural and Tech. Inst., Hawthorne, 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 
Western New England College, Springfield, 

Babson College, Wellesley, Mass. 
Boston University, Boston, Mass. 

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 
University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 
Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Blue Hills Technical Institute, Canton, Mass. 
Western New England College Springfield, 

Peabody Hairdressing School, Norwood, Mass. 
Stonehill College, North Easton, Mass. 
University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 
North Adams State College, North Adams, 

Hellenic College, Brookline, Mass. 
U.S.A.F. Academy, Colorado Springs, Col- 

Arapahoe Community College, Denver, Col- 

University of Hartford, Hartford, CT. 

Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York 
U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York 
University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

Mt. Ida Junior College, Newton, Mass. 

Southeastern Mass. Univ., North Dartmouth, 

University of Maine, Orono, Maine 
University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 
Carleton College, Northfield, Minn. 
New England College, Henniker, New 

Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 
Fitchburg State, Fitchburg, Mass. 
University of Rliode Island. Kingston, R.I. 

Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. 
Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 





Renald Leveckis 
John Lodge 
Thomas Longmoore 
Donna Losardo 
Maureen Luke 
Sharon Lynch 
Thomas Lynch 

Michael MacDonald 
Lynn Mackey 
Glenn MacPherson 
John Macropoulos 
Marybeth Maguire 
Paul Maher 
Judith Mahony 
Ronald Maloof 
Rita Mandolesi 
Robert Manning 
Judee Manton 
June P. Marshall 
Francis Marston 

Catherine Marvel 
Carolyn Mason 
Scott Maxwell 
Christopher Maynard 
Karen McCafferty 
Denise McCambly 
Kathleen McCoy 

Neil McDevett 

Karen McDonough 
Robert McKelvey 
Douglas McKenna 
Eric McKenna 
Richard McKenna 
Michael Melanson 
Christopher Mitchell 
Jane Mitchell 
Robert Morrison 
Douglas Morse 
Elizabeth Mullen 
Beth Mullin 
Brian Murphy 
Deborah Murphy 
Lisa Murphy 
Jennifer Murray 
Anthony Musto 
Beth Nash 
Sandra Nastasi 
Steven Nazzaro 
Janica Nieh 
Carol Norton 
Bryan O'Brien 
Lauren O'Brien 
John Ogden 
Margaret O'Hara 
Carol O'Malia 

Christopher Oppedisano 
Susan Padell 
Annette Palermo 
Ronald Parker 
Lisa Patterson 
Kristin Penza 
Sandra Polechronis 
Glenn Peterson 
Johnna Petrucci 

Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass. 

University of Kansas, Kansas 

Johnson and Wales, Providence, R.I. 

Springfield College, Springfield, Mass. 

Burdett School, Boston, Mass. 

Salve Regina College, Newport, R.L 

North Adams State College, North Adams, 


University of Mass. Amherst, Mass. 

John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio 


Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg, Mass. 



Providence College, Providence, R.L 

Parks College of St. Louis Univ., St. Louis, Mo. 

Babson College, Wellesley, Mass. 

Southeastern Mass. Univ., North Dartmouth, 


Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 

Southeastern Mass. Univ., North Dartmouth, 


Mass. Bay Community College, Wellesley, 



University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 



St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Mass. 



Babson College, Wellesley, Mass. 

Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 

University of Lowell, Lowell, Mass. 

St. Anselm's College, Manchester, N.H. 

St. Anselm's College, Manchester, N.H. 

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Boston University, Boston, Mass. 


Roger Williams College, Bristol, R.L 





Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

Preparatory School 

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

Univ. of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Ct. 

Westfield State College, Westfield, Mass. 

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, 



Worcester Polytech Inst., Worcester, Mass. 

Bryant College, Smithfield, R.L 

Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 


Villanova University, Villanova, PA 

Salem State College, Salem, Mass. 

Roger Williams College, Bristol, R.I. 


Christine Petrucci 

John Pinciaro 
Daniel Pond 
Maryellen Power 
Deborah Pratt 

Robert Prevett 
Susan Randall 
Eugenia Renzi 
John Ripley 
Jane Rizza 
Sheila Roach 
Christine Roberts 
Norman Rorrie 
James Rudser 
Lisa Russo 
Kevin Saccone 
Glen Santarpio 
George Savary 
Karen Scott 
William Seward 
Dale Shanning 

Pamela Shippey 
Diane Simpson 
Tracey Simpson 
Lisa Singer 
William Singer 
Kathleen Smith 
Susan Smith 
Gordon Snyder 
Elaine Spirounis 
Janet Steeger 
Jennifer Sterling 
Daniel Stockford 
Carrie Sullivan 
Paul Sullivan 
William Sweeney 
Martha Systrom 
Rebecca Taber 
Bernadette Thie 
Michael Thiel 
Julie Thompson 
Peter Thurmond 
L. Daniel Topjian 
John Trainor 
Elizabeth Tschirch 
Ethel Twomey 
Pamela Ubillos 
Susan Umscheid 
Paul Valentine 
Frances Ventresca 
Theodore Vozzella 
William Ward 
Nancy Warren 
Sarah Weinstein 
Maureen West 

Charles Whalen 
Dorothy White 
Kristen Williams 
Mary-Ann Winkelmes 
Jeffrey Winslow 
Edward Wisialko 
Christopher Woicik 
Nina Yalla 
Dana Zalkind 

Mass. Bay Community College, Wellesley, 


Stonhill College, North Easton, Mass. 


Tufts University, Medford, Mass. 

Mass. Bay Community College, Wellesley, 


Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 

Babson College, Wellesley, Mass. 

LaSalle Junior College, Newton, Mass. 

Curry College, Milton, Mass. 


Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 


Blue Hills Tech. School, Canton, Mass. 

Univ. of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana 

Northeastern University, Boston 

Bentley College, Waltham, Mass. 



Bentley College, Waltham. Mass. 

Peabody School, Norwood, Mass. 

Campbell University, Buie's Creek, North 


Bentley College, Waltham, Mass. 



Boston University, Boston, Mass. 


Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 


Armed Forces 

Pine Manor College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H. 

University of Maine, Orono, Maine 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 


Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 


Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 


Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass. 


Northeastern LIniversity, Boston, Mass. 

Univ. of Conn., Storrs, Ct. 

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 

University of Mass., Amherst, Mass. 

Rensselaer Polytech, Troy, New York 

College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va. 

Babson College, Wellesley, Mass. 

Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 


University of Lowell, Lowell, Mass. 

Aquinas Junior College, Newton, Mass. 

Boston University, Boston, Mass. 

Mass. Bay Community College, Wellesley, 



Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass. 

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass. 

Johnson and Wales College, Providence, R.L 

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, N.H. 

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 



Skyway Cleaners 

Westwood Insurance Agency, Inc. 

American Cyanamid Company 

The Mulgrew Family 

The Country Store of Concord 

Westwood Agents, LTD 

Westwood Lumbers Building 

Supply, Inc. 
John & Terry Roscoe 
Gabe & Claire Albers 
Carol L. Armstrong 
Edward F. Baker 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Barry 
Mr. & Mrs. Mel Bernstein 
Judith A. Bolles 
Mrs. Richard J. Bradley and 

Mr. William Brady 
Natalie B. Carey 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Case 
Mr. & Mrs. Silvano & Thecla M.R. 

Dana & Anne Coggins 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Cook 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crowley 
Ruth M. Curwen 
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Curwen 
Pat & Ann Danna 
John & Denise Doherty 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dramis 
Mr. & Mrs. William Ducheneau, 


Mr. & Mrs. Lauris Eglitis 

Robert J. Grace Associates, Inc. 

Wesley & Mary Hamblen 

The Benjamin Hanberry Family 


Marion E. Healy 

Mr. & Mrs. Everett S. Henderson 

High St. Market 

Mr. & Mrs. Worth D. Howard 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Ihnatco 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. 

Mr. & Mrs. Haig E. Jeghelian 
The Joyce Family 
Thomas A. and Mary A. Joyce 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Kerrigan 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Lane 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Laverty 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Lean 
John & Sally Longmoore 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lynch 
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Maguire and 

Anne & Jack Manton 
Irene Marshall & Family 
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Mr. & Mrs. Oppedisano 

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Martha & Charles Stasey 

Ann Marie Tieri 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Warren, Jr. 


The Class of 1982 wishes to thank Mr. 
Wilham Ducheneau, yearbook advisor, as 
well as Mr. Kocina, Mr. Flaherty, Mr. Fla- 
hive. Miss Dillon, Mr. Hancox, Mr. Milan, 
Mrs. Perry and the school secretaries for 
their help in preparing this yearbook. 





p-!*:V'\:,^^ ':,. / 

.\^^V'\,,0'' ' ^A^^'W (CC^ 







^^^^ .,^ie^ 







>■>'':* r-.u^c. =<;*<'' 





The Black R^ se 

160 State Street 


A r 

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N IE I? G Y 


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Systems Inc. 

Clinical and Research 
Laborator\ Systems 

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Westwood, Mass. 02090 

A Johnson and Johnson Compan\' 
.\n Equal Opportunit> Emplo>er 

y V 


'*^. "NPE 

All the best 
\\te.Underwood Co. 





Best Wishes Class Of 


Weymouth & Westwood ^# 

93 Pftasant Street 685 High Street 



Best Wisties Class Of 


If # 108 Pleasant Street, South Weymouth, MA 331-6040 ^ * 

Best Wishes Class Of 


Entrance Through IrTM^ 


Best Wishes 

to the 
class of '82 


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Best wishes to the 

Westwood High School 

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Insurance appraisals for fire, soot, 
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Best wishes to the 
Class of '82 


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Draper's Tree Service 


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Cavity Work — Roto — Tilling — Firewood 

Tel. 762-1060 
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Congratulations and 

Best Wishes for 

the future — 

Class of 1982 

Three S Pharmacy 

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Registered Pharmacist Owners: 
Garmin Spiro 
Richard Samson 
James Sanders 


J V 


New England Engineers and Designers, Inc. 

59 Davis Avenue, NoiAvood, MA 02062 
Phone (617) 769-4390 

Congratulations Graduates. 








1. Never accept the phrase: "It can't he done ". 

2. Accept responsihihties: Family, Community, Occupationally. 

3. Further your education if and where possihie. 

4. Gain practical experience, even while attending scliool. 

5. Select an occupation that you not only do well, hut Ion i- to do. 

6. Be true to yourself. 

"He who lies to himself will fail " . 

7. Failure is to gain valuahle experience, the hard way. He who has never failed does not know the true feeling to 
success. While we do not propose that you, the class of 1982, go forward and fail, we do sa\' if failure comes, accept it 
as part of the learning process, we call it graduating from the school of hard knocks. 

8. On the ladder to success never step on others, as they are usually there on your way down the ladder. 

9. Support your Government. Work for a good candidate, as well as work against a had candidate. 
10. Above all, be happy, accept change, be innovative, make the old better. 



^ r 



May All Your Ambitions 

Come True & Special Good 

Wishes To The Graduates Who 

Worked With Us At Roche Bros. 

Pat and Bud Roche 

y V 



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Foreign & Domestic 

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Best Wishes for Suceess 
to the Class of '82 


"Stop by and visit with Tom - 
our award winning designer - 
for appropriately designed 
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